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Score 10 out of 10
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I use Miro in the classes I teach with my undergraduate students. I also use Miro for brainstorming during research team meetings or team meetings with community groups I'm involved in.
  • Mindmap
  • Facilitate collaborative brainstorming
  • Engage students
  • I wish the mindmap tool allowed branches in all four directions, instead of either vertical or horizontal. Otherwise, it's perfect. I love Miro!
I use Miro when doing brainstorming or mindmapping exercises in class with my students or when they are working on collaborative projects. I also use Miro for developing diagrams for theories or outlines for papers for my research. Miro is less appropriate when the material we are working with is more basic, or when I have limited time with a group (as it usually takes 10 minutes for people to get situated and figure out how to use the app-- sometimes longer if it is an older audience less experienced with technology).
September 07, 2021

Use Miro in team workshops

Benedikte Vanderweeën | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Miro is an excellent tool for UI/UX in workshops. Users can immediately follow the perspectives and objectives of project management. With scheduling and the useful templates, it gives a head start. A broad range of templates gives Miro the flexibility to use it for different objectives. In a team workshop, Miro is an excellent tool for collaboration on wireframes, visuals, schemes, ...
  • wireframes
  • importing screenshots
  • scheduling
  • workshops
  • team collaboration
  • performance
  • onboarding
  • documentation
Excellent in team workshops, for design systems it can use some improvement. User flows are also an aspect that can use some improvement. The user experience flows better documented. The prototyping modus needs improvement. Deliverables modus is something that can use some improvement.
The workshop modus is well thought through and designed, the collaboration features are easy to use.
Score 10 out of 10
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Miro is widely used across a variety of needs and teams. It is used for new employee onboarding activities, project initiation and orientation tasks, team 'bonding exercises, mapping workflows in collaborative workshops, [and] strategy development. It allows you to visually collaborate where travel is not possible or potentially unnecessary. It is superior to Microsoft Teams with respect to meeting collaboration, where people are jointly collaborating on a canvas.
  • Collaborative brainstorming sessions
  • As-Is Process Mapping (identify bottlenecks)
  • Conducting virtual meetings & breakouts
  • Versioning - make it easy to know what/who was changed on the canvas
  • Make it easier to globally change fonts on a canvas
  • Enhanced plug-ins for leading apps (Adobe, Microsoft, Power BI, Azure Dev Ops, JIRA)
Miro excels with project origination meetings, allowing team members to obtain and complete pre-workshop assignments / post introduction pages, so everyone can review them (who is who on the team) to help improve team bonding and intros. The canvas allows workshop owners to create content and define meeting paths/sessions which greatly speeds up grounding of the meeting agenda and activity flow. Miro is indispensable for remote work teams and 'in-person' collaborative activities. Although there could be opportunities to integrate enterprise applications into the canvas to maintain 'real-time' feeds into workshops or for ongoing projects.
September 07, 2021

Miro at AdventHealth

BRETT ROBERTS, PMP, CSPO | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use this for two separate functionalities. We use this as our way to build flow maps for how users will navigate within new developments and functionality. We use this during our agile sprint cycles as a means to perform our backlogs. We use these to create quick and easy Kanban-style boards that allow our many members to create real-time feedback, cutting our conversation time by around half, while still covering just as many topics as previous discussions.
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Very collaborative, having many users available to edit a board at once
  • Great interface tools to allow for a broad range of modal selections
  • UX to connect pieces could feel more real (e.g., FlowMapp). I like Miro better, but they do that feel better for user map creation.
  • Larger display tool kit.
Miro is a great tool that should be used when needing to provide a large team collaboration, create relationship mapping, and display an overview for a content management system and flows.

