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Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Google Cloud Pub/Sub


What is Google Cloud Pub/Sub?

Google offers Cloud Pub/Sub, a managed message oriented middleware supporting many-to-many asynchronous messaging between applications.

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Reliable Pub/Sub Vendor

10 out of 10
October 26, 2020
Google Cloud Pub/Sub is used for processing scheduled tasks, sending notifications to clients and other background job execution. It helps …
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What is Google Cloud Pub/Sub?

Google Cloud Pub/Sub Technical Details

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google offers Cloud Pub/Sub, a managed message oriented middleware supporting many-to-many asynchronous messaging between applications.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 9.8.

The most common users of Google Cloud Pub/Sub are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Cézar Augusto Nascimento e Silva | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used Google Cloud Pub/Sub to solve ETL/Streaming and real-time processing problems for high volumes of data. We used it either to fill datalakes, process and store in warehouses or data marts and also for processing events, either using JSON or protobuf.

This was integrated for many languages such as python, java, golang and kotlin. We had configured kubernetes auto scaling system based on some Google Cloud Pub/Sub metrics which worked very well. The main observed metrics for alerts and overall health indicator of our systems were both the size of each queue and the oldest message in queue, either indicating a high volume jam or some random specific error for a single message, respectively.

We had to handle idempotency since a duplicated message delivery is a possibility, this was usually paired and a Redis Cache to guarantee idempotency for a reasonable time window.
  • Data Streaming
  • Even Sourcing
  • Protobuf message format
  • Scalability
  • Easy to Use
  • Observability
  • Integrated Dead Letter Queue (DLQ) functionality
  • Deliver Once (idempotency) - currently in preview
  • Vendor locked to Google
If you want to stream high volumes of data, be it for ETL streaming or event sourcing, Google Cloud Pub/Sub is your go-to tool. It's easy to learn, easy to observe its metrics and scales with ease without additional configuration so if you have more producers of consumers, all you need to do is to deploy on k8s your solutions so that you can perform autoscaling on your pods to adjust to the data volume. The DLQ is also very transparent and easy to configure. Your code will have no logic whatsoever regarding orchestrating pubsub, you just plug and play.

However, if you are not in the Google Cloud Pub/Sub environment, you might have trouble or be most likely unable to use it since I think it's a product of Google Cloud.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We mainly use Google Cloud Pub/Sub with cloud functions and google scheduler to handle FinOps subjects. For example :
- Stopping a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) using a cloud scheduler that publishes to a pub/sub topic which then triggers a python function that changes GKE configurations.
- Stopping a Google SQL database using Google scheduler and Google Cloud Pub/Sub.
  • Pub/Sub UI
  • Pub/Sub subscriptions & message retrieval.
  • Integration with BigQuery & Cloud Storage.
  • Debugging
  • Error screening
Using Google Cloud Pub/Sub will mainly depend on the cloud platform used. Our client didn't choose GCP for Google Cloud Pub/Sub, if we went with AWS we would be using SNS/SQS (obviously). However, Google Cloud Pub/Sub is a better solution in the GCP services compared to self-managed solutions such as RabbitMQ for instance (it is managed by GCP and integrates with GCP solutions).
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Fully Managed messaging middleware useful for service integration. We have mainly used it for large scale logs from Kubernetes clusters. Pub/Sub proved to be easy to use, with a clear, user-friendly UI, well documented SDK, built-in elasticity and was the foundation for a real time data management system. Overall, very pleased with Google Cloud Pub/Sub.
  • Messaging
  • Scalable
  • No-ops
  • Secure
  • Only usable within GCP
Google Cloud Pub/Sub is ideal for any real-time data project, especially with large datasets in the terabytes per day range. We have used it successfully in a variety of use cases ranging from recommendations engines (where we’d need to ingest in real time people’s clickstream) to more ops related Kubernetes cluster provisioning and monitoring (based on Kubernetes control plane events).
Cameron Gable | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have a highly distributed system of batch jobs. We use Google Cloud Pub/Sub in order to communicate between our front-end, orchestration software, and VMs running batch workloads. It serves as a key piece under the hood for running jobs for scientists and it allows us to distribute our workloads across specialized VMs.
  • A hands-off approach to publishing messages and subscribing to topics.
  • Easy to use APIs.
  • Useful, simple UI on cloud console to send messages for debugging, etc.
  • I can't think of missing functionality, but added functionality is always nice!
Pub/Sub is perfect for all distributed systems. Whether it be services talking to each other, being the middleman between applications and Cloud Functions, or sending messages between standalone VMs that rely on one another, Pub/Sub makes it easy to communicate between pieces. It is ideal as a publication/subscription software as a service.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Google [Cloud] Pub/Sub is used for high Volume, high speed data stream from multiple data sources towards a Data Platform. This is setup by Central Data and Analytics team to serve business use cases for most of the departments like Marketing, Product, Sales, Editorial etc. within our organization

