Mid-Sized Marketer's CMS
January 11, 2016

Mid-Sized Marketer's CMS

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Overall Satisfaction with Agility CMS

Our Agility CMS instance is managed by our marketing department to simplify management of our web presence, including multi-language websites. Agility CMS provides easy content cloning between languages to maintain the website hierarchy across languages and help our team track which of our web pages have been localized and which are still pending.
  • File management within the CMS is extremely helpful as a hosting/uploading tool local to our web pages and content.
  • Ability to clone web page content across mutli-language websites takes only a few clicks, and translation can be performed easily based on default English content.
  • Ability to post shared content and link content to categories for easy organization of content on the web - post once, and serve the content up on the live site in multiple places.
  • Simplification of uploading files would be ideal - where all files are located in the Media & Documents section rather than uploaded directly to Shared Content modules. One home for all files helps us keep track of what is uploaded and what is not.
  • Better copy/paste handling of content from external programs (cleaning Word document formatting, etc.), similar to handling by Word Press and other simplified CMS would be helpful.
  • Greater control over global content such as headers/footers, multi-language implementation, etc., would allow our developers more flexibility and reduce our time coordinating with Agility support and using BOH.
  • It is fairly simple for our employees to make web updates via Agility CMS, and this greatly optimizes our employee efficiency.
  • We are able to load and host company files easily via Agility CMS Media & Documents, which allows minimal, quick content sharing between departments when other file sharing platforms are not available.
  • Automation platforms and tracking code easily integrate with Agility CMS global headers to allow us to seamlessly acquire analytics on our site visits and content access.
Agility offers a balance of simplicity and capability that other platforms don't offer. User-friendly platforms like Word Press do not offer our company the ability to fully customize our site based on our goals, but more adaptable programs like Drupal do not offer the support resources to simplify the structure of our site with pre-existing modules or professional development to meet our needs.
Agility is well suited for companies that want a balance of control and support. For major global site updates, these can be handled by Agility's support team, while minimal changes and updates can be performed autonomously by the company's own staff with ease. For companies that are interested in flexibility to reconstruct site structure or major global facelifts, Agility is less ideal because these changes must be handled and paid for through Agility support.

Agility CMS Support

Support is always available and responsive when we email, responding right away that they are on the case, even if they are unable to solve the issue right away. Support will usually find the issue of our problem quickly and require minimal hand-holding, direction, or re-explanation from our team. They are knowledgeable about the platform and our instance and are able to run diagnostics with minimal information from us. When issues are resolved they always request confirmation that things are working as expected before closing out our tickets.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes - The bugs we report are always taken seriously and added to the next round of planned updates to the CMS. Especially during the implementation of the new Beta site, Agility has been proactive in asking for our feedback and responded to reported bugs consistently.
During the implementation of the new Beta CMS, one of our content items in Shared Content for our German site mysteriously disappeared from the CMS content list. We asked Agility to look into it, and even the support team was puzzled by the disappearance. However, they kept in contact with us throughout the process of diagnosing the issue and were open and honest about difficulties in identifying the problem or needing time and resources to diagnose. In the end, they solved the issue and made a point to note the issue for future reference to ensure similar issues could be caught and dealt with in a similar fashion for quick resolution.