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Video Surveillance Software

Video Surveillance Software Overview

What is Video Surveillance Software?

Video surveillance software is used to manage data streamed from security cameras, as well as manage the devices. It is used by security personnel and law enforcement.

Features of Video Surveillance Software:

Video surveillance software provides the following capabilities:
  • Simultaneously manage recording from multiple camera devices
  • Setup camera recording and streaming with new cameras as they're added to a network
  • Allow access to recording and live feeds for viewing
  • Setup motion detection, event-triggered recording
  • AI guided recording logic, unusual motion detection, suspicious behavior detection
  • High-resolution stream, HD video playback
  • Face recognition, integration or contained ID software
  • Save video footage to backup solution
  • Search recordings by date, time, etc.
  • Monitor building entry points, support remote access / employee access control, etc.
  • Audio support for devices that can obtain audio data
  • Video analytics to aid in positive identification, other features

Video Surveillance Products

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Digital Management Inc (DMI) offers EndZone, a campus security and situational awareness suite, featuring video feed integration, Point of Interest monitoring, live data dashboard and admin console to support security operations and professionals.

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Securus Technologies headquartered in Dallas offers the VeriTracks surveillance and monitoring solution designed to support law enforcement with tracking incarcerated individuals with timeline and location tracking, association tracking, and other features designed to secure paroled individuals.

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Security and defense technology company SRC offers an integrated surveillance technology package via VantagePoint, supporting border security, airspace monitoring, and other needs.

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NEC offers its NeoFace face recognition suite of applications to law enforcement for recognizing individuals in a variety of situations, including while conducting video surveillance, or for quick identity verification for allowing access to secure areas.