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30 Ratings
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Its very well suited for storing graph types relationship information, such as a group of people and their relationships. Data modeling this sort of information in a traditional SQL database is a pain and inefficient. Using Neo4J allows for efficient modeling of data while providing rich querying capabilities using Cypher. Its also a great fit for any programming language because of its support for REST API.It's less appropriate for any other data structure other than Graph data. So as with any DB, evaluate the data structure and query and if the querying revolves around relationships, then Neo4J is a fit. If there is more need for looking up individual nodes and their associated information, Neo4J might not be the most efficient solution in the market.
Anudeep Palanki | TrustRadius Reviewer



  • Neo4j is extremely fast.
  • Neo4j has its own query language CYPHER which is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Neo4j supports API in almost every language like Java, Python, PHP, NodeJS, etc.
Rahul Chaudhary | TrustRadius Reviewer



  • Better support for aggregation queries
  • Drivers for Spark where ML or more computationally heavy jobs are to be performed
  • Native support for complex properties for nodes and relationships
Nitin Pasumarthy | TrustRadius Reviewer



Neo4j 6.0
Based on 1 answer
[Based on] Query Language, Performance on small and large data sets, integration and deployment, analysis, API support, Interactive UI.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered


We've done some BOE comparisons between Neo4j, Titan, and OrientDB. The general consensus was that Titan is too unweildy and that Neo4j beat out OrientDB by being more active and having a large community.
Aaron Gussman | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment


  • Our solution relies on Neo4j functionalities – it is a key component of our application and thus critical for achieving our business objectives. It has an extremely positive impact on our business.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

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