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Qualys Cloud Platform

The Qualys Cloud Platform (formerly Qualysguard), from San Francisco-based Qualys, is network security and vulnerability management software featuring app scanning and security, network device mapping and detection, vulnerability prioritization schedule and remediation, and other…

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Qualys Cloud Platform

The Qualys Cloud Platform (formerly Qualysguard), from San Francisco-based Qualys, is network security and vulnerability management software featuring app scanning and security, network device mapping and detection, vulnerability prioritization schedule and remediation, and other…

Qualys VMDR

Qualys VMDR 2.0 with TruRisk gives enterprises visibility and insight into cyber risk exposure with the goal of making it easy to prioritize vulnerabilities, assets, or groups of assets based on business risk. Security teams can take action to mitigate risk, helping the business…

Verkada Access Control

Verkada Access Control provides integrated Video Security and Access Control so organizations can modernize their physical access control systems by moving to Verkada’s cloud-based solution.

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HID Global offers the HID SAFE suite of physical identity and location and visitor management system, designed to prevent unauthorized access to secure areas, a web-based solution which includes capabilities for visitor pre-registration, security and background checks, access…

SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems, in Oiartzun, offers electronic locking solutions and SDKs for entities in hospitality, and Salto KS, an API they state does not only preserve a brand but creates a completely customized access control solution.

Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM)

Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM), from Motorola Solutions company Avigilon, is a physical access control system for enterprise-class installations, designed to protect people, property and assets. With advanced alarm and identity management, ACM™ provides control of access to…


Verkada’s enterprise security solution combines security cameras and access control with cloud-based software in a scalable system. Headquartered in San Mateo, Verkada boasts more than 6,000 organizations, including 30+ Fortune 500 companies, as users of Verkada Command to protect…


CheckPoint is a digital access management and engagement system for venues. It automates and digitizes the registration, ticketing, and check-in process while enabling venues, vendors, and exhibitors to engage with guests directly to their phone's lock screen.CheckPoint is an event…

Delinea Server PAM

Delinea Server PAM solution (Cloud Suite and Server Suite) secures privileged access for servers on both on-premise and cloud/multi-cloud environments. It allows humans and machines to seamlessly authenticate, enforcing least privilege with just-in-time privilege elevation, increasing…

PointCentral by

PointCentral, an company, provides rental property automation for multifamily and short-term rental properties, allowing property managers to streamline operations and protect assets. They offer a scalable access control solution for long-term and short-term rental communities,…

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StoneLock, headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, offers their solution for biometric access control and identity management. They provide facial recognition technology to improve access security.

Level Home
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Level (or Level Home) is a smart lock access solution for smart homes.

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Oosto is a machine vision based surveillance solution designed to enable enterprises to better protect their customers, guests and employees by identifying security and safety threats in real-time without compromising on fair and ethical use. Its flagship OnWatch product is used…

NCheck Visitor Management

Visitor management system: For the institution Security - visitors are authenticated before entering the premises, hence only authorized access is ensured.Appointment booking with no hassle - the system automatically manages slots. Increase efficiency of attendance monitoring - the…

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Idency focuses on enterprise business security, offering a range of professional services covering IT Security, Identification, Authentication, Physical Access, Time & Attendance, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Analytics and SmartHome.

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JLL Jet is a workspace planning and space management solution supporting scheduling, meeting room booking, desk or space booking, and employee alerting & communication, from JLL Technologies (JLL Technology Solutions, and formerly BRG), headquartered in San Francisco.

Honeywell Mobility Edge Platform

Honeywell offers the Mobility Edge Platform, a mobile device management system providing ruggedized and integrated mobile computing.

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RightCrowd, headquartered in Robina, Queensland, offers secure facility access and visitor management solution. RIGHTCROWD CONTACT TRACING... Is a Contact Tracing Solution for the Workplace, designed to turn an existing security access card into a real-time social distancing monitoring…

OneSpan Digipass Hardware Authentication

OneSpan offers Digipass one-button authenticators which they present as small, easy-to-use, single-button devices that support strong authentication with one-time passwords (OTPs). The Digipass GO 100 Series display cards are credit card size one-button authenticators, which banks…

Verkada Alarms

Verkada's Alarms provide integrated and professional 24/7 monitoring with a cloud managed detection.

