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16 Ratings
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I would definitely recommend it to people who work in social media and are creating social media reports for clients


  • Monitor competitors
  • Have specific numbers on engagement for metrics
  • Easy to use, user friendly


  • Tracx is a little slow to pull in data. It could be a lot better although I understand it's pulling in a lot of metadata which other platforms don't pull.
  • Tracx is not "real time", some of the sources take a little more time to get pulled in although I understand this is probably an API issue on the social network side.

Likelihood to Renew

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It meets all of our expectations and to be honest, I couldn't imagine running 100+ blogger campaigns without it

Alternatives Considered

Tracx is just the new generation of listening platforms. It's updated all the time with new improvements that make it even easier to use. Sysomos is good for some simple queries but it's just not enough for more complex needs. Radian6 is stuck in the past, it was a leader before but it's just being destroyed by Tracx now. It also doesn't work in some Latin countries while Tracx is fully customisable for sentiment and languages.

Return on Investment

  • We've seen great return on the organizations in which we implemented Tracx. Most of them did not have a listening software and some of them had low scale listening and were pleasantly surprised that they could pay the same for Tracx and get much more.

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