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Electronic Signature Software

Best Electronic Signature Software

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Electronic Signature Software Overview

What is Electronic Signature Software?

Electronic signature (also called e-signature or eSignature) software allows a contract to be completed digitally with a formal signature.

This can be done remotely on an electronic document (like a .pdf or a web form) or in person using a mobile device or PoS system. The signature can be created using a mouse, a touchpad or tablet, or with some other method.

E-signatures do away with messy and hard to track paper forms in favor of an easily-tracked and highly auditable digital form. The goal is to speed up and automate contractual processes that legally require a signature.

This is especially important for business processes involving remote parties, where in-person signatures would be a significant roadblock to efficiency. To that end the most popular offerings in this space have coalesced around features related to integration, file sharing, compliance, and approval workflows.

Digital Transaction Management (DTM)

E-signature functionality is central to Digital Transaction Management (DTM), a term that encompasses all elements related to automating the contract document workflow.

Some e-signature products include additional DTM features; others can be integrated to address the various stages of the transaction process. An integrated solution is particularly useful in professional services or other contract-determined areas where an end-to-end digital transaction management solution provides great convenience and value.

Within enterprises, DTM solutions with e-signature capabilities may be deployed in many areas, ranging from sales (sales order processing), to HR (new hire paperwork), Finance or Procurement (invoicing, inventory sign-off), IT Process (IT asset change or maintenance), legal documentation, and any other area where a transaction or event is approved with a signature.

Key Benefits of Using E-signature Software

The benefits of e-signature software include:
  • Acceleration of transactions and contractual agreements, especially between remote parties
  • Increased efficiency through digitization and automation
  • Ease of demonstrating compliance, compared to auditing a paper trail

Electronic Signature Software Features & Capabilities

Common features of Electronic Signature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) Software are:

  • Integration with System of Records: Electronic signature software must be compatible with the document and project management systems employed by the enterprise. Thus vendors will tout compatibility with project management, ECM suite, and CRM systems as needed.
  • Compatibility with Document Types: Many offerings support signatures on almost any kind of document or file that can be used to generate a form (.txt., .doc, pdf., .xcl, etc.).
  • Sign on the Go: Documents can be accessed and formally signed on a mobile device, even while offline, to be synced with the digital repository later.
  • Send & Collaborate: Equally important to easily and digitally signing documents is the ability to easily and digitally send documents. Minimally, e-signature software must provide the capability of sending contracts or syncing them to and from a compatible digital repository. Competitive electronic signature software provides multiple avenues of reaching contractual counterparts and presenting documents for signature.
  • Form Conversion: Especially for .pdf, areas and fields within a form can be converted to a signage space.
  • File sync: Prepare documents offline or on the go, and sync them with enterprise repositories later.
  • Digital Signature: Digital signatures are a mathematical scheme for implementing e-signatures that involve asymmetric encryption with a certificate-based ID, providing an elevated level of security with authentication and non-repudiation. Very useful for enterprises or in spaces where compliance is a dominant concern.
  • Managerial Oversight: See who can and who has signed in the anticipated document trail around a contract or negotiation via a simplified interface. This is a major advantage over the paper version of the contract management process. Beyond auditing, this particular ability serves the managerial purpose of tracking and accelerating sales offers and deals towards closure.
  • Workflow Design, Creation & Editing: The software used to produce and store electronic signatures may also serve the purpose of designing or re-ording contracts' workflow to a manager's specifications if changes to the workflow are desired.
  • White Label & Branding : Documents presented for signature retain a brand's characteristic appearance.
  • Simple Contract Management : For individuals in a contract heavy and dependent area (e.g. real estate, or household services like HVAC or plumbing), many top e-signature vendors offer low cost alternatives to enterprise offerings, ideal for storing, viewing, and generating simple contracts and records with low overhead where atrustll the software is accessible and manageable via a tablet or mobile device in the hand of field agents.
  • Industry Standards : Different compliance standards include HIPAA, SOC 2 type II, ISO 27001. Concerns vary by industry, so vendors tend to focus on compliance standards for particular verticals.

