Echosign is a no-brainer for small business.
November 09, 2013

Echosign is a no-brainer for small business.

Gretchen Gosnell | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Sign

  • We use Echosign to manage over 200 independent contractor agreements. The logistics of trying to get people in the office to sign their agreements each year is challenging. Echosign has allowed us the flexibility to get the agreements to our contractors, signed, and returned much more efficiently. The contractors appreciate not having to make the drive in to sign their paperwork and I can focus more energy on hiring and service management, instead of scheduling and hounding people who are already on board.
  • We use this same model for all of our client contracts as well. 80% of our business happens using e-mail and our online website. When our clients book services with us we can send them their contracts for review and to be signed with the touch of a button. Our clients are busy professionals with full time jobs and they don't have time to come into the office or mail paperwork back and forth. Echosign is a win win solution.
  • I love that Echosign has a built in reminder system as well. You can set up a reminder daily or weekly. It sends an email to the receipt ant on your behalf which allows our team to focus on other tasks instead of managing the items we need signed.
  • Echosign does allow you to customizes your forms, but I would like the ability to customize it further so that the reminder emails and notifications can be branded with our business pieces, such as font, colors, links, and logo use.
  • One thing I would really like to see changed on these forms is the text formatting. When you add a large form field, the font size changes to fit the field size. It would be nice if all the text stayed a consistent size regardless of the amount of text entered or the size of the box. It makes the forms look a little unprofessional.
  • Also, I would like to see a wrap-function for the text. Instead of the text running off the page in a straight line, having it return down to the next line just like when you're using a field in an Excel spreadsheet with the wrap text function.
  • Echosign has literally saved us thousands of dollar. It does this by streamlining out process, and making our team member more efficient. We don't have to pay for mailing contracts in the mail or pay our people more hours to manage our contracts.
  • Echosign has given us the ability to provide our clients and contractors with a faster service. They get their contracts in their email which is convenient and accessible. They don't spend additional time or money traveling and mailing paperwork back and forth to us.
  • If we didn't have this function to use in our human resources department we would need to high additional people to handle the work flow. We don't need to do that because Echosign, acts in a sense, like a 2nd set of hands for our process. It ROCKS!
I haven't had to ask for support more then a handful of times and each time I do interact with the support team I have felt important. They get back to me quickly and I am able to get them answers/help I was seeking.
It was very easy for me to understand and learn to use. However, when I have trained others on the software who have less experience with technology it can be a little overwhelming at first. However, everyone that I have trained, once they know how to use it, it's easy for them to use on a daily basis. On the flip side, I have had employees who need little to no training at all. They are able to figure it our and navigate it on their own.
The best way to use Echosign in my option it to have solid forms with good formatting. When the forms you need signed are designed with Echosign's functionality in mind, using Echosign is as easy as drag and drop. Now when I create contracts or forms that need to be signed, I make sure the areas that need to be signed are formatted to fit the text boxes I will use when uploading them to Echosign. It's makes adding a new form to be signed super fast and easy. Plus, it looks nicer.

Using Adobe Sign

3 - We use Echosign in our Human Resources functions, our client services functions, and our sales functions.
1 - To navigate and successful incorporate Echosign into our business. We need someone who was Tech-savvy and able to communicate interactions clearly. Patience is always important when training people on new technology as well.
  • Echosign helped us stay up to speed in a world where people want instant responses
  • We can host the signed documents on our secured server in electronic form now instead of paper only.
We have been using Echosign for 3 years and have actually increased our membership this past year to 3 separate accounts. It makes such a difference is how we run our business. When I look at the future and our potential to grow our business, we wouldn't be able to do it without Echosign. Maybe someday a better product will come along as the market changes, but we are extremely satisfied with what Echosign has allowed us to do. I will also mention that for a small company like us, it's very affordable. They time and money saved using Echosign pays for itself and then some. It's a no-brainer.

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Using Adobe Sign

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  • The ability to drag and drop the text boxes - easy.
  • The reminder function is very easy to use and takes just a second.
  • I like being to review signed documents - echo sign saves them. If you lose something or need to access them again, you can and they are easy to find. Just search the email address you sent them to or the persons name.
  • Adding multiple text boxes that are the same size. It can be time consuming. Luckily, you only have to do it once if it's a form you use often.