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December 21, 2020
Prashant G Bhoyar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Microsoft SharePoint is primarily used for collaboration, Intranets, and in some cases for Extranets and public-facing web sites as well.

Currently, in our organization, we use SharePoint Online which is part of Microsoft 365 and we have implemented company's Intranet portal using SharePoint.
  • Collaboration.
  • Content Management.
  • Intranets.
  • Security.
  • Document Management.
  • Too many good features to choose from.
  • Developer Story has room for improvement.
  • Does not have a good relational database store that can scale. However, it is excellent for document management and collaboration.
Well Suited:
Document Management

Less Appropriate: Public-facing websites and e-commerce sites
SharePoint has strong community support. If you need help, you can reach out to Microsoft Support, Consulting divisions, Microsoft Partners, and community forums as well.
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December 21, 2020
Tim Daciuk | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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SharePoint is being used as a central repository and storage area for documents, data and ancillary materials associated with a very large data mining and analytics project. It is used as the central hub for information and provides:
  • A single version of the truth
  • A repository for current project materials
  • An organizational tool for several lines of business
  • Management overview of the project
  • Communication enhancement between team members
  • Tracking of issues and resolution

SharePoint has been used in this application for about a year. It is currently used by about 70 people consisting of:
  • Internal employees
  • Internal IT resources
  • Contracted support and operational teams
  • Specialized consulting resources
  • Organizational structure.
  • Manages a range of materials.
  • Easy search and management.
  • Security.
  • Ability to create a hierarchy of materials.
  • Difficult to use.
  • Difficult to set up.
  • Very complex.
  • Not very well liked.
  • Has not replaced localization of information.
Well suited if:
  • Range of different materials
  • Requirement for hierarchical access
  • Requirement for multi-level security
  • Teams are spread across multiple geographies and/or time zones
  • Contributions from internal and external resources
SharePoint is a very good organizational tool for multiple teams that have some overlapping and some unique requirements. SharePoint allows insight and collaboration across many levels, and for many varied purposes or objectives.
Support for SharePoint is quite good. Microsoft provides good support. Microsoft offers
  • Quick turnaround time for issues
  • A range of support services
  • Access to a network of resources
  • Escalation of issues
  • Ongoing development and commitment to produce enhancement
The majority of support is required for initial installation. Once complete and the system is operating we have had very few support issues.
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October 01, 2020
Andrea Lemo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
Currently the entire organization has access to use the software, in the same way the introduction and migration to MS SharePoint from local servers has been gradual, mostly due to people's resistance to something new and unknown. In my department specifically if there has been a greater acceptance, integration and discovery by constant learning by some team members who are not exploiting all the advantages of the software yet.
  • Permission management: This is super relevant and wonderful for controlling what your audience can see and do, for example, when you need someone to constantly see changes to a "living document" but not have the ability to intervene in the process.
  • Contact groups: I find it super good since not necessarily the site administrators are the only ones who can manage the group, you can make any member of the group can manage the rest of the members without this being involved in other site settings. Also when granting permissions, distributing documents, announcements, tasks, it is very easy to do it by group of contacts than one by one.
  • Version history: We know that we are exposed to errors and accidents, so having the previous versions of a document, being able to see who has modified and having the possibility of restoring any of those versions can save the day. I always feel that I am protected and that is why I always promote working in the cloud.
  • Integration with other MS tools: The workflows that connect outlook, sharepoint, OneDrive, among others, where you can manage multiple actions for all these tools seems wonderful to me, it allows a super necessary and simple expansion to be able to automate tasks that used to be performed manually on a daily basis, it certainly contributes to efficiency.
  • Modern view / classic view: I really appreciate the minimalist change that has been made with many of the menus in the latest versions of sharepoint, but most of the time it complicates me and generates many more clicks (much more time) wanting to do one This action can be done by changing to the classic view from the ribbon, for example, managing permissions for a site, being able to manage sharepoint groups.
  • A little more advanced configurations, without becoming complex that depend a lot on the IT department.
  • Descriptions of some options or settings can become confusing, complicated and you simply are not able to know if it is what you are looking for or not, the language to the user is sometimes understood only through trial and error.
