If only Adobe BC accounts could stop charging for unwanted services - Be careful No BC Refund Policy Exisits !
Richard Taylor | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 26, 2018

If only Adobe BC accounts could stop charging for unwanted services - Be careful No BC Refund Policy Exisits !

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Business Catalyst

We have one website www.trackersecurity.co.uk created in-house using Adobe Muse hosted on BC, we do use and integrate some of the BC modules. We don't use the Newsletter or email services.
  • Server Uptime is good
  • Online Chat is good
  • Security is good
  • Technical Service is good
  • If a customer has a query they don't listen to the customer they just look at ways to hide behind BC company policy. In the UK if a customer changes a subscription plan by law they have a 14 day cooling off period. BC doesn't allow a plan to be changed once it’s been upgraded even if this is within a 24 hour period. I understand that BC having to comply with international law is not going to happen and that's not what a customer would expect. But what I do expect is for their accounts department to actually consider and review a customer’s requests or simple error's made without just quoting company policy.
  • In my case, I noticed our website was being tagged as NOT SECURE in Google Chrome Browser. I knew BC didn't offer SSL when I tried it a few years back but that I would check to see if they added that service. Sure enough, they added SSL certificates last summer, that’s was great news. So I read that SSL only came with the Platinum Service Plan and upgraded at a cost of $264.13 . Then a few minutes later I noticed that actually, I could have purchased the SSL on my current Web commerce plan (Gold Plan) for just $80. Within 24 hours I requested the upgrade be canceled and to just add SSL to my current plan. After all, we didn’t need a Platinum plan for our needs we only needed the SSL certification. The accounting department said this was not allowed or possible due to their cancellation policy of NO REFUNDS. They even suggested I could change back to GOLD service in the summer and then pay another $80 to add the SSL that would be lost. This is not the service I would expect. In strict comparison and contrast to our domain is hosted with GoDaddy and they will allow customers to change service policy at any time and they always Pro Rata any billing need meaning the customer is never charged for a service they don't want at that time.
  • When a customer upgrades a service it should be upgraded for 12 months from the upgrade date. The old service remaining credit should be deducted from the new service subscription and BC should clearly display the upgrade price for the next 12 months. The customer should be given the opportunity to review the service cancellation policy before checking a check-box and then processing the order.
  • BC fail to communicate important service upgrades such as SSL certification added last year. Someone could have called me on that emails get lost these days so what’s wrong with a plan good old fashioned phone call
  • BC has changed their service plan names, that's not a problem in itself providing its communicated to the customer and that it is 100% adopted across all media platforms, user portal and billing etc. The WebCommerce Plan is also the Gold Plan and I was not aware of that so found it very confusing.
  • When upgrading a service plan BC should provide pop up windows to highlight the company cancellation policy which is good standard practice
  • We do'nt have to worry about the website uptime and maintainence which means 100% avalibility to our customer to improvove our ROI
  • We only want to pay for services that we use and the problem with bundled package services is that you can end up paying for more servicves than you need or use. whats wrong with given customers a service tick box and then providing them a price for what they are going to use rather than lots of unused services that reduce ROI
  • We could have improved our ROI 7 months ago had we know about BC SSL certification upgrade, which improves SEO to improve our internet search results
We use Adobe Muse and this was our introduction to BC, we did not have a choice in this topic. But we have a good experiance with Adobe products generally as we also use most products within Adobe CC
The service provision is good the accounts customer service is poor so I would struggle to give BC a better than average review, if only they could offer customers a better accounts service then the value would be much higher.

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