12mass leverages your efforts and time.
January 22, 2014

12mass leverages your efforts and time.

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Jan 2014

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It's being used by a department, for the whole organization. Our company is classed as an SME. In the field of MedTech where you have to spend a large amount on extra (relative to other industries) things like certifications, FDA approvals, and patents, your marketing budget is squeezed tighter.
12mass allows me to effectively target users who would be interested in our product (based on information provided by them), and personalize a response.

Without 12 mass, it would take me weeks to accomplish the same goals I do in hours now.


  • Targets only those users who have a demonstrated/mentioned interest in the solution you are offering
  • Easily allows you to personalise your responses, and provides stats to allow you to track which ones are more popular (higher conversion rates). That way, you quickly know which responses are hitting home; which ones the people care about.
  • The UI is intuitive. In the past 6 months, I've seen the changes made to the layout, and the learning curve is less daunting now.
  • Free 30 day trial. They don't mess around. Try it; if it works, great. If not, ah well.
  • It allows an SME like ours to take on bigger companies with bigger budgets.


  • Still a bit of lag, but that's compared to super slick interfaces that we usually use like Google LinkedIn and Facebook. I hope they go big soon and can throw more money into their servers so we have a better experience! With the service they provide, I'm usually willing to wait a few extra seconds to reach many extra people.
  • I would prefer the 'Delete' button to be bigger so its easier to quickly remove the unwanted stuff.
  • Maybe different colored backgrounds for their responses? Right now the layout is all in shades of blue and white. While its still easy to navigate, it might be better to have more colors so certain parts stand out more.
  • Better customer service. One example I like to use is that there was a miscommunication, and the customer put it up on Twitter (presumably because he thought an email wouldn't be helpful, or he wanted to get a few laughs). 12mass filtered his post out and brought it to our attention, so we were able to email him straightaway and quickly remedy it.
  • Better ROI. We have seen direct conversions from click throughs on responses generated by 12mass sent out at optimised times.
  • Maybe on a smaller note, its a morale booster. To know that we are using something that is still new, that works so well. Motivates the team to work harder because we are part of a change; a new way of marketing.
We selected 12mass because they responsed to our queries readily, and understood our concerns. The CEO (Agmon) doesn't waste time or effort, and got down to the brass tacks during our discussions.
Even today, if there is an issue, the team is quick and reliable in responding.
In addition to what I've said, maybe its personal, but I don't waste time on a new product if I find something that works. If I hear of anything better (maybe on TrustRadius!) then we'll see.
But for now, if it ain't broke don't fix it. My efforts could be much better used elsewhere.
The only problem with 12mass may be that it might come accross as spam. Personally, for every 100+ sincere responses that I get, I'm hit by 1 or 2 responses that ask me to stop spamming.
The beauty is that if you're paying attention to your dashboard, you see when these things happen, and you can reply yourself to assure the customer that there is a real live human typing out the characters they are reading.

I would advise that the person given the 12mass account to handle should be someone who can exercise caution. It is a great tool to leverage on, provided you put thought and effort into your 'canned' responses that are actually useful instead of just blatant advertising/spamming. The latter would not be optimal for you.


Maybe its a small company and they don't have too many customers, but they always reply quickly and to the point. This saves me time and allows me to make money for my company :)
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Problems get solved
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Less knowledgeable
Yes - Yes, to the best of their efforts. It took some time (since they WERE still new) but I was always able to talk to someone in upper management and voice my concerns, and they would straightaway tell me what the situation was.
Hahah well I don't know how exceptional it is, but I once had a call from their Marketing dept explaining how to solve a query, step by step, which I had emailed to them less than half an hour prior.


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