Data Quality Software

Data Quality Software Overview

What is Data Quality Software?

Data quality software is designed to ensure that business data is as reliable as possible. Reliable data is essential if it is to provide a solid basis for effective decision-making.

Data Quality Software Features & Capabilities

  • Connectivity to multiple data sources

  • Data profiling and auditing to help find anomalies, hidden relationships between data elements

  • Seamless integration with Mister Data Management (MDM) systems

  • Parsing and standardization of data elements according to pre-defined rules

  • Match and merge capability

  • Data format and valid address checking

Why Data Quality Matters

This imperative to improve data quality has become more critical with the emergence of big data strategies. Increasing data volumes make the issue of data quality more important than ever.

The goal is for data to be complete such that, for example, all disparate pieces of data for a single customer are linked. Data also needs to be clean with automatic elimination of typos and abbreviation errors.

Data Quality Improvement Strategies

Among the most common strategies for improving data quality are:

  • Parsing and standardizing data. Data is broken up into multiple structured elements and then each element is standardized according to predefined rules.

  • Matching and merging data. Data records that look similar are automatically flagged as possible matches, and if they are found to be matches the records are then merged.

  • Case management. Some data records will be found to be incomplete or erroneous. This problematic data is automatically flagged and placed in a queue where it can be investigated and remediated later.

  • Address Verification: Checking format and that address represent a real physical location.

Data Quality Benefits

  • Availability of high-quality data for business intelligence projects and master data management.

  • Reduced time to implement data governance or compliance audits.

  • Consolidated views of customers and households enabling more effective cross and upselling.

  • Provision of research data for fraud detection and planning.

Pricing Information

Cloud security software for business varies greatly in price depending on capabilities and scalability. Enterprise level products may cost as much as $5,000 per year per application secured. In addition, there are significant costs in hiring the right engineers to build and operate these systems.

Data Quality Products

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SAP Data Services
22 ratings
9 reviews
SAP Data Services is an offering from SAP to improve data quality.
Oracle Enterprise Data Quality
9 ratings
5 reviews
Oracle Enterprise Data Quality is, as the name would suggest, a data quality offering from Oracle for enterprises.
SAP Data Quality Management
38 ratings
5 reviews
SAP Business Objects Data Quality Management embeds data quality functionality into SAP applications.
SAP Master Data Governance
8 ratings
4 reviews
SAP Master Data Governance is on on-premise or cloud solution for managing enterprise data accuracy, with pre-built models, business rules, and workflows.
V12 Data
5 ratings
3 reviews
The V12 Data Platform (formerly called the Launchpad Marketing Cloud) is comprised of a collection of online and offline marketing solutions that is designed to manage existing customer relationships and identify new prospective customers by granting users access to The V12 Group Data Cloud. It cont…
IBM InfoSphere QualityStage
4 ratings
2 reviews
IBM InfoSphere QualityStage is a data quality offering from IBM.
SAS DataFlux
9 ratings
1 reviews
SAS DataFlux's capabilities handle data profiling, matching, cleansing and monitoring. Capabilities are available as individual products or as a platform. DataFlux competes with Informatica, Trilliium, Ataccama, and SAP Data Quality Management.
IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer
5 ratings
1 reviews
IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer provides a data quality solution featuring assessment, monitoring, and rule design and analysis, from IBM.
Omni-Gen Master Data Management Edition
The iWay Parallel Service Manager is a data integration solution from Information Builders.
Spectrum Enterprise OnDemand
Spectrum Enterprise OnDemand from Pitney Bowes is a customer data quality offering for validating addresses and enhancing data with geographic information.
Syncsort Trillium DQ for Big Data
Syncsort Trillium DQ for Big Data (formerly Trillium Quality for Big Data) supports enterprises using a Big Data framework like Hadoop with data quality functions like data integration, data cleansing, standardization and parsing, with prebuilt process flows that can be configured to meet business n…
Omni-Gen Data Quality Edition
Universal Adapter Framework from Information Builders is a data integration solution.
Health Language Enterprise Terminology Platform
Health Language (a subsidiary of Walters Klower Health since late 2013) offers their eponymous Enterprise Terminology Platform, an enterprise clinical and health content management system.
Data Quality Explorer
The Data Quality Explorer from German company Uniserv is a data quality offering.
Data Quality Real-Time Services
Data Quality Real-Time Services is a data quality offering from German company Uniserv.
Syncsort Trillium Cloud
Trillium Cloud developed by Trillium Software, now a Syncsort property since the 2016 acquisition, is an enterprise cloud-based data quality option, available as a subscription service and designed to present a simpler, expert-assisted management solution.
i/Lytics Enterprise Data Quality Suite
i/Lytics Enterprise Data Quality Suite is a data quality offering from Innovative Systems Inc (ISI).
Data Quality Batch Suite
The Data Quality Batch Suite from Uniserv is a data quality offering.
i/Lytics Data Profiler
i/Lytics Data Profiler is a data quality offering from Innovative Systems Inc (ISI).
Certica Solutions Certify
Certica Solutions offers Certify, a web-based enterprise data quality application that continually validates databases for business rule integrity, data quality requirements and potential compliance issues. Centralized, automated and designed to validate hundreds of millions of records each day, Cer…
DataValidation in Atlanta offers their data quality platform for validating emails and email lists, with the goal of maximizing email deliverability and ensuring that email lists are clean.
Experian Pandora
Experian offers the Pandora data analytics platform for profiling and interrogating data, eliminating errors in data and standardizing data sets, and relationship detection in data for the purpose of assessing quality.
SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data
To run at the speed of business, accurate business data is crucial, especially the location data for your customers, your suppliers, and your people. SAP® Data Quality Management, microservices for location data, smoothly embeds address cleansing, validation, and other location-enrichment services …
HEPdata Data Enrichment
HEPdata headquartered in Leesburg offers their Data Enrichment suite of applications, including Employer Solution to complete employment information of potential prospects, as well as Email, Address, and Phone solutions to ensure high donor data quality.