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Cisco Umbrella

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Cisco Umbrella

We use Cisco Umbrella as an additional layer of security for all of our clients. It really shines for mobile users who we still want to be restricted to our web content policies. I don't know if a situation where Umbrella wouldn't be appropriate, unless you just don't use the internet.


  • Largely mitigates phishing and malware from compromised websites.
  • Great web content filter for laptops that leave the office and for smaller clients that may not have any other web content filtering in place.
  • Simple setup and management of the product.


  • Support is not always fast enough to address any issues. Also, different tiers of support including ones where you have to purchase a higher tiered plan for phone support.
  • Takes a little time to configure the product to avoid interference with other web filtering products.
  • A lot of room for improvement in reporting.

Alternatives Considered

OpenDNS has great bang for the buck. We also run SonicWALL web content filters for most all of our clients, they make a great pair. In the past we've run Websense enterprise (great product, but pricey and their cloud version was sluggish back a few years ago.)

Return on Investment

  • Technical support has had fewer calls dealing with malware, phishing attempts

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Cisco Umbrella

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