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Jira Software

JIRA Software is an application lifecycle management solution for software development teams. It allows users to create, prioritize and track the progress of tasks across multiple team members, and offers a wide range of integrations. It is offered via the cloud and local servers.…

Jama Connect
Customer Verified
Top Rated

Jama Connect® is a Requirements Management software and Requirements Traceability solution. Jama Software enables teams to manage product requirements and enable Live Traceability™ across the development process, in order to reduce cycle times and improve product quality.

Micro Focus ALM / Quality Center

Micro Focus offers the former HPE application lifecycle management and quality assurance suite, Application Lifecycle Management / Quality Center (or ALM/QC).

Polarion ALM

Polarion ALM is an application requirement management software platform now owned and supported by Siemens since the 2015 acquisition. It is available on the cloud (Polarion X) and on-premise. Polarion connect teams and projects to improve application development processes with a…


iRise offers a prototyping and design platform for software development.

IBM Rational DOORS

IBM's Rational DOORS is an application requirements management offering.


PractiTest is presented as a cloud-based test management tool that provides its customers with an end-to-end system to meet testing and QA needs. It is described by the vendor as flexible but methodological, enabling organizations to ensure visibility and communication at all levels.…


Justinmind offer prototyping and interactive mockups for web and mobile apps, supporting interactive graphics, animations, and user testing, collaboration and feedback sharing, and requirements management.

IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation

IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation is an application requirements management offering.

IBM Rational RequisitePro

IBM Rational RequitePro is an application requirement management offering.

Micro Focus Dimensions RM

Serena Dimensions RM, from global company Serena Software headquartered in San Mateo, California, is an application requirements management solution.


Delibr is an outlining tool for feauture refinement created for Product Managers. With Delibr the user can easily visualize conversations about features, create and keep track of tasks, create Jira issues, make notes and turn them into presentations.

Micro Focus Caliber (discontinued)

Caliber by Micro Focus (formerly Borland Caliber), is an application requirement management offering. It has been discontinued, but similar capabilities are supplied by Micro Focus by Dimensions RM.

Helix ALM

Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack) is an application performance testing and application requirements management suite.

aqua cloud

aqua cloud is an AI-powered test management system designed specifically for regulated industries and big enterprises that aims to help to accelerate audit processes and speed up releases.

codeBeamer ALM

Intland Software's codeBeamer ALM is a scalable Agile Application Lifecycle Management platform that focuses on traceability and compliance. codeBeamer ALM supports both Agile and Waterfall, and offers a scalable solution for both small and large organisations to develop better products…

Visure Solutions ALM

Visure offers an ALM platform to implement efficient requirements lifecycle management.

Modern Requirements4DevOps

Modern Requirements4DevOps is a fully-featured Requirements Management tool built into Azure DevOps. By partnering with Microsoft, Modern Requirements is able to offer a fully integrated solution within Azure DevOps, TFS, and VSTS. The Modern Requirements solution provides the…

QMetry Digital Quality Platform

QMetry in Santa Clara offers their flagship QMetry Digital Quality Platform, an agile devops quality and requirements management platform, featuring full test management and automation testing features as well as integrations with Jira and CI/CD tools for managing agile projects.

Intapp Terms

To help users gain visibility into increasingly complex and demanding client terms of business to promote enforcement with confidence, Intapp Terms is a software solution that centralizes and streamlines storing, categorizing, and approval-routing of client mandates, to enable firms…

Requirements Flowdown RFD by Omnex Systems

A methodology is needed for managing the laborious and challenging task of identifying, documenting, structuring, and managing customer requirements and voice of customer. Before developing and launching any new product, Requirements Flowdown (RFD) software from Omnex, helps achieve…


KloudPLM is a Cloud First PLM Platform built on the data-driven architecture of salesforce, combining Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Quality Management systems (QMS), Business Process Management systems (BPMS), and Product Information Management (PIM) into a single SaaS solution.…


Oranos is the eponymous ALM / Quality Management solution from the company in Tel Aviv, with ALM components that enable users to plan, approve, trace and validate industry requirements, manage audits and ensure regulatory compliance, all within an integration into a Microsoft Office…


ALMXpert is designed to enable teams of all sizes to deliver high quality apps with greater speed and agility with high confidence. ALMXpert gives a default agile template to users and they can change this as per their need. Users can create applications, add users, create…

3SL Cradle

Cradle from UK company 3SL is an application requirements management platform.

Learn More About Requirements Management Software

What is Requirements Management Software?

Requirements management software is a project management tool that helps businesses document, share, manage, analyze, and create requirements for new products. When a business receives a new product or service, this software provides an in-depth analysis of all the factors and functions of these new products. This helps develop an understanding of the necessary requirements and makes sure they stay within company standards, as well as within all legal constraints.

Requirement management software also enhances communication between stakeholders and the development/project teams. It offers a centralized communications platform, which displays changes in requirements for new products and services. Any necessary changes can be aligned with IT functionality during the development or upgrade process.

In addition to analyzing necessary changes and enhancing communication, requirement management software helps organizations meet the targeted needs of consumers. It takes an organized approach to documenting all requirements and steps towards product implementation. This software helps businesses get the most out of their service and utilize product optimization.

Requirements Management Software Features

Requirements management software includes the following identifiable features:

  • Requirement gathering & prioritization
  • Document management
  • Task management
  • Collaboration tools
  • Status tracking
  • Change management
  • Traceability

Requirements Management Software Comparison

When comparing requirements management software, consider these factors:

Deployment: How do you plan to use your requirement management software? Whether it’s through a mobile app, cloud, or on-premise could influence product selection. Ensure that the deployment options are well suited for your organization.

Business Size: Usually, the size of the business determines the number of stakeholders. Some products are designed to accommodate communications for a certain number of stakeholders. You should evaluate if the software will adequately support your business size.

Integrations: You should verify if the requirements management software integrates with certain applications, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Excel.

Pricing Information

Pricing for requirements management software depends on the features and capabilities. For basic packaging with limited features, expect to spend between $30 and $170 per user per month. More expensive packages are specific to the user’s needs. It is best to contact the vendor directly for more details. Most products will offer a free trial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does requirements management software do?

Requirements management software automates tracking, documenting, and verifying that business processes and applications meet needful performance benchmarks. This software also manages change requests within a platform that can be viewed by several parties.

What are the benefits of using requirements management software?

Requirements management software comes with many useful benefits, including reduced costs. It allows stakeholders to have more visibility regarding project change requirements. Being able to monitor the status of projects also saves time, avoids confusion, and limits the number of errors. This software helps businesses reach their goals at a faster and more efficient rate.

What are the best requirements management software products?

How much does requirements management software cost?

Pricing for requirements management software varies. For basic packaging with limited features, expect to spend between $30 and $170 per user per month. More expensive packages are specific to the user's needs. Contact the vendor to receive pricing information.