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Data Cleansing Tools

Best Data Cleansing Tools

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Data Cleansing Tools Overview

What are Data Cleansing Tools?

Data cleansing or data scrubbing is a process for removing corrupt, inaccurate or inconsistent data from a database. Regular data-cleansing corrects records containing incorrect formatting, typographical mistakes, or other errors. Cleansing might also mean harmonizing records so that they are consistent with each other.

Data cleansing software systematically searches for discrepancies or anomalies by using algorithms or lookup tables. It then corrects the issues. An automated process of this kind is much more efficient than trying to fix errors by hand.

Regular data cleansing operations are critically important as erroneous data records can ultimately lead to erroneous conclusions and misguided investments decisions. Data cleansing tools often have featural overlap with data deduplication, data preparation, and data quality tools.

Data Cleansing Tools Features & Capabilities

Data cleansing tools generally contain these and other similar feature sets:

  • Raw data ingestion

  • Support for a wide variety of data formats (e.g. .csv, .xml, etc)

  • Phone & email validation

  • Address & zip code cleansing

  • Auto or manual data mapping

  • Data consolidation and ETL

  • Sample testing

  • Data validation, matching, reconciliation

  • Data analysis, charting

Pricing Information

Simple data cleansing tools are open source and available free. Otherwise, vendors offering business intelligence or data management tools also provide data cleansing tools. These vendors may offer a free 30-day trial of their data cleaning products. Afterward data cleansing tools are available on a subscription basis. Pricing corresponds to volume of data stored or exported. Pricing may also correspond with the number of validations (e.g. email, address) performed.

Data Cleansing Products

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DemandTools for AppExchange is a data quality toolset for CRM centric customers. The product comprises 11 individual modules to control, standardize, verify, deduplicate, import and manipulate Salesforce and/or data.

17 Ratings

Cloudingo - a cloud-based SaaS, connects to and allows system administrators to scan their entire database for similar or duplicate records. Cloudingo was launched in late 2011. It is well known for its ease-of-use and rich user experience.

5 Ratings

The V12 Data Platform (formerly called the Launchpad Marketing Cloud) is comprised of a collection of online and offline marketing solutions that is designed to manage existing customer relationships and identify new prospective customers by granting users access to The V12 Group Data Cloud. It cont…

23 Ratings

Informatica MDM is an enterprise master data management solution that competes directly with IBM's InfoSphere and Oracle's Siebel UCM product. The product has about 200 licensed users. Informatica MDM is a multidomain solution with flexibility to support any master data domain and relationship—wheth…

Organizations need to make data-driven decisions. But how do they obtain sound data and scale and operationalize those data-driven decisions? Self-service data preparation solutions from SAP can help. The SAP® Agile Data Preparation application provides self-service access to trusted data, offers…

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Ataccama is a data quality platform handling data parsing, standardization, cleansing and matching, and data profiling.

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Prospecta Master Data Online (MDO) is a web-based tool that manages the governance and standardization of all types of master data across the user’s business. It allows business users to create information with standardized business rules, workflows and approval processes. MDO is available both o…

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TIBCO Clarity is an automated data cleansing application supporting removal or merging of duplicate records, formatting and transformation, as well as trend or pattern detection in datasets.

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VeriAS is a secure enterprise level platform that is designed to analyze, verify and score email lists in order to flag hard bouncing as well as malicious email addresses. The vendor’s value proposition is that their solution safeguards an organization’s email resources and improves sender reputatio…

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StarDQ is a real time solution for cleansing, de-duping, and enriching enterprise data. By integrating StarDQ Solution, organizations can cleanse, match and unify data across multiple data sources and data domains. According to the vendor, the goal is to ensure that data is a strategic, trustworthy,…

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Netlink headquartered in Wisconsin offers Dataware, a platform for extracting and preparing data, performing data cleansing, data mapping, data conversion, and combining of data.

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Validity offers Validity Trust Assessments, a unique data quality assessment solution for evaluating and managing Salesforce customer data. With an on-demand software solution, organizations can generate real-time reports that show them their Data Trust Score, high-level metrics – including the esti…

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Cleanse from the RingLead DMS optimizes a database and eliminate time wasted on “data janitor” work–the trivial and mundane tasks of collecting, preparing, and cleansing disparate data.

Clear Analytics is a business intelligence solution that enables non technical end users to perform analytics by leveraging existing knowledge of Excel coupled with a built in query builder. Some key features include: Dynamic Data Refresh, Data Share and In-Excel Collaboration.