Miro is not the best when attempting to display visuals or largely entangled pieces that need an in-depth description of work effort.
Score 9 out of 10
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We use it to conduct workshops (vision and values, current process flows, etc.) with clients. It gives a way to whiteboard without having to physically be in the room. I have used it internally to conduct workshops for new offering development using mind maps to organize participants' thoughts in a way that is clear and easy to follow
  • Interacting with many different people
  • Objects that are intuitive and easy to use and edit
  • Building boards that give you flexibility
  • The templates are sometimes not the best to use; I end up making my own. I don't think the examples given are very applicable for many applications.
  • Creating tables is a pain because they don't automatically lock. I have had many times where I end up dragging the table and not a sticky or other object.
  • I wish there was a note taking function built into Miro. Somewhere where I can jot things that don't show up when I'm sharing my screen instead of having OneNote open.
Collaboration on anything that requires a visual aid or requires large amounts of participation. Anything where the end goal is difficult to articulate or see. This could be Vision and Values workshops, Future State workshops, etc. I'd also recommend it for anything that requires any sort of storyboarding. If I have a new consultant that has a difficult time structuring their thoughts, I'd tell them to use a mind map in Miro to do that and then articulate into slides.
Aki Dianopra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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As everyone is aware, 2020 was the pandemic year and brought all employees to working remotely from their homes. The main pain point is that all meetings are now virtual. We would like to at least simulate workshops like we are doing it face-to-face and the main challenge is what tool to use. We started considering several existing tools like Miro and Mural having some specifications and requirements in mind. After long consideration, we selected Miro to be our official workshop/collaboration tool which will be implemented to the whole company soon.
  • Workshop Tool
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Presentation Tool
  • Inclusivity Tool
  • Brainstorming Tool
  • Learning curve is a bit steep.
  • Too many features, difficult to select.
  • Complex.
Workshops, brainstorming, and ideation are where Miro suits best, especially if you have a huge team. The number of features might be a little overwhelming at the beginning, but you will get used to it after some time.

