Absolutely the best bang for your recruiting buck
August 13, 2014

Absolutely the best bang for your recruiting buck

Christy Grimste | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Zoho Recruit

We use Zoho Recruit to recruit and place international teachers in schools around the world. The entire organization (2 recruiters and 1 customer service rep) uses it to manage our entire recruiting workflow - from posting jobs, receiving applications and resumes, forwarding candidates on to the schools, moving candidates throughout the hiring process, to following up with candidates at all steps. We also use Zoho to mass email candidates with alerts of newly posted jobs. We also use Zoho's API capabilities to have schools post jobs directly into Zoho themselves.
  • Cost as a Third Party Recruiter - We have researched hundreds of ATSs suitable for a third party recruiter and we love Zoho because it does nearly everything it's bigger competitors do at a quarter of the cost.
  • Automated emails - in particular we use the automatic e-mails functionality all the time, which you can associate with a particular status for candidate. So any recurring e-mail text can be set up to link to a particular phase of the recruiting process, or anything you want actually, and then any candidate status can be changed to automatically send them the e-mail.
  • Job boards - Zoho has excellent options when it comes to posting on job boards. It integrates with indeed.com, Although you do have to pay indeed separately. And it posts to other free job boards automatically like glassdoor.com.
  • Ease of use - Zoho is very easy to set up and maintain in terms of integration with your website. You don't even need technical skill, and it can filter all the Jobs and list them in whatever way you want.
  • Customizable - one of our favorite things is how customizable Zoho is. From the application form and individual fields to the layout of job listings to particular steps in the recruiting process that you need, you can change anything to suit your needs.
  • Support - whenever anyone has a question, or (rarely) a problem, Zoho email support responds usually within hours of an inquiry.
  • Updates and improvements - with their new candidate login capability (due out any day now) and (later) automatic job alerts to candidates Zoho will have absolutely everything a recruiter could want.
  • Mass email - the mass email is a bit cumbersome to set up - you have to set up a new template, then in a separate place set up a filter for the emails, then put it all together and send the email. It takes about 15-20 minutes when it would be nice if it was easier and quicker. When they introduce job alerts (I'm told in a few months time), the automatic job alerts to candidates will relieve some of the mass email necessity, so that will be helpful.
  • Email integration - the email client attached to Zoho isn't very user friendly, it would be useful if Zoho had a plug-in to permit seamless integration with external email clients, like Outlook or MacMail.
  • Invoicing - Zoho has no integration or capability to track what happens with clients once a candidate is placed. It would be nice if we could somehow track the fee for a candidate and the total fees we need to charge each client. Or, better yet, if it integrated with an external invoicing tool like Freshbooks.
  • Low cost - Zoho's low cost has saved us about $500 a month for 3 recruiters, compared to some of the other ATS leaders like Bullhorn, enabling us to put money elsewhere (like marketing)
  • Faster lead conversion - Since we can automate everything (for example, emailing someone, or a number of people, a request for an updated resume with the touch of a button), candidates are moved through the pipeline much faster.
  • Happier employees - my employees love the customization and ability to change whatever they want to suit their particular work style or preference.
Before Zoho we used Salesforce.com. We left because their external recruiting modules were extremely expensive and their internal systems needed too much customization to be used adequately as an ATS. Also we didn't need Salesforce's working group and social media integration. We also tried ikrut, which is free and had nice integration with some external job boards, but which isn't customizable at all (even your email signature).
We have evaluated every other ATS on the market, and do so every 1-2 years just to make sure we aren't missing out on anything better, and found that Zoho offers more functionality than any ATS with a per-recruiter-price under $100. Once it introduces automated job alerts and candidate login functionality there will be no reason for us to look elsewhere.
If a company has to send a lot of mass emails to the same groups of people and the email doesn't change enormously, Zoho would be ok. But if you have to send very individualized mass emails to very different groups, to do so in Zoho might be quite cumbersome. Zoho has a free trial, so just be sure to experiment with mass email to make sure it meets your needs. Also, I would ask when the job alert capability will be rolled out if this is key for you.