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DemandTools,, Informatica Customer 360 for Salesforce, Cloudingo, SAP Agile Data Preparation, LiveRamp, TIBCO Clarity and DataMatch Enterprise.

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DemandTools for AppExchange is a data quality toolset for CRM centric customers. The product comprises 11 individual modules to control, standardize, verify, deduplicate, import and manipulate Salesforce and/or data.

2 delivers a cloud based solution to import and export information from Salesforce.

Informatica Cloud Data Quality

The vendor states that Informatica Data Quality empowers companies to take a holistic approach to managing data quality across the entire organization, and that with Informatica Data Quality, users are able to ensure the success of data-driven digital transformation initiatives and…

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D&B Connect

D&B Connect is an AI-driven Data Management Platform based on the D&B Cloud that provides businesses with customer data and market insights. With D&B connect, users can collaborate on data management tasks, visualize, monitor, and benchmark data, as well as assess overall…


Datameer helps businesses clean up, combine, and organize data to make sense of it and use it for reports and machine learning.

Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics is a business intelligence solution that enables non technical end users to perform analytics by leveraging existing knowledge of Excel coupled with a built in query builder. Some key features include: Dynamic Data Refresh, Data Share and In-Excel Collaboration.


Cloudingo - a cloud-based SaaS, connects to and allows system administrators to scan their entire database for similar or duplicate records. Cloudingo was launched in late 2011. It is well known for its ease-of-use and rich user experience.

Tableau Prep

Tableau Prep enables users to get to the analysis phase faster by helping them quickly combine, shape, and clean their data. According to the vendor, a direct and visual experience helps provide users with a deeper understanding of their data, smart features make data preparation…


VertifyData is a cloud-based integration platform with core integration capacities, including a drag-and-drop interface and real-time synchronization. It also offers over 80 prebuilt connectors and templates, plus customizable integrations for scaling businesses.

SAP Agile Data Preparation

Organizations need to make data-driven decisions. But how do they obtain sound data and scale and operationalize those data-driven decisions? Self-service data preparation solutions from SAP can help. The SAP® Agile Data Preparation application provides self-service access to…

SMARTe Data Platform

A provider of sales and marketing data, SMARTe offers a data platform for revenue teams and professionals, boasting more than 300 companies around the world have boosted revenue growth and improved marketing ROI using the platform's capabilities and data, that include: -270+ research…

Alteryx Designer Cloud

Trifacta is a "data wrangling" (or data preparation) platform particularly of use with Hadoop, developed by the company Trifacta headquartered in San Francisco, California. Alteryx announced their acquisition of Trifacta in January of 2022.

IBM InfoSphere QualityStage

IBM InfoSphere QualityStage is a data quality offering from IBM.


LiveRamp, from the company of the same name in San Francisco, is a data connectivity platform supporting the safe and effective use of data. Powered by core identity resolution capabilities and network, LiveRamp enables companies and their partners to connect, control, and activate…

PostGrid Address Verification

PostGrid Address Verification API and platform allows companies to verify, validate, standardize, autocomplete and parse postal addresses globally across 245+ countries. The service cleans data along with a lot of other metadata into the user's system. It can be used on a website…

Scraping Pros

Scraping Pros is a web scraping company that specializes in providing data scraping services to businesses of all sizes. Scraping Pros' data scientists and engineers use web scraping technologies to extract and structure data from various online sources, including websites and online…

Precisely Spectrum Quality

Trillium Quality, formerly Syncsort Trillium DQ, is a data quality solution that supports rapidly changing business needs, data sources and enterprise infrastructures including big data and cloud.

TIBCO Clarity

TIBCO Clarity is an automated data cleansing application supporting removal or merging of duplicate records, formatting and transformation, as well as trend or pattern detection in datasets.

Netlink Dataware

Netlink headquartered in Wisconsin offers Dataware, a platform for extracting and preparing data, performing data cleansing, data mapping, data conversion, and combining of data.

EAB Rapid Insight

EAB's Rapid Insight puts data in decision-makers’ hands with simplified predictive modeling, a code-free data workspace, and cloud-based dashboards. Rapid Insight’s code-free data ingestion workspace allows users to connect to campus data from a SIS or LMS, and move it to CRMs and…

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Flatfile is a data import tool from the company of the same name in Denver, that helps onboard and normalize data, automatically matching data columns and running advanced validation logic to ensure messy customer spreadsheets are transformed into clean, ready-to-use data for products.…

Aunsight Golden Record

Aunsight Golden Record aims to turn siloed data from disparate systems into a single source of truth across the enterprise. The cloud-native platform cleanses data to reduce errors, and Golden Record as a Service matches and merges data together into a single source of accurate business…

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tye cleans data so users don't have to. tye is a data cleansing software for SMBs that cleans data directly in a current technology stack. The vendor states that there's no training or migration required, no extra work involved. tye merges lists and cleans data for sales, CRM, and…

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VeriAS is a secure enterprise level platform that is designed to analyze, verify and score email lists in order to flag hard bouncing as well as malicious email addresses. The vendor’s value proposition is that their solution safeguards an organization’s email resources and improves…

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StarDQ is a real time solution for cleansing, de-duping, and enriching enterprise data. By integrating StarDQ Solution, organizations can cleanse, match and unify data across multiple data sources and data domains. According to the vendor, the goal is to ensure that data is a strategic,…

Learn More About Data Cleansing Tools

What are Data Cleansing Tools?

