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Best Address Validation Tools include:

PostGrid Address Verification, Xverify Address Verification and Smarty.

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Lob in San Francisco provides the building blocks for developers to automate offline correspondences. Enterprise companies use Lob’s suite of APIs to mail fully dynamic and personalized customer communications with print media. Lob also provides insight into deliverability with piece-…

PostGrid Address Verification

PostGrid Address Verification API and platform allows companies to verify, validate, standardize, autocomplete and parse postal addresses globally across 245+ countries. The service cleans data along with a lot of other metadata into the user's system. It can be used on a website…

Melissa Data Quality Suite

The Data Quality Suite from Melissa headquartered in San Margarita, helps organizations of all sizes verify and maintain data so they can effectively communicate with their customers via postal mail, email or phone.

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TrueGivers is technology created with the goal of making identifying and targeting an organization's most valuable donors better, simpler, faster and more affordable. Its software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery platform deliver specialized data sources and technology to help reduce…


IdealPostcodes helps businesses improve UX and data quality with its Address Finder, Postcode Lookup & Data Cleansing. It is supported by IDDQD, headquartered in London. While focusing on addresses, the service can also be used to validate phone numbers, and emails.

DataMatch Enterprise

DataMatch Enterprise, from Data Ladder headquartered in Cambridge, helps integrate, link, and prepare data from virtually any source, presented as a software toolkit for code-free profiling, cleansing, matching, and deduplication.

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WinPure Clean & Match

WinPure Clean & Match is a data quality software suite of tools that includes cleansing, matching, and de-duplication software for mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets, CRM's etc. WinPure Clean & Match starts from FREE and is available in several editions including Community, Desktop,…

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Postcode Lookup

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Smarty is a provider of location data intelligence. Smarty is able to process colossal amounts of location data and APIs verify, validate, enrich, standardize, geocode, and auto-complete addresses.

Xverify Address Verification

Xverify headquartered in Chicago offers their email verification service.

AccuMail Verify

Loqate GBG
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GBG now offers Loqate (acquired 2015) to replace the former GBG Matchcode360, an IP geolocation solution for enriching and validating customer data.

MB-International Worldwide Geodata

Being a specialist for small-scale data for Geomarketing, Michael Bauer International has operated as a data provider for ten years. They are a data provider for GIS software and technology companies, and for a variety of companies, MBI's data can serve as the foundation for location-…

Learn More About Address Validation Tools

What are Address Validation Tools?

Address Validation Tools are used to verify, correct, and organize addresses and other identifying location data. They can be used to help standardize, manage, and correct addresses for mailing lists, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and from other data generation tools that gather physical address identifiers. Addresses can be sorted or corrected according to local, regional, or national rules for address formatting.

Address Validation Tools are helpful in identifying and addressing issues with incorrect customer information. This can improve delivery, shipment, or other tasks dependent on physical location. Since Address Validation Tools can cross-reference CRM, USPS, and other databases, they can be used to build more complete individual customer and household profiles.

Address Validation Tools can be thought of as a form of Data Cleansing Tools or Data Quality Software that are specialized in cleansing data related to physical addresses. Address Validation Tools tend to lack the depth or robustness in their data management of software found in those categories, but their more limited scope makes them easily adoptable and useful to businesses that rely on mail and parcel services.

Address Validation Tools Features

The most common Address Validation Tools features are:

  • USPS, non-postal, and international address verification
  • Automated address correction
  • Data cleaning tools
  • Batch data processing
  • Global geocoding
  • Customer profile generation
  • Data deduplication tools
  • Data conversion tools
  • Address component searching
  • Lead scoring
  • Demographic segmentation
  • Third-party integration and API support
  • Customer checkout autocomplete features
  • Customizable dashboard

Address Validation Tools Comparison

When choosing the best Address Validation Tools for you, consider the following:

Mailing assistance. If your business uses traditional mail systems, you may be interested in an Address Validation Tools with printing support features. These features include creating personalized envelopes, printing labels or shipping barcodes, or tracking shipments. These tools are usually included as part of larger software or service packages and thus tend to be comparatively more expensive.

Non-physical data management. As a general rule, products in this category efficiently manage and correct postal addresses. However, if you are interested in full suites to manage phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and other non-physical identifying data, some tools in this category offer these services as part of larger data management or integration packages.

International addresses. If international addresses are a concern, you’ll want to make sure that your chosen Address Validation Tool can handle these addresses in accordance with local or international standard parcel formatting. This is also an important consideration for security purposes, as you need to make sure that your data protection measures comply with both national and international safety standards for customer data.

Pricing Information

Many Address Validation Tools can be used for free, although with limitations on the number of addresses verified, address regions serviced, or other restrictions. Vendors ask that interested customers contact them directly for pricing. Many free demos and trials of paid services are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Address Validation Tools do?

Address Validation Tools verify, correct, and manage physical addresses for mailing lists, databases, and other data repositories.

What are the benefits of using Address Validation Tools?

Address Validation Tools automatically correct and validate listed addresses to ensure accuracy packages or customer information. They can also be used to collect customer information and create complete customer profiles.

What are the best Address Validation Tools products?

How much do Address Validation Tools cost?

Many Address Validation Tools have free plans. Paid plans vary by vendor; customers should contact them for pricing. Free trials and demos for paid plans are available.