It is the appropriate tool for document repositories that have many people as public, also for documents where a work team of any size can work simultaneously and the document's membership remains joint (unlike OneDrive). Also to keep the versions of the documents secured at each change. Regarding the distribution and organization of documents, it is perfect to segment by libraries, teams, among others, the documents according to the required audience.
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December 21, 2020
Sandeep Reyyi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
MS SharePoint has been a lifesaver for our organization. We had malware across all our servers, and most of our drives were totally down. In the meantime, we switched to a cloud platform to have a backup in cases like this. SharePoint has been a great replacement for our regular local drives. It works exactly like a shared drive with all its folders and organizing. It's easy to upload, and, most importantly, easily accessible anywhere. We use this tool across our whole organization and it's great to have a tool like this.
  • Easy to upload files.
  • Integration with Office 365.
  • Accessible from anywhere.
  • Easy to share.
  • Protection on who accesses the files or folders.
  • Copy and paste needs to be improved.
  • UI in Android application is not good as browser version.
  • Dynamic refresh of folders has to be implemented.
It is a must-have tool these days due to all the cyber attacks. It is easily accessible from anywhere just with a single login. It works perfectly fine in the browser version, but there are a lot of glitches in the UI of its Android application. Files like Word and Excel can be edited or opened within the browser without having to download them.
It has all the required features, works perfectly with office 365. Its UI is super smooth. It handles the organization of folders and files very well. It's easy to access.
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July 28, 2020
Jeffrey Ing | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
It is being used on a department to department level. It replaces the legacy network "Shared Drives" in our network. It helps our field staff access shared drives and interact faster with HQ without using any sort of VPN. This also helps staff work more efficiently from a remote site or even at home.
  • Sharing and collaborating documents with the ability to lock documents upon final revision.
  • Implementing workflows for specific documents and teams is a plus, this allows certain approval process during a copy edit to run smoothly.
  • Project-related sites are quick and easy to deploy templates for fast moving teams or temporary teams.
  • Creating a brand new site needs work. More widgets or drop in's perhaps.
  • Making the administration a little easier for less technically inclined staff to be able to manage. Sometimes too many features on one screen or too much granular options can be a bad thing. Add an "advanced" menu, but stick with the basics, this saves IT's time.
  • Make it easier to design sites that are more appealing to the younger crowd, sites end up just having basic colors and text. The new UI is improved and looks a bit more modern but still is just a bunch of boxes with text in them.
It is suited for organizational file storage and long-term projects. It is also great to use it to replace the departmental shared drive for easier cloud or remote access. It is not appropriate for ad-hoc teams or ad-hoc projects that require really short turn around times. Microsoft Groups or Teams are better suited for this.
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January 12, 2021
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
[MS] Sharepoint currently used in private Azure instances as departmental document stores and wider use as repository for regulatory evidence required for governance, data protection, risk and compliance requirements for both internal and external audits. Individual teams also have allocated areas which replace legacy shared drives on local LANs. Access to [MS] Sharepoint resources is fully integrated with corporate Active Directory with additional two-factor authentication required for administrative users.
  • AD integration
  • Granular security access
  • File lock to support access by multiple users
  • Better integrated version control with regression and comments would be useful
We primarily use [MS] SharePoint for enterprise content, document and record management, including storage, retrieval, searching, archiving, tracking, management, and reporting of data. Much of the impetus for this is to conform to various legal, information management, and process compliance requirements. Our SharePoint implementation replaces legacy shared corporate fileservers which have now been migrated to Azure cloud.
We have enterprise support with Microsoft and have had good response and support from them on the occasions where this has been needed. This allows us to connect with the right support engineers to ensure rapid and effective solutions to minimize downtime. Worth noting that we haven't had any significant outages or major issues with [MS] SharePoint as yet.
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January 08, 2021
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
SharePoint has been incredibly helpful especially during the pandemic. We are able to easily have a hub that has access to everything our teams need. It is very easy to organize and fun to use. It is a lot easier than sharing each individual document with everyone that should have access. Rather you can choose the groups that have access to what and upload.
  • The platform itself is very user friendly.
  • I like the customizable designs this helps keep people interested in visiting the pages.