Business Problems addressed
  • Identify Non App users , their inactivity and show such users a personalized promo on the website when they visit
  • Identify low engaged users overall, ingest their past usage patterns and cluster them in lookalike user segments to show them next best actions
  • Capture users' behavior and interactions as "Topics" in Pub/Sub and show them next best action as appropriate
  • With a pub/sub architecture the consumer is decoupled in time from the publisher i.e. if the consumer goes down, it can replay any events that occurred during its downtime.
  • It also allows consumer to throttle and batch incoming data providing much needed flexibility while working with multiple types of data sources
  • A simple and easy to use UI on cloud console for setup and debugging
  • It enables event-driven architectures and asynchronous parallel processing, while improving performance, reliability and scalability
  • It is limited to work with the same platform but with different datasets at the same time, you must request a prior security authentication.
  • It can sometimes lead to unexpected charges, as Pub/Sub will automatically keep on retrying messages continuously, even if failures are due to permanent code-level issues.
  • Message re-deliveries don't apply for ingested services like with Python based client. Push messages tried to be delivered immediately and if your service is busy dealing with some other task, it won't be done OR goes into a queue
Well Suited for
  • One Source, multi subscribers scenario, where there is no issue with errors on multiple source datasets and anyone who is subscribed to a Topic receives the messages
  • The load of the messages are totally comfortable, the workspace inside the platform, the functions of messaging and calls of the properties are easy to use
  • Reliable and Scalable model for creating and maintaining a big data pipeline
Less Appropriate for:
  • Ingesting multiple datasets from same data sources at the same time
  • Many Google Cloud Pub/Sub classes are concrete and not interfaces, making them harder to plan for when writing unit or integration tests
October 26, 2020

Reliable Pub/Sub Vendor

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Google Cloud Pub/Sub is used for processing scheduled tasks, sending notifications to clients and other background job execution. It helps in the point-in-time queue to send notifications to customers. As a team lead, I helped my team to transition from the legacy queue system to the Google Cloud Pub/Sub real-time system to capture Play billing alerts in real time.
  • Queue Caching
  • Notification Service
  • Background Task
  • Priority Queue is a missing feature
Every Google Play billing console user who handles subscriptions at scale should definitely adopt pub/sub for seamless processing.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company currently uses Pub/Sub to reliably queue up messages that arrive rapidly from multiple instances. It's a very technical product and really only used by the development team rather than company-wide. The primary problem it addresses for us is its ability to handle scale and resilience in the case of errors.
  • Highly scalable.
  • Queues messages for up to 7 days if not acknowledged.
  • Would be nice if the queue could be extended beyond 7 days.
  • We found it a bit tricky replay unacknowledged messages when needed.
Scenarios where GCP Pub/Sub is well suited:
- Companies processing large amounts of data where eventual consistency is acceptable and the ability to recover from loss desirable.
- Companies already working with other GCP products (it integrates well with other products in the ecosystem).

Scenarios where GCP Pub/Sub is less well suited:
- If you're not queuing a huge amount of data it's probably overkill.
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