Axure = Interactions and a happy client!
June 10, 2016

Axure = Interactions and a happy client!

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Overall Satisfaction with Axure

Axure is one of the tools we use here at our company to build wire frames and prototypes for our clients. We publish prototypes so that when we present to our clients, they can have a clear understanding of the direction and flow of the product we are working on for them.
  • Interactions! Axure does a great job of letting UX designers build interactions so that the client, as well as other departments can visually see how particular elements of the product will function.
  • Axure also allows the user to add notes to any element, this is great because it allows the client to have a working copy and filter through the notes themselves.
  • A live prototype allows the product to be responsive based on predetermined break points that you assign to the individual pages. This is a great representation of what the end product can look like.
  • Axure can get really complicated for the average user when they are trying to build interactions. There needs to be a simpler way to perform an action for an element. Sometimes, depending on the desired outcome, a lot of time is wasted trying to figure out how to execute the action on Axure.
  • Axure does not give an easy way to measure the distance between objects. This would be a great add, as it would make it easier to align elements on a page instead of selecting the objects and clicking a separate button to align.
  • Axure could also benefit from more options for assets/templates. There needs to be a bigger library of icons I can use and easily add to the page and manipulate to create a prototype.
  • So much time is saved by building functional prototypes using axure. Everyone is in sync and aligned on exactly how the product functions instead of guessing from still/static wire frames.
  • The overall process to build in interactions needs to be simplified so that time isn't wasted in UX. This can be a negative impact on the project timeline because so much time is wasted in creating functional wire frames.
  • A shareable link for a prototype is a great way to share with clients so they can click through the product and follow along during a presentation. This saves time by not having to add annotations to every element and have the client read through all of those notes.
Axure is king when it comes to functional prototypes. Sketch looks better visually and is an easy interface to use but is limiting because there is no option to build in interactions.
Interactions!!! Axure still leads other wire frame platforms when it comes to interactions and building functional prototypes.