  • I like that I can send custom links to particular documents if needed.
  • I wish it were a little easier to move everything from One Drive to Share Point.
  • I wish it were possible to disable groups from appearing on the home page that you no longer use without losing the information.
  • More videos in the support center.
SharePoint is well suited for organizations whose documents are largely shared across teams and coworkers. It would be less appropriate for a company that needs to keep each file private. It would not be well suited for personal information or private reviews.
The platform was very easy to use. It is organized in a way that makes a lot of sense to me. I am a very visual learner so the addition of more instructional videos, in particular, would be helpful for me and other visual learners. Overall, when I had questions I was able to find them answered in writing.
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January 07, 2021
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Microsoft SharePoint is a great Content Management System(CMS) built on Asp.Net Web Forms. It has a lot of features and is very stable and secure. It is used for building websites and web applications. Its major features include managing content on the fly, managing files, versioning, workflows and more. SharePoint can be easily integrated with software like MS Office.
We are using it for Intranet as well as for publishing website. Document workflows can be made easily with out of box features provided. It is being used by the users of IT as well as business department. It can be integrated with SQL server reporting services for displaying reports.
  • SharePoint is customizable. One can customize the SharePoint according to its needs and requirements.
  • SharePoint can integrate with softwares like MS Office, and other existing business ERP systems.
  • SharePoint has a extensive list of out of box features like document library, wokflow management, content management, task management and much more.
  • Customization in SharePoint is tough. It requires skilled resource to maintain and customize SharePoint.
  • Configuring search in SharePoint is difficult.
  • SharePoint on premise requires a higher configuration server to work easily.
SharePoint is best suited with its out of box features, with minimal customization. SharePoint can be integrated with InfoPath for managing workflows. SharePoint Designer helps in designing the websites. SharePoint provides with a lot of web parts like Pick Control web part which picks the user controls (.ascx), Summary link web part which creates hyperlinks to pages/documents, Content editor web part for adding content, RSS web part for displaying RSS feeds and so on.
SharePoint is less appropriate where there is heavy customization involved.
SharePoint is a great CMS and DMS, has lot of out of box features. It is secure, stable and reliable. It has a Central Admin through which all the SharePoint sites can be configured and managed. As SharePoint is a part of Microsoft Office, the support if required from Microsoft is great.
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December 17, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
Microsoft SharePoint is being used as our content management platform. We also use it for our document management by using the in-house software of "Sites" for hosting our documents in a library. Not only are Sites utilized for document storage but also for team and collab sites for having many authors quickly access documents as well as for easy presentations among the team.
  • Document libraries - clean organization and quick access.
  • Works great with our other MS applications.
  • Great searching abilities.
  • The UI could be easier to use.
  • More API Support for 3rd Party Vendors
  • Performance issues from MS Servers from time-to-time.
I'd recommend MS SharePoint to a colleague for many reasons, not only the cost-effectiveness and ROI we've received from the product but also for the following reasons listed; document library, assets library, task management, security information management & AD features which help us manage data in one location. Also the mobile features help our remote on-the-go team easily access the data without interruption.
I also include room for improvement, so that is why I did not rate it a 10, however, with revision history, file sync, auditing, co-authoring... etc. you really can't go wrong with Microsoft SharePoint. It's easy to learn how to develop SharePoint pages/sites which helped a lot with buy-in and has the traditional Microsoft "feel".
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September 20, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Sharepoint is used across the entire organization. We utilize the product for project-specific sites that allow easy project management and collaboration with stakeholders outside our organization. It allows the sharing of large files, real-time document editing, task assignments, and document storage. It is a one-stop-shop for all things related to the project.
  • Project management: easily organize materials, people, and deadlines.
  • Content sharing: daily share with folks inside and out of the organization.
  • User-friendly: super intuitive and easy to use. Very helpful for getting everyone on board.
  • Niche: It would be nice if it combined the functionality of teams and the kanban board more easily.
Very useful for storing files, managing projects, and coordinating. Accessible by all members of a project team as well as consultants and contractors. No version control issues, as everything is real-time and cloud-based. Makes managing projects and organizing files a breeze. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a solution like this.
