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Tracx is best for influencer marketing tracking, where you need to track specific mentions of a keyword from specific people. Not sure it's the 100% solution for other social media aspects, but I have not explored many of those aspects, so I cannot be the end-all-be-all person to say when it isn't well suited


  • Tracking of specific influencers on specific platforms, using a specific keyword
  • Hashtag tracking
  • Community management
  • Engagement tracking


  • User interface - it can be confusing and is not very intuitive. I have worked with other tracking platforms that I picked up very easily without training and wish Tracx was not as confusing with the interface. You have to know where you're going to get the info you want.
  • Limitations of API - obviously there are limitations from social platforms, but it is a weakness that I know Tracx is trying to address. While they don't have access to Pinterest now, they should within the next 6 months. We also can't access personal Facebook data when I know other tracking systems have partnerships with groups that have access to that API access.

Likelihood to Renew

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Unless another group comes out with a software that is more easy to use, we will renew. While Tracx captures all the data we want, we still have to view the spreadsheets and do some math to get some of the numbers we want (potential impressions - not offered- versus actual reach - offered). If another solution offers both of those with an easy to use interface, we wouldn't be opposed to switching, especially if it was cheaper. Because we are only using Tracx for this influencer tracking that no one else does and they gave us a great deal since that is our main point of use, I do not foresee us switching

Alternatives Considered

Tracx covers multiple platforms, including Facebook, which Keyhole removed from its offerings. While we loved NUVI and its interface (very easy to use and sleek), it could not track specific mentions of certain influencers. This was the major deciding factor. Additionally, they weren't overly salesy and didn't do the whole sales song and dance. We told them we had interviewed about 10 softwares (truth) and had heard it all. We were looking for something very specific. They gave us a demo and then a trial. They also allowed us to build into our contract that if the software did not do as we were promised, we could get out of the contract. Their customer service has been excellent

Return on Investment

  • Increased awareness in the social media space
  • Helped tailor posts to audience

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