Adobe Business Catalyst - An all-in-one solution like nothing else out there
Updated April 19, 2014

Adobe Business Catalyst - An all-in-one solution like nothing else out there

Scott Shefler | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • eCommerce, Web Apps, Web Forms, Blogs, Events, Photo Galleries, News, Media Downloads, Forums, Ad Rotators, Social Media, CRM

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Adobe Business Catalyst is a hosted CMS that enables our company to scale our business. The platform has predefined functionality that allows us to create comprehensive web sites out of the box while still being able to extend the platform to deliver advanced web solutions. In order to best serve our clients we solely work on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform which allows us to become experts at what we do and provide a higher level of support to our clients.
  • Ability to rapidly build robust websites
  • Hosted CMS and Software as a Service (Saas) model - updates and improvements are constantly being made. Don't have to worry about upgrading or managing servers
  • Easy to use interface that allows our clients to make simple updates to their websites and manage their business online
  • eCommerce is in need of an overhaul to compete with other solutions out there
  • Site performance is not as consistent as it should be especially when the platform is pushed to its limits
  • Better customer service
  • Increased efficiency in deploying websites
  • Customer satisfaction with the system
  • Drupal,WordPress,Joomla!
Business Catalyst outperforms other CMS systems out there. Because it's a hosted content management system maintained by Adobe we have to spend less time worrying about server setup, maintenance, and security and more time building better websites. We also don't have to worry about system updates and upgrading to new features as these happen automatically. Performance also excels on Adobe Business Catalyst compared to Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla. In all, Adobe Business Catalyst, with it's predefined functionality allows us to build powerful websites more efficiently then the competitors out there.
We don't think twice about working with Business Catalyst. This all-in-one platform allows us to efficiently run our web agency by deploying powerful web solutions to our clients that they can maintain and manage themselves. We spend less time developing and supporting our clients which allows us to focus on their business goals and marketing initiatives to help grow their business.
Business Catalyst is a scalable solution for most small to medium sized companies. While not right for every company, Business Catalyst is fluid enough to meet most business demands. The Adobe Business Catalyst Community helps to educate developers and agencies by providing resources to better equip us with the tools and knowledge to build better websites on the system. Resources like BC Gurus, BC Academe, Kiyuco, Tribe Vita to name a few.