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August 06, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Sharepoint is being used for document management across the whole organization. It is majorly used for collaboration purposes. Documents and files can be easily accessed using SharePoint. It provides other amazing functionalities like searching, tracking, and managing documents and files. Anyone across the organization can view and edit a document with access control. It is also used for project management, as it allows managers to manage tasks and teams. Sharepoint was also used to store learning content, which is also helpful in creating an assessment quiz and surveys. A drawback of SharePoint is that it cannot be used for creating public websites because of the poor user interface. With the functionalities that I explored in SharePoint, document and knowledge management are really good.
  • Document management
  • Knowledge management
  • Website building
Amazing for document & knowledge management. Ensures good collaboration and project management across teams. Good governance features like user access control. Not everyone can view a document or file if it's confidential. Not very good with website creation and performance management.
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October 27, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
MS Sharepoint is heavily used in storing un-controlled documents as a library tool. I am the administrator for our department and it helps to be able to control what folders are shared outside of our department.
  • Library search
  • Folder organization
  • Controlled view access/write access
  • Permission request is just a click
  • Permission grants done via email notification
  • Structure of shared via parent folder or individual is difficult to determine until you dig through settings
  • Sometimes grant access does not get executed and would need to be redone
This is a great space to collaborate with your team on working documents and for library storage of uncontrolled documents. Organize your file folders that are shared within your organization.
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March 10, 2020
Hans Hong | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using SharePoint hosted and SharePoint Online to host intranet team sites and an inter-company website. For my service team, I use SPO to host a large (>100GB) repository of content and software for my field service users to access on the go. The companion mobile and PC OneDrive apps are great for keeping things available even while offline for my field users.
  • Granular permission access of files and folders, via AD groups or team site groups.
  • OneDrive offline sync mechanism seems robust and handles online/offline well.
  • Microsoft Teams integration is useful.
  • SharePoint to OneDrive sync mechanism is hidden or difficult to understand for users coming from Dropbox, Box, or other cloud storage apps.
  • UI isn't really that great. SPO is a huge improvement, but is still very Microsoft-ish.
  • Uploading a new version of a file with a different name is not possible.
SPO has replaced our need for Box for mobile works to have offline sync access by folders and files. Robust syncing keep our workers productive on the road, no need for VPN. Single sign-on with AD credentials built right in, if you are using Office 365, is great, and the integration with Office apps is very nice (though we have run into some problems when trying the simultaneous editing of office docs).
Read Hans Hong's full review
February 25, 2020
David White | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SharePoint serves as our document management and cloud storage tool.
  • Being able to store documents in the cloud
  • Being able to share documents easily across team members
  • Being able to have multiple people simultaneously edit documents
  • Not fully integrated into Microsoft Office suite
  • Synchronization can have issues/problems that aren't easily resolved
  • Seems to work much better with dedicated IT support but difficult to support with limited IT support of a small business
It is challenging if your organization doesn't have dedicated IT support.
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January 21, 2020
Chris Carpenter | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SharePoint is used organization-wide from our parent company to each of the operating companies underneath it. It is a collaboration solution within the Office 365 toolkit and has been used in our company since 2007. SharePoint is has been paired with a few tools to run in parallel over the years, but the current deployment is almost purely off-the-shelf Microsoft.
  • SharePoint allows information to self-organize well. One version of the truth visible in multiple contexts (views).
  • SharePoint allows for a really good relationship between Microsoft Office products and allows for collaboration in those tools to happen a bit more seamlessly.
  • SharePoint allows for permissions to govern access to information very well from any level in the site.
  • SharePoint in Office 365 allows for information to be accessed in a mobile environment without the need for VPN or server access that has traditionally been somewhat difficult to navigate on a phone.
  • SharePoint sometimes has a challenge with the Share feature in Office 365. Traditional best practices are to govern collaboration with permissions groups and manage access at the group level. Share can sometimes undermine that by creating ad-hoc situations unintentionally.
  • SharePoint's success in many organizations is really a function of user adoption and training. It is such a large platform that it is often deployed without much governance or direction.
  • SharePoint's lists and libraries can leverage Excel services and like-kind tools, but the ability for a list to do math in the same way that Excel does is very limited. It still has a room for improvement in the business intelligence features of metadata management.