Electronic Signature Products

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Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign)

89 Ratings

Adobe Sign (formerly EchoSign) is an electronic signature platform and service, and part of the Adobe Document Cloud suite of document management solutions, the other being Adobe Acrobat.

OneSpan Sign (formerly eSignLive)

33 Ratings

OneSpan Sign (formerly eSignLive) is an e-signature solution for secure document signing processes that enables organizations to digitize business processes and eliminate costly paper and inconvenient “wet” signatures.


200 Ratings

DocuSign supports transactions with document sharing and electronic signature, as well as automated and guided data collection and entry, record updating across disparate systems and payment collection upon agreement, as well as analytics and reporting.


21 Ratings

HelloSign is an electronic signature software offering. It includes features such as customization for businesses of any size and bank-level security.


20 Ratings

RightSignature is an electronic signature system competing directly with Adobe Sign and DocuSign. RightSignature was acquired by Citrix in October 2014.


21 Ratings

PandaDoc headquartered in San Francisco offers their eponymous electronic signature platform for sales teams, containing sales proposal automation and CPQ (configure, price, quote) features, and integration with CRMs.


9 Ratings

SignRequest is an e-signature platform. The vendor promises e-signing that is easy, fast and legally binding while maintaining the highest standards of security.

Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 4

15 Ratings

Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 4 is an enterprise-focused document and form management option, featuring many core features such as data capture interfaces, forms,content management and security, and also electronic signature. Modules extend its capabilities to present a business process...


4 Ratings

SignNow is an electronic signature software offering from PDFfiller, which acquired SignNow from Barracuda Networks in 2017. It includes features such as collaboration and shared templates.


2 Ratings

RMail is RPost’s software-as-a-service solution that enables business users to track and prove email delivery; encrypt sensitive emails; and get documents signed electronically. Available as a MS Outlook add-in and for other popular software platforms, RMail works with any email address without any...


1 Ratings

Sertifi is an electronic signature software offering from Sertifi.


1 Ratings

Inkdit offered e-signatures for forms and contracts. The company ended operations in 2017.

PDF Sign&Seal

1 Ratings

PDF Sign&Seal is a desktop application that is designed to make it easy to apply PDF digital signatures, time-stamps and strong PDF security to business documents. The vendor says it has been carefully designed for busy managers that have ease of use as a priority. The vendor’s value...


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Smartwaiver is an electronic signature software offering from Smartwaiver.

Signix MyDoX

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Signix MyDoX is an electronic signature system that competes with Adobe Echosign and DocuSign.

Namirial SIGNificant

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Namirial (formerly Xyzmo Software) offers SIGNificant, an electronic signature software offering. It includes features such as controlling every step of the signing process and get documents signed in-person on mobile devices.


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

iSign (formerly CIC) is an electronic signature software offering from iSign Solutions in San Jose.


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

ComsignTrust is an electronic signature software offering from ComsignTrust.

Signicat SignIT

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Signicat SignIT is an electronic signature software offering from Signicat.


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

eSignly is an electronic signature software offering. It includes features such as adaptability for multiple types of legal forms and secure, legally binding e-signatures.


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Signsquid is an electronic signature software offering from Signsquid. It includes features such as signing PDF documents online and electronic notary / e-notarization.


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Yozons is an electronic signature software offering from Yozons, Inc.. It includes features such as fully branded web-based deployment and open-source software.

ziplogix Digital Ink

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

ziplogix Digital Ink is an electronic signature software offering from ziplogix. It includes features such as specific design for the real estate industry and digitally signing documents.

ADSS Signing Server

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

ADSS Signing Server is an electronic signature solution that can be used for creating and verifying advanced digital signatures on any type of document, web form or transaction. ADSS Signing Server complies with the OASIS DSS and DSS-X protocol specifications. ADSS Signing Server can create and...


We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Concord is a free cloud-based contract lifecycle management platform for creating, signing, and managing contracts. The platform provides unlimited e-signatures and unlimited contracts for an unlimited number of users. Concord’s interface includes collaboration tools to streamline contract...