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18 Ratings
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Tracx is well suited for real-time social campaigns.
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  • Reporting & Automated Dashboards
  • Mapping & Geo-Analysis
  • Integrating community management with analytics for responsive and actionable reporting
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  • User interface - it can be confusing and is not very intuitive. I have worked with other tracking platforms that I picked up very easily without training and wish Tracx was not as confusing with the interface. You have to know where you're going to get the info you want.
  • Limitations of API - obviously there are limitations from social platforms, but it is a weakness that I know Tracx is trying to address. While they don't have access to Pinterest now, they should within the next 6 months. We also can't access personal Facebook data when I know other tracking systems have partnerships with groups that have access to that API access.
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It meets all of our expectations and to be honest, I couldn't imagine running 100+ blogger campaigns without it
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Alternatives Considered

NUVI did not deliver on what they said they could do. Tracx came to our rescue
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Return on Investment

  • We've seen great return on the organizations in which we implemented Tracx. Most of them did not have a listening software and some of them had low scale listening and were pleasantly surprised that they could pay the same for Tracx and get much more.
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