SharePoint is a very flexible platform and is what you make it. While it does have its limitations, the way that it integrates into the Microsoft toolkit is critical to the successful use of Microsoft as a whole. Getting the right license agreement is significant (you don't want to feature-limit your deployment because it hurts user adoption over the long haul). Because Microsoft has invested so much in this platform, it is relatively stable and here to stay for quite a while, so the long-story of SharePoint is much more promising than the short story of some of its competitors.
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September 17, 2019
Jane Updegraff | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SharePoint is used across the entire organization. It provides centrally-located, always available and easily-accessible document libraries, collaboration spaces, private, internal websites for all of our corporate divisions and their departments and a way to quickly share documents with other users.
  • Document sharing - it works really well for this. documents can be included in libraries and organized in folders. Documents can be uploaded as files or links to files stored anywhere that is accessible by URL.
  • Team discussion boards - It does discussion format very well and presents discussion sin a familiar format that all users will recognize. it can also do Wikis.
  • Managing access permissions is still clunky - not a whole lot better in newer versions than it was way back when it was first launched.
  • Re-organization of the site hierarchy isn't very easy. You need a third-party tool to do anything meaningful when you want to rearrange your site pages and move site libraries.
  • It doesn't provide for any kind of backup, so you have to either have it on=prem where you can backup the entire server or you have to buy a third-party tool if you are using the online hosted version (SPO).
It's very well suited to act as an intranet, where it's only going to be used internally by employees of a company. It works well to share documents, provide lists of reference materials to users, provide a place for departments to have their own discussions and calendars and other collaboration purposes. It includes "workflows" unlike its predecessors, and those can define the flow of a process or task and walk the user through that flow very effectively. In fact, an employee's entire job could hypothetically be scripted using SharePoint workflows. It can scale OK in small scale terms, as I have experience of using it in networks with under a few thousand users. I don't know how it would behave if there were tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of users, but provided the infrastructure is scaled proportionately, I don't see why it wouldn't work well at that scale as well.
Read Jane Updegraff's full review
October 07, 2019
Gökhan Emre Kükürtcü | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
MS SharePoint is used by most of my colleagues. My overall experience with SharePoint has been positive across the many years I've used it. MS SharePoint is being used by our entire organization almost every department. With SharePoint, I can integrate with MS Excel and with Office365, so as I do my projects in Excel I could share them on MS SharePoint. I am sure there are still so many things to learn about this app, and I'm still discovering new things. It has definitely been the best product for working with teams inside and outside of the company.
  • MS SharePoint is a great tool to share information across departments with multiple groups and people in my organization.
  • MS SharePoint offers cloud accessibility, so you do not need to maintain your docs on your hard disk.
  • This is a great tool if you work for a large company as it is secured and also updates in real-time. You could easily find who else is currently editing or looking at the doc!
  • It took a little bit to get set up and train everyone on how to use that app.
  • Some things are just too complicated.
  • Sometimes; really slow workflow!
It is one of the best apps to manage confidential information in a controlled and restrictive way. And also there is an option to chat within the group as well. With SharePoint, we can work on things as a team without having to be on a call with one another. By the way, the user interface could be improved and made more attractive.
Read Gökhan Emre Kükürtcü's full review
October 07, 2019
Adam Litvack | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
MS SharePoint is used across our entire company as file storage and sharing. It's used on all devices and across multiple office locations.
  • Storage.
  • Sharing and rights access. Using it correctly, an organization can create a proper hierarchy of rights and access for folders. Also, sharing allows the ability to share access to files without the need to attach the actual file to an email. This helps when a document is later updated - you do not have to resend an email, as the document updates will be reflected to all shared users.
  • Backup and security.
  • Ease of use. Some things are just too complicated.
  • Setting up rights and shared folders. The setup process is not clear and very difficult to control. It's very hard to see who has access to what and if there's an error or a user should or not being seeing a folder they may not have permissions for.
  • Sharing and version control.
It's perfect for sharing large files without having to email attachments. However, if sending to external parties, sometimes a user doesn't have rights or cannot get access in time.
