Proactive Project Management, Increased Transparency & Collaboration at All Hours of the Day
January 11, 2014

Proactive Project Management, Increased Transparency & Collaboration at All Hours of the Day

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  • AtTask enables an easy, timely way to build projects and tasks that enable users to be very collaborative and keep everyone in the loop at all times. This is particularly useful for complex projects that have many moving parts, as well as various different resources involved. My marketing company has found that AtTask is a very good fit for the international nature of our business, and is a good fit for the fact that many of our team members are not located in the same physical location, nor the same time zone. This is because it is a great way to show "traceability" into the operational functions that sometimes may be overlooked for those not present, which results from functionalities such as adding comment updates to tasks, flagging the progress of tasks, uploading documents, and flagging tasks that have roadblocks.
  • AtTask is a tool that has really helped our project managers to be proactive with managing projects, as well as be more accurate and efficient with risk management because the tool has enabled my project manager colleagues and I to identifying issues when they arise, versus after the fact. This does require the team to use the tool in real-time, and to be sure to build out tasks and projects in a proactive manner, so it is very important to be sure that there is proper training provided to the users of AtTask at our company, as well as proper motivation to get them to adopt this tool.
  • AtTask offers reporting functionalities that have been very useful to our project managers, and that have been a great tool for effective risk management. The reports allow our project managers to build dashboards that are updated in real-time and reviewed daily to ensure that there are no issues that are impeding on the success of projects being executed on-time and under-budget. These are particularly useful because they are visually easy to interpret and they are updated in real-time, which makes our project managers aware of issues as soon as they arise.
  • AtTask could continue to enhance the "document tab" functionality for users to download more than one document at a time. This is particularly useful for some of our team members that work on complex tasks that have many documents uploaded, that they all need to download in order to review. Perhaps a solution would even be to be able to download a specific folder, instead of having to click on one document at a time to download it. This could really save our team members time when working with this tool.
  • The "drag and drop" feature that allows you to "drag" documents from your Desktop to the Document Tab of a task is very useful and saves our project managers and team members time. It would be more useful if this functionality was also available to "drag and drop" documents from the Document Tab to the Desktop as well.
  • The feature that AtTask offers to automatically send reports to team members on certain days is very useful. However this could be even more helpful if we were able to select more than one "day" option. For example, being able to send it "weekly" on Monday and Wednesday, versus just selecting one day to send it weekly on. This would enhance the customization of the reporting features, and would benefit our users.
  • AtTask has allowed our employee efficiency to increase due to the fact that there is increased collaboration that is documented and traceable. This allowed us to decrease meetings, and it has also allowed our team members in other time zones to be able to pick-up on where a previous team member left off, creating less errors, since they can be looped in on exactly what happened with the progress of specific tasks.
  • AtTask has also allowed our company to track our billability more accurately and timely. This results from being able to customize project categories and tasks.
  • AtTask has also helped our managers to more accurately track resource utilization, to help ensure that our employees are not being under or over worked. This also has helped ensure that accounts are being executed on budget. The reporting features of AtTask, paried with the ability of the tool to track time that is logged in real-time under different task categories, allowed one of our accounts to be able to tightly monitor team utilization to ensure that we did not bust the quarterly budget. This feature also helps managers ensure that team members that are shared across multiple accounts, are meeting their percent thresholds that they are supposed to be working on specific accounts, and has enabled managers to more accurately see where team members are spending their time.
There is still room for improvements, specifically with ensuring that certain functionalities that are very useful to the team do not "break" per-say when software updates occur. This can be very frustrating for team members and makes it tricky to keep morale high about the product, which is necessary to have all of our employees at our company be excited about using the tool. In addition, there could be simple functionality improvements pushed forward, that may be more useful to improving efficiency that could be implemented, prior to making the tool appear more "fun". This particularly comes to mind when I think of the "Like" feature that was offered, prior to making sure that updates to the document tab (such as downloading more than one document at a time) that could really enhance operational efficiency are addressed. However, I still give it a high rating because it is a very useful and customizable tool.
This tool is particularly useful for companies that have many projects and many moving parts that have resources that are not all located in the same location. This has been imperative for making sure that all of our team members on different projects across the globe are continuously in the loop for the status and progress of projects.