I wish we could Apricot 180
July 22, 2020

I wish we could Apricot 180

Tascha Johnson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Apricot 360

Overall Satisfaction with Apricot by Social Solutions

Hello. Apricot 360 is being used daily across our whole organization. It addresses the issues of individual case management. It is mostly being used by our Outreach workers, as well as our Evaluation consultant. I currently use Apricot to pull reports on our case management progress.
  • Apricot keeps track of our program participants.
  • We are able to pull our reports fairly easily.
  • Apricot allows us to use separate tiers for the management of our forms.
  • We currently have a need for the separation of program data in the note-taking area, that will allow some users to have access to certain levels of secure information, and not allow others to view the notes in those accounts (per HIPAA regulations). Apricot does not yet currently have the ability to do this.
  • Housing separate locations from the same organization, while also being able to pull reports from those multiple locations if necessary.
  • Mobile capabilities could be improved.
  • Having the ability to send forms to participants to be "signed" and returned would be great.
  • This is a difficult question because it almost feels as if the ROI if offset by the amount of time we've had to spend in creating reports with usable data.
  • Time is saved it gathering year-end results of "how many users", or "How many people completed ____ program"
  • For the larger details of evaluation or program management, Apricot works great
I've used other case management systems, but with a break in between not working and a return to work, unfortunately, I cannot recall the program names. I will say though, that I did not choose Apricot. This database was chosen for us. The previous Executive Director chose Apricot because it was used at his previous place of work. We inherited Apricot when he left. At the time that I came on board, we had decided to stick with Apricot because we didn't have time to explore other options. We also weren't too deeply dissatisfied with the services that Apricot provided at the time.
If an organization is small and not planning on growing much, this could work well for an organization. Or if there isn't a great need for much more than storing case management notes and participant details, I might recommend Apricot 360.

Apricot by Social Solutions Support

This is a difficult question to answer because when I hear the word "support" I think of this in multiple levels. The customer service on the front end, with my account manager is pretty good. There was a time for about a year and a half where I didn't even want to get to know this persons name because they wouldn't be there there long enough for me to get to know them. For the past 8-9 months we've had the same account manager, and this is helpful as a way to grow our trust in Apricot social solutions as well as the account manager understanding the needs of our organization.

The technical support is also fine. The issues we most have problems with is how the technical support is calculated and the lack of roll-over of technical support time. If our account has 1 hour of technical support per month, but we don't need any technical support for 4 months, it would be great to have the ability to use those 4 hours (as time allows per the IT calendar) when we need them, even if it falls within one month.

We've also had instances of working with IT persons who didn't seem to care at all about our issues, and seemed eager to put our call behind them and get onto the next without much thought as to why we were calling them in the first place. We've also had instances where the IT person didn't seem to really be listening to what it is we needed, and was heck bent on what they THOUGHT we needed rather than listening to what we actually did need. While we also have had experiences of working with IT persons who were absolutely great at working through issues. They were patient and understanding and would explain why a solution (c)would or (c)would not work. We even worked through those options in real time if they were unsure whether a data solution would work or not. That was great because we felt heard.