Message Oriented Middleware

Best Message Oriented Middleware include:

Amazon SNS and Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

Message Oriented Middleware Overview

What is Message-Oriented Middleware?

Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) is a software infrastructure which supports the sending and receiving of messages between component information systems in an enterprise's distributed system. Message-driven processing is required in a client/server environment that uses a special program called a message broker. A client sends a message to the message broker which is designed to handle many messages from multiple clients and forward them to the appropriate server application. The middleware creates a communications layer that insulates developers from the complexity of different operating systems and network protocols.

The MOM helps resolve performance issues and other potentially complex issues of interoperability and scalability, which can occur in a constantly changing network of systems.

This technology has become of central importance in IoT applications. In this case, centralized message brokers facilitate device-to-device communication.

Message-Oriented Middleware Features & Capabilities

  • Unified messaging

  • Provisioning and monitoring

  • Dynamic scaling

  • Management and control tools

  • Dynamic scaling

  • Flexible service quality

  • Secure communication

  • Integration with other tools

Message Oriented Middleware Products

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TIBCO Enterprise Message Service
54 ratings
17 reviews
TIBCO's Enterprise Message Service is message oriented middleware.
TIBCO BusinessEvents
45 ratings
13 reviews
TIBCO BusinessEvents® allows organizations to quickly build event-driven rules systems that intelligently process streams of events at the speed they are generated - supporting realtime decision making, automation, and proactive responses.
Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
14 ratings
8 reviews
Amazon Web Services offers the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) which provides pub/sub messaging and push notifications to iOS and Android devices. It is meant to operate in a microservices architecture and which can support event-driven contingencies and support the decoupling of applicatio…
26 ratings
7 reviews
IBM MQ (formerly WebSphere MQ and MQSeries) is messaging middleware.
Google Cloud Pub/Sub
7 ratings
2 reviews
Google offers Cloud Pub/Sub, a managed message oriented middleware supporting many-to-many asynchronous messaging between applications.
TIBCO Rendezvous
9 ratings
2 reviews
TIBCO's Rendezvous is message oriented middleware.
Axway AMPLIFY Analytics
Axway's AMPLIFY Analytics replaces Systar BusinessBridge, a middleware analytics tool providing behavioral application data and insights. Systar was acquired by Axway in June, 2014.
Tervela Messaging Appliance
Tervela, headquartered in Boston, offers message oriented middleware via its Messaging Appliance.
Software AG Optimizer
Software AG's Optimizer is message oriented middleware.
RTI Connext DDS
RTI Connext DDS is message oriented middleware, from RTI (Real-Time Innovations) in Sunnyvale, California.
Solace PubSub+
Solace in Ottawa offers the Solace Cloud to support a cloud infrastructure with enterprise messaging-as-a-service to speed cloud app development in an event-driven architecture, bridge on-premise services to cloud services, and support Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications.
Mavenir Messaging as a Platform (MAAP)
Mavenir offers Messaging as a Platform (MAAP), allowing third party business app users to connect with potential customers using advanced communication services (e.g. chatbots, other third-party apps to enhance messaging) and generate revenue.
Alibaba Cloud AliwareMQ for IoT
AliwareMQ for IoT from Alibaba Cloud is a message service that is designed specifically for IoT and mobile Internet (MI). The service can be applied to multiple scenarios, including live streaming, financial payments, smart catering, instant messaging, mobile apps, smart devices, and Internet of Veh…
Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
27 ratings
0 reviews
Oracle BAM (for Business Activity Monitoring) is a message queue and activity monitor; it is contained in both the Oracle SOA Suite, and the Oracle Business Process Monitoring Suite.
Fiserv Wealth Management Network
The Wealth Management Network from Fiserv is an expansive networks of managed account data and connectivity. It brings together asset managers and sponsors to perform all necessary business functions to support the industry. The Network includes messaging services, information exchange, and managed …
Infrared360 from Avada Software in New Jersey is an application performance management solution, and middleware.
Ebix Universal Messaging Gateway (UMG)
The Ebix Universal Messaging Gateway (MG) is a message oriented middleware and message management tool compliant with ACORD Messaging Services, XML Specifications and SOAP v1.1.
BluJay MessageBroker
BluJay Solutions headquartered in Michigan offers MessageBroker, a B2B EDI middleware for private, compliant, and secure message or data transfer.