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October 05, 2019
Andrew Schulz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using SharePoint primarily for document library sharing and we have a few workflow processes in place that help with document review and processing. It allows us to have a single source for shared documents, calendar and scheduling of tasks. We are still in the process of migrating our internal file shares to SharePoint, so we don't have full adoption yet.
  • Document libraries is one feature we use most. It allow us to easily organize our files into subs and secure and share them as needed.
  • Work flows are very useful as well. We have a process for Capital Expense Requests (CER) that go through a series of approvals before finally hitting the CFO for final approval. This is very valuable as it tracks the process and allows us to report on it as well as see progress.
  • OneDrive. We use the file sharing feature which allows you to sync files through OneDrive and easily access those files via OneDrive versus going to a browser and navigating to the share.
  • As an admin, I find the navigation for managing some area's of the site a bit more complicated that it needs to be.
  • Permissions can be done in two ways, by way of SharePoint or integrated with Active Directory. We use this latter and one issue is granular permissions and identifying groups that have access down to the file level. Basically, if there was a way to report on permissions for a hierarchical perspective down to file level for a particular sub it would be helpful.
  • We use SharePoint online and my biggest complaint about that, is the amount of service issues that occur on the hosted service. While I appreciated the constant development and improvements that are being made in the environment, impacting the paying end user as a result is hard to swallow.
For organizations that have several departments that need to share and collaborate with others or interdepartmental, SharePoint meets that need. For smaller orgs that don't have someone that has technical knowledge of SharePoint could find themselves facing more issues that value out of the product.
Read Andrew Schulz's full review
October 05, 2019
Stephen Wittmaak | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We used SharePoint interdepartmentally to share internal files safely and securely within our Office 365 framework.
  • Integrates well with Windows and Mac machines.
  • Works independently and with other Microsoft applications well.
  • Safe and secure cloud storage for files.
  • There is a bit of a learning curve to onboard new users.
  • Slow workflow.
  • Not a lot of support for apps outside of the Microsoft cosmos.
As a creative, I find SharePoint a bit restrictive, that said from an organizational standpoint, companies already subscribing to the Microsoft Suite can easily adopt it for important document storage and sharing.
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September 26, 2019
Ho'omana Nathan Horton | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SharePoint is used for sharing files in a number of different situations, especially departmental documents and forms which can be edited by a number of other users.
  • SharePoint is pretty okay at sharing documents and allowing collaboration
  • The ability to see signatures easily is nice
  • There's been some effort to integrate SharePoint with Office
  • SharePoint is just hella clunky, and much harder to use than other solutions
  • The interface is (still) awful
  • It's also very very expensive
SharePoint is good for workflows, where certain people need to receive\review a document, perhaps in a certain order. Beyond this, I have a hard time recommending it. It's often hard for end-users to get the hang of it, so unless you want to respond to a massive amount of support tickets, training and materials development is a must.
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September 26, 2019
Rene Peels | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have run several joint projects with business partners. Data exchange and report sharing are always issues since data sets are rather large. Most business associates have had experience with SharePoint so deploying a SharePoint solution for each project has been very successful. Data was easily exchanged, all staff could easily get to information and it served as an information repository for staff entering the project late. Very easy to set up and administer.
  • Many templates available that are easy to deploy.
  • Cloud SharePoint is easy to scale and the managed solution minimizes IT resource requirements.
  • No steep learning curves.
  • It requires some discipline for the users to keep things organized. Some automation templates and features that are easy to deploy could help.
  • Some admin features to have user access expire instead of having to go in and lockout users as projects transition.
  • More sync and backup from cloud to in-house systems.
Has been very successful for us to deploy in projects with external partners. For in house projects we still prefer to use file servers and email.
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September 25, 2019
João Almeida | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SharePoint is utilized across the organization and team. We use it for simple document storage, obviously, but there is so much more it can do. Tagging your documentation with metadata is incredibly useful. It makes finding these documents later much easier and allows for better ways to present documents to the users.
  • Good search capabilities.
  • Sharing documents with external users.
  • Document storage, hands down. Online access and storing a synced copy on a hard drive as well.
  • The user interface could be improved and made more attractive.
  • The public website creation documentation is not that clear.
  • There is the potential for save-conflicts if multiple people edit a document while offline.
