Zuora - a powerful billing and reporting platform
March 17, 2016

Zuora - a powerful billing and reporting platform

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Overall Satisfaction with Zuora

Zuora's main function within my company is to bill customers. Specifically we utilize Zuora to generate invoices and to run customer and billing reports. While I cannot speak to the billing aspect, as my main responsibility is tax, Zuora is helpful to us during an audit when we are required to provide invoice details for a given period.
  • Houses data in (what I assume as a non-tech guy) relational databases to make querying for data very powerful and customizable.
  • Customer information is on an "all in one" screen allowing the user to get relevant information.
  • The layout of the screens are not user friendly. A task of simply looking up a customer should not require user documentation. The simplest of tasks should be just that - simple. When a user clicks on the link to "customer accounts" Zuora, it should take you to a query page, not a list of all customers.
  • Data exports are very difficult and not intuitive. There are many people from many areas of the business accessing Zuora - it should not be that difficult to pull data out of Zuora. Perhaps the logic makes sense to the designers, but it doesn't make sense to the average user. Unfortunately we fall into the trap of running one or two types of data export because it takes too much time to figure out how to get what we need.
  • The system, in general, is slow when running a data export. The speed is not the main issue, the problem is that when a user runs a data export, all data exports appear in the processing screen. Therefore if a user needs to access a data export from the day before, they may have to (in my case) tab through 290 pages to get to their export because so many other jobs completed since theirs.
Zuora is a powerful tool and, like many companies, is but one billing system we use. I would hope that in the future we are able to migrate all customers on this platform because it is a powerful and helpful tool.
Zuora is well suited for billing operations, but they need to understand that there are other users in the business who may need to access Zuora. From a finance standpoint, it is not an easy system to navigate.