It is less appropriate in small group meetings where you just need a simple post-it or whiteboard.
Mason Engel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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I juggle several projects at once, but they're all interrelated. The standard project management tools couldn't provide an interface that *visually* shows the connection between big projects. I'm talking like a giant mind map with big milestones at the top and actionable tasks at the bottom of the tree. That's the way I think, and only Miro has allowed me to convert that thinking into a digital form, allowing me to use it for long term vision casting as well as day-to-day task management.
  • Diagrams for UX workflows
  • Sales funnel diagramming
  • High-level project planning (with visuals)
  • I wish there was a built-in Gant view so I could see my tasks on a timeline.
  • More formatting options for the mind map funcitonality
  • More nesting options. The ability to expand smaller visual elements inside of a larger visual structure.
Our thinking is contained by the medium we use to express it. If you're stuck in a Kanban or Gantt or Word document view, your thinking will be limited by the visual structure you're working in. So at the beginning of a project, when you're starting from zero and need to stay mentally flexible, Miro provides a wide open interface that doesn't restrict your ideating.
Piero Calcagno | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We extensively use Miro to support several phases of digital and business transformation processes. In particular, Miro supports us during co-design workshops, collaborative meetings, process analysis, solution design and validation. Miro's main strength is collaboration. In fact, multiple users can collaborate in real-time and at the same time on a single board. Thanks to Miro meetings and workshops with clients and colleagues located in different parts of the world have become easier and more effective. Last but not least the user interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. I think there isn't any other tool like Miro on the market right now.
  • It allows to collaborate in real-time on a single board or diagram.
  • It provides predefined template for most of the use cases you might need.
  • Miro is easy to use and intuitive.
  • Support co-design workshop.
  • Improve the usability of the table application when used with a pen.
Miro is well suited for the following scenarios:
  • Co-design workshop
  • Process analysis and design
  • Journey Mapping
  • Event organization
  • Project Organization
  • Solution Design
  • UX design and wireframing
Score 9 out of 10
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We use Miro to design and implement our annual programme framework for our non-profit organisation. Not only does it allow for 'big picture' planning, but the zoom function enables our team to track more granular activity-level details week by week. It's more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing than a spreadsheet, and we love being creative with the board.
  • Tracking activities against deadlines.
  • Allowing a 'big picture' view of an entire project or programme.
  • Working across users easily.
Miro is great for designing and implementing a project or even an entire project. Not only does it allow for 'big picture' planning, but the zoom function enables our team to track more granular activity-level details week by week. It's more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing than a spreadsheet, and we love being creative with the board. I have also used it in my personal life to plan my wedding and to create a family tree. It's less useful for tracking expenditure against budgets.
Benjamin Sirvend | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Miro to organize daily collaboration in our company and at our clients. We create transparency with it and support fun at work. We conduct workshops, brainstorming sessions and trainings with it. It is also used for process depictions. Overall a fantastic tool and we love it!
  • Variety of use cases.
  • Joint collaboration.
  • Technical performance.
  • The manual ordering of frames for the documentation of trainings is pain, especially when you have hundreds of frames and you can only drag and drop it in the frames view.
We use it for daily collaboration in meetings. In workshops like a retrospective, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review. I also use it for Coaching Sessions and for trainings.
Score 9 out of 10
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Used to plan projects and work flows. Define steps in processes used by our customers and employees.
My team uses boards to map out entire processes in the project space, we leave each other notes or suggest copy changes right on the board.
I can set up multiple spaces, some for the aspects of the project itself and some for scheduling or planning so collaborators in other departments or areas of the business can see what is relevant to their team that I am working on. Miro is a great way to create a visual account of your work and process map anything that you might need. Very easy to collaborate.
  • Process Mapping/Journey Boards.
  • Easily add notes to any part of the board.
  • Group collaboration made easier.
  • Sometimes scaling sizes on aspects of the board can be hard to judge.
  • Adding a way to include charts, graphs or data.
Very appropriate for project planning, process mapping and organization charting.
Not as suited for data collection, presentations or graphing.
Bradford Clemmons | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Miro provides a collaborative workspace that can be shared across groups and departments. We use Miro across departments and lines of business. Miro enables us to build campaigns and presentations that are more dynamic and capture more information than other presentation tools.
  • Sharing a collaborative space so multiple people can provide data and input.
  • Providing a very large workspace that can be segmented into easily consumed chunks.
  • Providing many templates and tools to capture and present data in a variety of ways.
Great for collaboration and large projects, good for organizing a lot of different information in one location, and lets you save data in a variety of formats and styles.
William (Matt) Wood | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Miro is an excellent tool for providing visual mockups of brain trees, improvised project plans, critical path workflows, and several other forms of visual representation of data. It is an essential tool to me as a Sales Engineer and allows me to perform my job to the highest degree. I am able to clearly articulate my thought process internally to my team and externally to prospects/clients.
  • Data Flow Diagrams
  • Project Management
  • Critical Path Flows
  • Integrations to other Enterprise tools
  • Ease of use with the zoom/move cursor
  • Export functionality in a clean format
Miro is well suited for anyone whose daily job is to present visual representations of their though process. This can range from data flow diagrams, brain trees, critical path representations, hierarchies, custom workflows, etc. Miro is not well suited for situations where you need to seamlessly integrate or export the representation to provide to other team members or externally facing to a client/prospect.
Balamuralikrishna Balakrishnan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Miro plays a pivotal role in collaborating between various teams in our organization. Share ideas effectively. This has resulted in a highly efficient work environment where people can suggest ideas when major change is implemented across different teams. Major architectural changes and critical changes are tracked collaborated using MIRO. The future vision of the product is also shared using Miro boards very effectively. Miro has enabled a single vision across the organization.
  • Templates
  • Online collaboration
  • Sharing options with restrictions
  • Video calls
  • Timer options
  • Polls
  • Offline desktop version thar can be synched up later.
  • Options to explore for converting Excel data to direct progress charts in Miro.
More Suitable:
Flow charts
Database flows
Sequence diagrams

