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What is Avion?

Avion is an app that helps users plan and build software more effectively by providing a way to visualise an entire product from the perspective of users. It's built for product managers and agile teams that struggle to see the bigger picture.

🙅‍♀️ The problem

When building software, development teams typically work with a flat list of user stories, also known as a product backlog. However, this common practice has lots of problems:
  • A flat backlog won’t help identify all the user stories needed when planning releases
  • It becomes difficult to visualise the whole product and uncover gaps in the plan
  • Long lists of user stories doesn’t help teams understand exactly what’s going on
  • Design and dev teams become misaligned because there isn’t a shared product vision

🛠 The solution

Avion offers a unique way to structure user stories within the context of key user journeys. This process is called user story mapping and it has advantages over a traditional flat list of user stories learn more about this here.

🚀 With Avion users can:

  • Visualise the entire product and its user journeys on a story map
  • Effectively plan future releases and uncover gaps in plans by identifying dependencies
  • Focus on delivering real value to users by prioritising the right work
  • Share release plans and product roadmap with the whole team
The vendor invites visitors to view a user story map made for Airbnb: https://app.avion.io/share/PTxQeqWqo5Kqjg6iB

Avion Features

  • Supported: View your backlog in the context of your users
  • Supported: Build custom workflows and story states
  • Supported: Share your story maps
  • Supported: In-depth integrations with major backlog tools
  • Supported: Beautiful experience, tailored to story mapping
  • Supported: Prioritise releases more effectively
  • Supported: Dark mode 😎

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User story mapping is the new product backlog! Avion is a story mapping tool that helps you plan and build software by enabling you to create a product backlog that defines all the context of your user journeys.

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