Arcgis is a program for the planning and analysis of the territory.
Updated June 22, 2018

Arcgis is a program for the planning and analysis of the territory.

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Overall Satisfaction with ArcGIS

Arcgis is being used by the engineering department for the geographic location of all the company's commercial offices, it is an excellent tool that has allowed working with very large databases, systematized by maps or ideal tables for analysis and decision making. Using ArcGIS the company addresses the way to be more efficient in the delivery of materials, equipment, and personnel that the company decides to mobilize throughout the national territory, in order to reduce cost and maximize profits.


  • It allows the work with JPG image to vectorize data, georeferencing of polygons and superposition of data.
  • It is a very important tools to plan the territory in order to promote the organized development.
  • It has a set of tools that facilitates the visualization, management, editing, calculation, analysis of georeferenced entities and attributes in different jobs.
  • It has an option for professional quality work of cartographies.
  • It offers the possibility of working by thematic layer previously identified, being ideal for the planning of the territory and the design of the cartographies that we need for the work.


  • It is a program that in general is very difficult to use.
  • I do not like the interface, I think they should carry out a usability study to improve the work process, with the purpose that it is easier to use.
  • It is a program that requires updated computer equipment so that the functions of ArcGIS can work correctly.
  • I consider that there is little variety offered by ArcGIS for the design of cartography.
  • It is an expensive program that requires an investment that small companies can not cover.
  • It has been an excellent investment in the use of ArcGIS for the planning of the work because it was able to be more efficient in the accomplishment of the work, a situation that maximized the profits.
  • In the beginning, the contracting of the ArcGIS service represented a negative aspect for the company because it had to pay for the service, such as hiring some people trained for the purpose of dictating a course to the staff, being an element that had not been contemplated.
  • Now the organization uses it as a tool for distribution of personnel according to demographic analysis, and population density, represented a tool that helps the company to be more efficient in the performance of their work, actions that result in better performance and profits.
Select ArcGIS because it is a work tool for professional recognition of experts linked to the geography and planning of the territory.
It is a very complete program because it allows you to debug content, georeference, analyze content, and cartography design. It is the best program related to the work of geography issues because it offers a set of tools for visualization, management, editing, calculation, analysis of entities and attributes of professional quality. It is a very precise program which makes plans or maps that are designed by ArcGIS have the recognition of experts.

In my opinion, it is the best program for vectorization, georeferencing, data presentation, and data analysis, where I think it should improve the cartography design, there are other better and easier to use programs on the market.
It is a program that adapts to the following work scenarios:

1. Georeferencing of data (property, furniture, company, industry, schools, health center, sports stadiums).

2. Vectorization of hydrographic basins, and topography plans.

3. Presentation of maps of various themes vegetation, soil, geomorphology, climate, relief.

4. Territory planning tool.

5. Work with areas of large territories.

The scenarios where it is least adapted are the following:

1. Work planes of scales less than 1: 1000.

2. Work with plans of small urban communities.

3. Work with the vectorization of pipes, electrical lines, etc.

Evaluating ArcGIS and Competitors

Yes - Replace google maps coordintes, because this is a program that depends on an excellent internet connection to be able to enjoy all the tools offered by the program, being a limitation for the work.

Replace QGIS because it is a very simple and not very innovative geographic information system that does not allow the creation of creative and innovative proposals that facilitate the understanding and compression of information.
  • Product Features
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Analyst Reports
The factor that most influenced in selecting arcgis as a geographic information system was the characteristics of the product, considering that in comparison to other similar programs, arcgis is much more complete, creative, innovative, precise, and contains professional quality work tools and Expert recognition.

In my experience, there is no geographic information system program that is more accurate in georeferencing, or in the vectorization work that arcgis.
If I have the task to carry out the process of selecting a program of geographic information system considering the new programs and the updates of the existing programs offered by the market, I would stay with arcgis because during the time of use they have made updates that they adjust to the demands of my objectives, and because there is no such complete and excellent program in the market as arcgis, because each of the tools contains characteristics that confirm their professional quality, since it allows creative and innovative designs to be made.

Using ArcGIS

It is a program that requires hours of dedication for learning the tools in order to understand it and use it to the best of its abilities.

It requires tutorials or attend training activities to easily and uncomplicatedly perform a geographic information system.

Experience tells me that a lot of work time is required to learn correctly the use of tools.

It is a program of quality and the most complete of the market, but it is required to simplify its processes so that more people can use it.

Like to use
Easy to use
Well integrated
Requires technical support
Slow to learn
Lots to learn
  • Georeferencing of cities, or towns.
  • Vectorization of hydrographic basins.
  • Overlay of geographic images.
  • Design of cartographies.
  • Export documents.
  • Insert documents or images to arcgis.


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