Less Suitable: For live Gantt charts

September 09, 2021


Score 8 out of 10
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Miro is being used across the whole origination and with clients. Miro is used to run co-working workshops, to plan projects, to scope work, to display marketing results and more. The problems Miro addresses is that it’s really quick and simple to get in and out of different boards with multiple users which means we can all be within the same board at once without having to set up much.
  • Co-collaboration
  • Displaying files
  • Link sharing
  • Fonts
  • Copy & pasting from pdf
  • Colour selecting
Miro is great if we’re delivering a presentation and multiple people are needed to make notes. However, often it’s hard to brand these as per the client because of font selection, colour usage - if you take Figma for example. It has similar functionality to Miro but much more functionality when it comes to branding.
Beth Coogan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Miro is a great tool for group collaboration. I often use it when leading meetings with multiple people who all have different ideas about a topic. We use it to share our ideas as a group and then consolidate them into themes and begin to make action plans on how to tackle large-scale problems.
  • Group Collaboration
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving
  • Cursor and scrolling can be confusing
Used well with group collaboration and teams who may not have an aligned approach to solving a problem. I wouldn't use this tool for individual project tracking as its features are best used for visually pleasing groupwork.
Score 8 out of 10
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Miro is regularly used as a collaboration workspace. [Due to] our remote working, we can no longer meet up in a space to write on walls and move stickies around when planning work - Miro gives us this virtual flexibility and more by providing the right tools for us all to dive in and work together with an easy to use interface. Best of all, we don't have to take photos of it when we're done as it's always available for future review!
  • Collaboration tool
  • Permits quick mock-ups/designs
  • Allows you to tag/comment to other users on specific areas of interest
  • Desktop app can be a little slow to get going sometimes
  • Some additional formatting options on cards would be nice to have
Miro is fantastic for collaborating on designs, processes, or even just getting everyone's collective thoughts down in the one spot for retros and other meetings. It levels the playing field in remote working times and allows everyone to contribute.

We have used Miro as a Kanban tool which for smaller things it works rather well [...] as it's quick and easy to get started, but for larger, more structured work, it cannot replace other more established tools (Jira, etc.)!
Score 8 out of 10
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It is being used by a client of ours. Our services often use Miro as a collaboration tool with the client. It is used widely by the tech department within the client so it was natural and easy for us to use it with them too.
  • Infinite whiteboard
  • Beautiful curved arrows
  • Visible cursors or of collaborators
  • Box sizing is sometimes a bit odd and would be nice to snap between some standard sizes
  • The app seems a little intensive on my old CPU vs the web view
  • Keep having to log in again and again
Quick collaborative architecture diagram seems to work well although it falls down when you want to use things like industry-specific icons like azure cloud icons etc - I'm sure it is possible but just doesn't scream at you about how to do that.
Rafael Grandizoli | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Miro is a tool that I use more often for personal purposes than in the organization I work in today. Sometimes when we have a project or idea to discuss with other teams, and due to the pandemic we're not close to having a meeting room, Miro can be the 'whiteboard' that can 'keep live' and be updated later.
  • Mind mapping
  • Collaboration
  • Brainstorming (personal and collaborative)
  • Easier view for projects
  • Better shape/icons library
  • Possibility to create our own templates
I like to use Miro as a digital whiteboard to better organize ideas and mind mapping for anything you need to develop or create. Also, using visual elements is a handful since you can connect them to make relations. In other ways, you can detail organized team boards and also project tasks and workflows.
Keith Berman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We are using Miro to facilitate workshops with our global/regional users as well as our internal product teams. We will capture story boards, use cases and OKRs using this tool. We use this in live sessions to capture feedback, analyze, prioritize, and document and then share for keeping these boards.
  • Many templates
  • Easy to get access for users
  • User friendly UI for multiple personas
  • Sometimes getting licenses has been trouble
  • I have had some issues getting SSO to work on my Macbook App
  • every once in a while there is a delay, sometimes due to vpn or poor connections
Very well suited for collaboration amongst multiple users in different locations. Allows everyone to see each other's work, vote, discuss, edit, and have fun.
Not so well suited where there is poor bandwidth or wifi. If it is slow you can use the real-time features, and set timers to time-box discussions which are essential when there is a lot of content.
Bill Kratzer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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At Versatile Credit, we love web-based collaboration tools. We have had outstanding success before using tools like Goole Docs, Sheets, and Slides to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. However, we always lacked a wonderful web-based, collaborative diagramming tool. Miro fits that need perfectly.

