EC2 to the rescue!

Overall Satisfaction with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

Used it extensively during our projects. Hosted our Webapps on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and also installed MongoDB on it. Used Ubuntu image.
  • Many flavors of Linux are available. Includes Windows also.
  • Very fast in spinning up new instances.
  • Has good monitoring tools.
  • Good documentation of the AMI.
  • Permission issues and Firewall issue for newbies.
  • Include some good GUI native tools.
  • Use only when needed and shut it down when not in use.
  • Use with Elastic bean stalk and make it scalable.
  • No issues of any licensing and pay per use for the operating systems
Had to choose between EC2 and Google App Engine. Easily due to the support and plethora of services AWS has, EC2 was an easy choice to make. It was simple to use as well.
Quickly deploy server with any operating system without worrying about imaging and setting up.