Nirovision Doorkeeper Pro

Using Australian owned and developed facial recognition, Doorkeeper Pro streamlines the visitor management process by turning an iPad into a touchless check-in kiosk to safely welcome people into the workplace. With features such as visitor pre-registration, dynamic QR codes, surveys,…

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NineID supports physical identity and access management. By integrating physical access with digital systems, businesses are secured. But their solutions also aim to drive operational efficiency and be perpetually audit-ready. NineID helps to streamline pre-registrations, automate…

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iNest is a cloud-based access control solution designed for varying security needs of smarter spaces, including, SMEs, Co-Working spaces, Business parks, Gated communities and Retail chains. The application boasts 24*7 server up-time, owing to its cloud infrastructure and allows…

ADDA GateKeeper

ADDA GateKeeper is an apartment security app for gated communities. With its Visitor Management App - ADDA Gatekeeper deployed at Security Gate or Front Desk, residents are notified about their visitors automatically. From anywhere, residents can be in control of visitors coming…

IDEMIA Access Control Solutions

IDEMIA’s biometric terminals guarantee approved individuals a frictionless access to secured areas. Whether used alone or in combination with contactless cards, standalone or IP-networked, indoor or outdoor, our biometric access solutions are designed to be modular. IDEMIA’s biometric…

Learn More About Secure Access Control Systems

What are Secure Access Control Systems?

Secure access control systems provide all the necessary hardware (keycards, card readers, and wiring) and software that manage access to a physical workspace. They give organizations the ability to protect the workplace while granting access to employees who need it.

These systems are used by organizations to secure assets in both physical and digital environments. Businesses using secure access control systems can ensure that users, employees, and administrators can always access the parts of the environment they are supposed to, and can’t access the rest. Secure access control systems give organizations better visibility into their infrastructure, and they give administrators the peace of mind that their system is secure.

Secure access control systems are well suited for companies that store sensitive data in a physical location or have large workspaces that are difficult to secure. On a smaller scale, secure access control systems can be used to manage access to meeting spaces (as opposed to the entire office or building) or hot desking.

Secure Access Control System Features

Secure access control systems include the following features:

  • Cloud-based data storage and management
  • Smartphone access
  • Visitor management
  • Biometric authentication
  • Badge printing capabilities
  • Remote lock management

Secure Access Control Systems Comparison

Finding the right secure access control system will depend on the size and potential for growth of the organization needing the service. Some access control systems are better suited for companies with a single site and a smaller number of employees, while others are better suited for multi-site companies with a larger workforce.

Prospective buyers should be aware of the structural alterations related to installing a secure access control system. Most secure access control systems will require some amount of wiring. Some products are designed to minimize the amount of hardware needed for successful implementation, reducing the amount of structural changes.

Those looking for a secure access control system should also verify that the software will integrate with their current systems.

Pricing Information

Secure access control systems involve two types of pricing. There is the cost of the hardware (the card readers) and the cost of their installation. Buyers should consider potential expenses for structural changes to their workspace.

Pricing is also influenced by the software that manages the security hardware. Software costs are typically subscription-based and billed on a monthly or yearly cycle. For many products, choosing an annual subscription results in slightly lower prices.

Due to the unique nature of implementing a secure access control system, default pricing options are rarely available. Prospective buyers should request a price quote from the vendor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do secure access control systems do?

Secure access control systems are a combination of hardware and software that are designed to secure a physical location, granting access only to those who are authorized. These systems can instantly grant or deny access to individuals, keeping your organization secure.

What are the benefits of using secure access control systems?

Secure access control systems provide a modern solution to physical lock and key systems that can be difficult to manage. Employees are assigned a badge (or some other electronic key). When their permissions need to be changed, the electronic key is deactivated instead of changing all of the locks.

What are the best secure access control systems?

Some popular secure access control systems include:

How much does secure access control systems cost?

Explicit pricing information is generally unavailable for secure access control systems. Prospective buyers should contact the vendor to receive a quote.