Secure Access Control Systems

Best Secure Access Control Systems include:

SALTO Systems.

Secure Access Control Systems Overview

What are Secure Access Control Systems?

Secure Access Control Systems are used by organizations to secure assets on both physical and digital environments. Businesses using secure access control systems can ensure that users, employees, and administrators can always access the parts of the environment they are supposed to, and can’t access the rest. Among other benefits, secure access control systems can give organizations better visibility into their infrastructure, and give administrators the peace of mind that their system is secure.

Features & Capabilities

Secure access control systems offer some of the following features:

  • Secure access for users

  • Environment security

  • Infrastructure visibility

  • Real time monitoring

  • Cost control functionality

Secure Access Control Systems Pricing

Secure access control systems are typically priced on a subscription model. Most vendors do not publish their pricing information publicly, but businesses can reach out to them for a custom quote.

Secure Access Control Products

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HID Global (formerly ActivIdentity) ActivID SecureLogin (Discontinued)

HID Global acquired Actividentity in 2010. SecureLogin was the company's single sign-on (SSO) solution. The SecureLogin line of products reached End of Life in 2017.

Honeywell Mobility Edge Platform

Honeywell offers the Mobility Edge Platform, a mobile device management system providing ruggedized and integrated mobile computing.

SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems, in Oiartzun, offers electronic locking solutions and SDKs for entities in hospitality, and Salto KS, an API they state does not only preserve a brand but creates a completely customized access control solution.


Kisi, headquartered in Brooklyn, develops cloud technology to build security systems that use a combination of sensors and mobile devices to manage facilities. Designed for commercial and enterprise applications, the Kisi system provides an added layer of control and enhanced experience…

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses benefit most from secure access control systems?

Secure access control systems are perfect for businesses with sensitive information to secure in their technical infrastructure. Additionally, the more users that have to access a businesses environment with different levels of permission, the more valuable a secure access control system is.

Do secure access control systems secure mobile and on premise environments?

Most secure access control systems work for both mobile and on premise environments. That said, it is important to check each product you are considering so that you can be sure your entire tech stack is covered.

Are there free or open source secure access control systems?

There are free tools that offer some features included in secure access control systems, but there aren’t any tools that include all of the features for free.