Verkada Pricing Overview

Verkada has 8 pricing edition(s), from $798 to $3,746. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.

Camera - CD31


one year license + device

Camera - CD41


one year license + device

VX52 Viewing Station


one-year license + hardware

Camera - CD51


one year license + device

SV11 Environmental Sensor


one year license + device

Camera - CD61


one year license + device

AC41 - Door Controller


one year license + device

Alarm License + Monitoring, BP41 Alarm Panel + BC51 Alarm Console


one year license + devices
Pricing for Verkada


  • Does not haveFree Trial
  • Does not haveFree/Freemium Version
  • Does not havePremium Consulting/Integration Services

Entry-level set up fee?

  • No setup fee

Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $798per month

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All Product Purchases Include: 10-year product warranty Unlimited users Cloud archive for video clips Automatic firmware & software updates Technical support

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Verkada Pricing

From private homes to major businesses, many people need reliable security options. Imagine what you could do with cameras, sensors, and even remote door and lock controls? This kind of control and protection is invaluable to public and private businesses. Verkada is one great option that has reliability and user-friendly features with its security product line.

What Is Verkada?

Verkada is a cloud-based security solution for private homes, offices, businesses, and even schools. Users have the convenience of easy access to their security video footage. Their cloud security system can benefit people in a variety of scenarios.

It’s great for personal use around the home or inside your apartment. Business owners can install the system for anti-theft. Offices will also be able to benefit from having eyes in the room in case of interpersonal incidents between employees or unfortunate accidents. Schools can certainly benefit from perimeter cameras with live feeds.

You could be a commercial gym that needs to protect members or equipment, a private law office with valuable documents, or a single adult living alone. Verkada security cameras offer solutions for any need. The types of services they offer include door cams, wireless locks, sensors, and alarms.

Verkada has a number of different resources available for potential buyers. Their platforms have customer testimonials that you can search by industry or product used. Some of the common industry use cases include education, retail, and non-profit organizations. They offer a blog and webinars for further learning about their products. You can even request research on which physical security system is best for your needs.

For a fast introduction to Verkada camera capabilities, we included two videos below.

The first one shows video surveillance in action. You’ll notice the footage is clear enough to be able to piece together important details about incidents like car license plates or multiple angles in real-time.

Verkada Demo | Integrated Building Security for Modern Organizations

The second one explains how their video security is designed for the ease of use of private owners, employees, and investigators. The functionality is optimized for speed and availability on any device including mobile devices.

This is Verkada: Protect People, Assets and Privacy at Scale

How Much Does Verkada Cost?

Verkada has a plethora of different hardware and service packages. We recommend going directly to their pricing pages when you are ready to look through their inventory. You can find the Verkada product pricing here.

The table below is meant to give you an overview of what they offer and the associated price ranges. Many of the service packages will include both the cost of the hardware and cloud license subscription. All licenses are for at least one year, paid upfront. All hardware has at least a 10-year warranty.

Verkada Service

Verkada Service Costs

Dome Series - Indoor

$1,198 ,$1,398, $1,698

Dome Series - Outdoor

$1,398, $1,598, $1,398


$998, $1,198, $1,398

Environmental Sensor - SV11 Environmental Sensor


Fisheye Series - CF81-E


Access Control - AC41 Door Controller


Viewing Station - VX52 Viewing Station


The Dome Series - Indoor is a surveillance camera. The costs in the table refer to their cheapest camera in the Dome Series CD42 and the most expensive one CD62. The middle-priced Dome camera is called CD52.

When you choose your camera you can select the max data retention you want and consider data storage. The two less expensive cameras have 256GB, and the most expensive one has 512GB. The Dome Series - Indoor does come with both the hardware and a year license for the cloud subscription.

As you guessed the Dome Series - Outdoor is a similar setup but for providing the perimeter of the home or business in your field of view. The cheaper camera is the CD42-E, and the most expensive is the CD62-E. The middle-priced one is CD52-E. The data retention and storage options are also the same. The costs include the hardware and cloud license.

The Dome Series also has a datasheet that explains the specs of the product. There you will find information like its 10-year warranty, or that it has an automatic firmware software update for protection. You can view the datasheet here.

For the Mini Series mini camera, there are quite a few options. You could get the cheapest one CM41, the two middle-priced one CM41-E, CM41-S, or the most expensive one called CM61. You can choose your max retention for them and all of them but the CM61 comes with 128GB of storage. CM61 offers 256GB.

The costs for the Mini-Series do include hardware and a license. For the specs on the mini camera see the datasheet here.

Verkada only offers one option for their Environmental Senor. The price in the table is for a one year license, but you could choose a 3-year, 5-year, or 10-year license as well. The datasheet on the sensor will explain how it works, where it goes, etc. The sensor picks up temperature, noise, and motion. It is so sensitive you can tell if someone is vaping. You can find the datasheet PDF here.

The Fisheye Series certainly has an interesting name. The lens cover looks slightly like a fish eye. For this product, there is only one camera type, and it comes with 512GB. The camera has panoramic capabilities so you would install it on a wall so it can follow people passing it. You can find the PDF about how it works here.

When it comes to Access Control there is again one option. This is not a camera but actually a remote-control device for opening and closing a door. You control it from the Verkada Command system. The cost in the table is a 1-year license but you can purchase 3, 5, or 10 years upfront. For more information on how it works see the PDF here.

Similar to the others, Viewing Station has one product option and can be bought in a 1, 3, 5, 10 year license upfront. The table shows the 1-year cost. Viewing Station is a camera feed with multiple panels showing different areas.

This is essentially the control room in movies with all the simultaneous live feeds. It comes with a monitor but you buy the other cameras separately. For more information on how it works see the PDF here.

Verkada offers some very detailed options but there are other popular security solutions out there.

What Is A Verkada Alternative?

One popular alternative to Verkada is Cisco Meraki MV. Meraki is a physical and cybersecurity company owned by the technology company Cisco. Cisco Meraki offers cloud software and hardware. They have cloud-based smart cameras with video analytics capabilities, as well as cybersecurity products for wi-fi and mobile devices. Their cybersecurity also extends to IT service management for tech teams.

Cisco Meraki does not provide any upfront pricing. Fortunately, they have quite a few reviews (more than most security products). The general positives from verified users include easy installation, and a simple UI. The main reported issues from customers are the cost, and night function and overall power of the lens.

The majority of users are overwhelmingly positive about their experience and the Cisco Meraki trScore is 9.4/10. In comparison, Cisco Meraki has more positive user input to Verkada but Verkada doesn’t have many user reviews at this time.

Verkada has the advantage pricing-wise because they offer very detailed lists for their year license and hardware services. Verkada’s platform in general is easier to navigate and is much more user-friendly compared to Cisco meraki’s very dense one. Cisco Meraki does have the advantage by offering cybersecurity and physical security since mose businesses and homeowners will need to protect their virtual privacy as well.

When choosing the best camera system you should certainly keep an open mind, but you will have an easier time finding information about Verkada compared to other security solutions.

For a comparison of user sentiment between Verkada and Cisco Meraki, you can go here.

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