Very robust, so not much maintenance is needed if used with built in functionality. Some third party solutions add much more capabilities to out of the box SharePoint for not much of an increase of the price. Very good security, if a little complicated with later editions. Security is handled for you, online access is obviously easy. But even offline syncing of documents to a local machine is possible. And adding metadata tagging on top of this will really make things hum.
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September 23, 2019
Jennifer Magoon | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our IT PMO uses SharePoint for each of our projects. Each project has its own site. If there are multiple workstreams in a project, they all have their own subsites. We use it as a document repository primarily. We have recently upgraded to the newer version of SharePoint which is nice, but they did remove some of the functionality I got used to. It is also used across other departments in our organization which does make it nice because if you are on a new project team, the other team members know how to use it.
  • SharePoint is great for version control. By using it as a document repository we are able to see who made the last edit and when.
  • SharePoint has some great "list" features which we use to log project decisions, issues, risks, etc and be able to create charts from the lists so you can easily see all of the statuses.
  • SharePoint does offer the ability to custom organize your pages. It is nice as you don't need to adhere to a standardized template.
  • Calendar feature that syncs with Outlook is not supported in the newer version of SharePoint. We were, however, able to do this with the previous version which was nice.
  • News article feature does not allow you to "follow" it so you don't necessarily know there is something new to look at. Kind of defeats the purpose.
  • Not super intuitive.
  • It is not the easiest for someone to get started. It is not nearly as intuitive as some of the other platforms I have used in the past. I have found that settings hide in different places. For example, something as simple as adding a new column is not just a click, sometimes you have to dig into the site settings or page settings.
SharePoint is great for team collaboration, however, OneDrive and MS Teams can really do all of the same things we use it for. I like that you can create a site template and utilize that for future projects and how you can grant permissions to certain people to view specific things.
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September 18, 2019
Eric Schmieder, PhD, PMP | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Within our teams the tool is used to manage our documents. The tool improves collaboration by reducing the number email sent/recieved and simplifies communications which speeds up the entire communication process. The tool brings different stakeholders together to manage documents in a single secure location.
  • Enhanced Security
  • Effortless Collaboration
  • Simplified Information Exchange
  • Expensive to license, price is a little high-end since it's per month, per user
  • Poor search capablities
  • employee training is required to gain full benefits of the tool
For checking out documents, working on them, and tracking changes across collaborators; classical document mangement is its greatest strength.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Task Management (127)
Gantt Charts (87)
Scheduling (116)
Workflow Automation (126)
Mobile Access (124)
Search (152)
Visual planning tools (109)
Chat (85)
Notifications (136)
Discussions (119)
Surveys (94)
Internal knowledgebase (132)
Integrates with GoToMeeting (48)
Integrates with Gmail and Google Hangouts (43)
Integrates with Outlook (132)
Versioning (142)
Video files (128)
Audio files (124)
Document collaboration (156)
Access control (153)
Advanced security features (134)
Integrates with Google Drive (48)
Device sync (105)

What is MS SharePoint?

MS SharePoint / SQL refers to Microsoft Sharepoint, a web-based collaborative platform, being used in tandem with Microsoft SQL Server to provide business intelligence analytics and reporting. They can provide BI content such as data connections, reports, scorecards, dashboards, and more.

With Sharepoint, users can share files, data, news, and resources. Sites can be customized to streamline teams’ work. Team members can collaborate inside and outside the organization, across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

Sharepoint also supports the ability to discover data, expertise, and insights to inform decisions and guide action. SharePoint’s content management features, along with connections and conversations surfaced in Yammer, enable organizations to maximize their velocity of knowledge.

Users can also accelerate productivity by transforming processes—from tasks like notifications and approvals to operational workflows. With SharePoint lists and libraries, Microsoft Flow, and PowerApps, they can create digital experiences with forms, workflows, and custom apps for every device.

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  • Has featureFree Trial Available?Yes
  • Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
  • Does not have featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?No
  • Entry-level set up fee?No
EditionPricing DetailsTerms
Plan 1$5.00Per User Per Month
Plan 2$10.00Per User Per Month
Office 365 E3$20.00Per User Per Month

MS SharePoint Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No