Video Surveillance Software

Video Surveillance Software Overview

What is Video Surveillance Software?

Video surveillance software is used to manage data streamed from security cameras, as well as manage the devices. It is used by security personnel and law enforcement.

Features of Video Surveillance Software:

Video surveillance software provides the following capabilities:
  • Simultaneously manage recording from multiple camera devices
  • Setup camera recording and streaming with new cameras as they're added to a network
  • Allow access to recording and live feeds for viewing
  • Setup motion detection, event-triggered recording
  • AI guided recording logic, unusual motion detection, suspicious behavior detection
  • High-resolution stream, HD video playback
  • Face recognition, integration or contained ID software
  • Save video footage to backup solution
  • Search recordings by date, time, etc.
  • Monitor building entry points, support remote access / employee access control, etc.
  • Audio support for devices that can obtain audio data
  • Video analytics to aid in positive identification, other features

Video Surveillance Products

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Avigilon Control Center (ACC)
0 ratings
2 reviews
The Avigilon Control Center (ACC), from Motorola Solutions company Avigilon, is a video management and surveillance software platform designed to integrate with any ONVIF camera.
Verint Video and Security (Verint VMS)
0 ratings
1 review
Verint Video and Security, including Verint Enterprise VMS, is a surveillance video management platform, which can include Verint IP cameras or integrate third-party hardware. The solution also integrates with Verint's Situational Awareness Platform. The platform used to reside under the brand "Ver…
Avigilon High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)
Motorola Solutions company Avigilon offers the Avigilon High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) solution, providing HD video capture for surveillance or other video data storage.
SoleraTec Phoenix RSM
SoleraTec headquartered in Escondido offers Phoenix RSM, the company's enteprise video surveillance and security system.
Athena Cloud Camera System
Athena Security headquartered in Austin offers the Athena Cloud Camera System, a crime prevention oriented video surveillance software and management system.
Hitachi Video Management Platform (VMP)
Hitachi Vantara offers the Hitachi Video Management Platform (VMP) integrating video data into a central management console supporting surveillance and security operations.
Dell Technologies IoT Solution for Surveillance
Dell Technologies offers an enterprise security and video surveillance solution via the eponymous Dell Technologies IoT Solution for Surveillance.
SRC VantagePoint
Security and defense technology company SRC offers an integrated surveillance technology package via VantagePoint, supporting border security, airspace monitoring, and other needs.
Securus Technologies headquartered in Dallas offers the VeriTracks surveillance and monitoring solution designed to support law enforcement with tracking incarcerated individuals with timeline and location tracking, association tracking, and other features designed to secure paroled individuals.
DMI EndZone
Digital Management Inc (DMI) offers EndZone, a campus security and situational awareness suite, featuring video feed integration, Point of Interest monitoring, live data dashboard and admin console to support security operations and professionals.
IPConfigure Orchid Video Management System (VMS)
IPConfigure headquartered in Norfolk offers the Orchid Video Management System (VMS), providing total video surveillance management capabilities. The suite includes the Orchid Core VMS for small businesses, Orchid Fusion VMS for enteprises, and Orchid Cloud Services for storage of recordings and fil…
NEC NeoFace Face Recognition Suite
NEC offers its NeoFace face recognition suite of applications to law enforcement for recognizing individuals in a variety of situations, including while conducting video surveillance, or for quick identity verification for allowing access to secure areas.
Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Eagle Eye Networks headquartered in Austin offers the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS cloud-based video surveillance solution.
Razberi Technologies headquartered in Dallas aims to make it simple to manage and secure video surveillance and IoT systems. Razberi’s open video surveillance platform combines appliances with automated cybersecurity and health monitoring software. In combination with a range of top third-party vide…
Quantum VS-NVR Series
Quantum offers a portfolio of network video recording servers to meet the needs of any surveillance environment, from a few cameras to hundreds of cameras. The VS-NVR series is available in a variety of form factors, including mini-tower, 1U and 2U rack mount, and an ultra-dense 4U 60-bay rack mount…
Honeywell Enterprise NVR Series Servers
Honeywell’s Enterprise NVR (Network Video Recorder) video management system is an enterprise class digital video surveillance solution. The Enterprise NVR is built to provide the flexibility and scalability needed to design a video system suited to a variety of end user applications. Honeywell is a …
Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM)
Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM), from Motorola Solutions company Avigilon, is a video surveillance management and access management solution for enterprises.
StarWind HyperConverged Appliance for Video (HCA for Video)
To meet the distinct requirements for video surveillance cases, StarWind offers purpose-built platforms that leverage fault tolerant architecture from storage and up to application management. StarWind HCA platforms combine server, storage, networking, and hypervisor as well as a single proactive su…
Perspective VMS
Houston based LENSEC offers the Perspective VMS video surveillance and video management platform.
Zenus Smart Camera
Zenus smart camera passively analyzes hundreds of faces and produces metrics such as head count, heat-maps, demographics, and happiness over time. Foot traffic information is used to adjust prices for leasing space at malls and booths at trade shows. Demographics data helps companies understand whe…
Cisco Meraki MV
Cisco Meraki Smart Cameras ( MV) are presented by the vendor as simple to deploy, configure, and manage; they state MV provides reliable security and valuable business insights to organizations of any scale.
Milestone XProtect Video Management Software (VMS)
Milestone Systems headquartered on Copenhagen offers the XProtect Video Management Software (VMS) system, supporting security operations with a total video surveillance management solution.