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18 Ratings
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Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella provides insight as to what users are browsing that is unknown to them, like harmful ads, malware infected websites, phishing sites, etc. We can then help educate and train users what to be on the lookout for and improve our first line of defense—our users. We don't use the service as a tool to catch our users, but to train, educate and protect them from the bad actors that lurk on the web.
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  • Dashboard is easy to use to identify any issues
  • Easy to configure networks to monitor
  • Easy to configure policies and settings
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  • A little more insight as to what the virtual umbrella appliance is doing
  • A little more granular in content filtering or a better explanation of what is in each category
  • Easier log management - max of 30 days held in Cisco-managed S3 storage
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Likelihood to Renew

Cisco Umbrella10.0
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Because it is really powerful tool keeping the whole company safe.
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Alternatives Considered

We selected Cisco Umbrella while they were still OpenDNS. It was a solution to filter internet content in the residence halls. The capabilities that have been added are tremendous. We really don't use the content filtering aspects as much, as the students can just turn off their wifi and use their cellular plans to get to anything they want. The primary use of Umbrella is protecting our users from the malicious sites that are out there.
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Return on Investment

  • We can identify traffic to "bad" sites easier and quicker
  • High impact on network security for low spend
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Cisco Umbrella

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