At Versatile Credit all diagramming is done in Miro. This is done both internally and externally (for clients and partners). We use Miro to document business processes, application workflows, software architecture, systems architecture, and even brainstorming diagrams.

During the 2020 pandemic, the organization was thirsty for this type of tool, and Miro delivered it perfectly.
  • Collaboration and Sharing
  • Connecting shapes (the basics of diagramming!)
  • No software to install (anyone with a web-browser can work!)
  • Exporting to PDF (great for memorializing documentation)
  • Internet-based sharing
  • Typography control
  • Color control
  • Shape library
Miro is great for organizations that love web-based collaboration tools. When diagrams serve the need to educate and collaborate, Miro is top-notch. If you are producing a really high-quality diagram where color and typography and layout can be VERY important, Miro may not be the best tool.
John Bonk | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Currently, we use Miro in smaller pockets of the organizations with additional users joining in, as they are wrapped into planning/projects handled here. Some of the major uses in my immediate team for this product are to handle brainstorming, project briefings, and other smaller visualization tasks that our default task management software cannot easily handle.
  • Providing relevant, solid graphical templates out of the box
  • Real-time collaboration ability allows remote teams to work together versus fighting over document rights
  • Flexible licensing allows our organization to eat as we go
  • Partnership with task management companies like GTD and Panda to leverage solid process in a single platform
  • It would be great to see more flexibility and clarity around how boards and teams are organized; frequently at an organization-wide level, people inadvertently overshare or leave off stakeholders
  • Easier to manage overall UI color schemes
Miro is suited for environments and teams where creativity and flexibility are needed over straight task management. If I were looking for straight project management, I'd likely use Asana.
Hernán Braberman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Miro helps us collaborate with our designers without the need of being on-site in the studio during lockdown . The main board has a variety of templates you can insert, such as kanban boards, flowcharts, mind maps, etc. The rest of the whiteboard space remains empty and you can insert various templates. This is a fantastic way to use different brainstorming methods on a whiteboard for our design projects.

Collaboration is a key element in the agency. Our team members can chat and send messages, add comments, leave sticky notes, and create a centralized note for meeting items. You can also link and embed into other team apps, such as Slack. The premium version also includes video chat, voting, and screen sharing.
  • A place to gather all the info about the design project
  • An alternative presentation platform to collaborate with clients
  • A digital canvas where the design teams gather to exchange ideas
  • Some users feel intimidated by the UI
  • Zooming and panning can sometimes disorient you
  • The onboarding process can be a little overwhelming for non-tech people

The flexibility of tools makes it incredibly easy to collaborate between creative teams. Miro makes it easy for newcomers to use a digital whiteboard even if they have never tried a similar application before. You can use it on desktop computers or phones and tablets, and it's best on touch screens.

One of the great advantages of Miro is that it allows you to create a digital work environment that allows you to collaborate with your teammates in real time.

Once on a board, you can see where each team member is (through a cursor with their name), while everyone can modify their content at the same time.

Score 10 out of 10
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1) With student of Master class to brainstorm of telemedicine system.
2) During research meeting to brainstorm with the team.
3) With stakeholders (medical team, patients) to co-design and identify unmet needs.
  • Easy to sketch.
  • Collaboration with external users.
  • Templates.
  • The dashboard.
Meeting with the team, brainstorm with a new partners, to support the student homework.
Analyze a complex problem.
September 16, 2021

Miro rocks!!

Score 8 out of 10
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With Covid and lockdown, collaboration is more important than ever. With Miro, as a team, we can easily brainstorm project ideas remotely that is easily seen by all users. Being a team of 15, we break into groups and visually type our ideas on the whiteboard which can then be extracted into Excel to be formatted into our project management tool. Miro is easy, intuitive and requires no training to utilise.
  • Collaboration.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Exporting of whiteboards into Excel or PDF.
Well suited for brainstorming remotely.