Data cleansing tools are an essential component of Data Quality Software. By eliminating errors, reducing inconsistencies, and removing duplicate data, data cleansing tools boost the integrity, relevance, and value of your data. This allows companies to trust their data, make informed, sound business decisions, and build better experiences for their customers.

Also referred to as data scrubbing or data cleaning, data cleansing tools identify and resolve corrupt, inaccurate, or irrelevant data. It cleans, corrects, standardizes, and removes duplicate contact records from marketing and mailing lists, databases, and spreadsheets. This type of software often includes features to clean and validate both physical addresses and email addresses. Data cleansing is especially valuable when applied to CRM and ERP data. Tools are available that use machine learning to spot inconsistencies and make recommendations.

Dirty data can have costly consequences. It can contribute to lost revenue, take time to correct, and damage your brand.

Data Cleansing Tools Features

Data cleansing tools will offer many of these features:

  • Identifies ‘Dirty Data’

  • Corrects or Removes corrupt, inaccurate, inconsistent, incomplete, outdated, and duplicate data

  • Preserves Data Integrity

  • Supports a wide range of data formats

  • Normalizes Data / Data Harmonization

  • Match, Merge, and Purge of Records

  • Quality Screens

    • Diagnostic Filtering examines data columns, structure, and business rules

    • Error Event Schema records errors identified by quality screens noting the severity and location of the error

  • Data Enrichment – supplements incomplete or missing data

  • Automated Data Cleansing – implemented through data configuration settings

  • Data Profiling – evaluates how clean your data is

  • Cleans data as it is collected

  • Automation and Scheduling of Cleansing Tasks

  • Dashboard / GUI interfaces and Reporting

  • CRM, ERP, and MDM integration

  • Cloud-based and On-premises deployment options

Data Cleansing Tools Comparison

When purchasing data cleansing tools consider the following key factors:

  • Use Case: Some products are specifically tailored for CRM products such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. Business Intelligence and Data Management tools often also provide data cleansing capabilities.

  • Compatibility: Your data may be housed in multiple different systems, and on different platforms. The tools need to have access to and be compatible with your systems and databases in order to work well.

  • Security: Information sharing is necessary for cross-validation; the tools will sometimes need to access sensitive data.

  • Cloud-based vs On-premise: Cloud-based product installations are quicker, more convenient, and less costly than on-premises installations. For these reasons, small and mid-sized businesses often choose to go with cloud-based deployments. However, on-premise installations are typically more secure than cloud-based ones, which may be critical for organizations with very sensitive data.

Pricing Information

Professional versions start at around $100 a month. There can be additional setup fees. Enterprise products start at $300 a month and often require a vendor quote for large installations.

Pricing typically corresponds to the range of features provided, the volume of data cleaned, and/or the number of validations performed. Most vendors provide free trials of their platforms. Open-source and basic data cleansing products are free. Billing models include monthly, yearly, and one-time purchase options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Data Cleansing Tools do?

Data cleansing tools identify ‘dirty data’ and correct or remove corrupt, inaccurate, inconsistent, incomplete, outdated, and duplicate data. Having accurate data informs sound decision-making and increases the value of your data.

What are the benefits of using Data Cleansing Tools?

Data cleansing tools help ensure that your organization has clean data. The benefits of having clean data include:

  • Improved Decision Making: Good data provides reliable insights. A decision is only as good as the information it is based on. Garbage-in, garbage out.
  • Improved Client Relations: Accurate data eliminates a potential source of friction. Shoddy or unreliable data can lead to incorrect assumptions about an account or contact.
  • Staff Productivity: Data error reduction or removal helps employees work more efficiently.
  • Reduced Risk and Costs: Eliminating bad data helps prevent revenue loss, brand damage, and the time and effort needed for damage control and manual data correction.
  • Boosts Revenue: Accurate customer data creates better results for marketing and sales campaigns.

How much do Data Cleansing Tools cost?

Basic data cleansing tool plans start at around $100 a month. Enterprise-level plans start at $300 a month and often require a vendor quote for large installations.

The cost of data cleansing tools depends on the range of features provided, the amount of data to be cleaned, and the number of validations performed. Free trials are available. Open-source and basic vendor products are free.