What is Miro?

Miro is an online whiteboard platform for distributed team collaboration.

The platform’s infinite canvas is designed to enable its more than 20M users to lead engaging workshops and meetings, design products, and brainstorm ideas. Miro was founded by Andrey Khusid and Oleg Shardin in 2011 as RealtimeBoard and rebranded as Miro in 2019.

Miro is global, with eleven hubs in cities around the world, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, New York City, Amsterdam, Perm, Berlin, Munich, London, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Miro Features

  • Supported: Drawing
  • Supported: Marker Colors
  • Supported: Mind Mapping
  • Supported: Templates
  • Supported: Drag-and-Drop
  • Supported: Voting
  • Supported: Commenting
  • Supported: CMS Integrations
  • Supported: Sharing
  • Supported: In-Browser
  • Supported: Desktop App
  • Supported: Mobile App
  • Supported: Collaborative Editing
  • Supported: Task Management
  • Supported: Notes and Comments
  • Supported: Styles and Themes
  • Supported: Image Import
  • Supported: Custom Icons
  • Supported: File Formats
  • Supported: Cloud Storage Integration
  • Supported: Mobile Application
  • Supported: Desktop Availability
  • Supported: Status Updates
  • Supported: Instant Messaging
  • Supported: Activity Feed
  • Supported: Notifications
  • Supported: Comments and Voting
  • Supported: Discussions
  • Supported: User Directory
  • Supported: Online Status of Coworkers
  • Supported: File Sharing
  • Supported: Document Collaboration
  • Supported: Version Control
  • Supported: Tagging
  • Supported: Knowledge Base
  • Supported: Surveys
  • Supported: Task Management
  • Supported: Calendar
  • Supported: Search
  • Supported: Mobile
  • Supported: Multi-Language Support
  • Supported: Moderation
  • Supported: User, Role, and Access Management
  • Supported: Performance and Reliability
  • Supported: Integrated Communications
  • Supported: Native Communications
  • Supported: Board Overview
  • Supported: Screen Sharing
  • Supported: Pre-made Templates
  • Supported: Custom Templates
  • Supported: Required Hardware
  • Supported: Bring Your Own Device
  • Supported: Permissions
  • Supported: Permissions

Miro Screenshots

Brainstorm together and visualize ideas at the speed of inspiration.From ideation to prototype, support the end-to-end design thinking process in one infinite space.Run effective, online project planning sessions and keep teams moving in the same direction.Supercharge your agile process with collaborative retrospectives, sprint planning, and huddle boards.Explain complex processes and systems with visual mapping and diagramming.Make your team workshops smooth, save time, and find patterns and insights easily.

Miro Videos

How to Use Stickies Capture: Lots of ideas means lots and lots of stickies — but how do you capture them all in place? Now you can use the Miro app to take a screenshot of your stickies to keep and share.
Introducing Miro Live Embed: Extend the power of Miro, the online whiteboard platform, with Live embeds and work on Miro boards in a wide variety of applications. Our Live embed APIs enable anyone to bring a fully editable Miro board into their core user experience.
Why Global Teams Love Miro: Miro (formerly RealtimeBoard) is a visual collaboration platform for thinkers, builders and doers. We help cross-functional teams of marketers, designers, product managers and engineers ideate, design think, and collaborate to bring some of the world’s most innovative products to market, faster.
Visually Collaborate with Miro: Teamwork needs an upgrade. This quick intro to Miro shows you how easy it is to visually collaborate as a team — and feel like you're in the same room (even if you’re far apart)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Miro?

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard for cross-functional teams, boasting over 20 million product managers, project managers, Agile coaches, developers, and other team members around the world as users of Miro to collaborate, brainstorm, and visualize ideas.

What is Miro's best feature?

Reviewers rate Usability and Implementation Rating highest, with a score of 8.4.

Who uses Miro?

The most common users of Miro are from Enterprises and the Information Technology & Services industry.