BlueJeans the savior for IT Admins.
September 02, 2020

BlueJeans the savior for IT Admins.

Junaid Mufti | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with BlueJeans

We started out using BlueJeans during COVID-19 period for the development of funding request for 2021-2023. But after using the software we found it very useful to collaborate in large teams. Even large face-to-face meetings are hard to moderate at conference rooms. But using BlueJeans you have a complete record of what has been discussed, share screens and every can stick to the agenda.

So for us almost all teams including Finance, Technical Units, Procurement, Monitoring everyone uses this software.
  • BlueJeans has clean pristine interface, Its simple easy to use an intuitive. Most of our senior colleagues are Senior Doctors, Governmental Professionals with very little IT experience. They find it very easy to connect and use BlueJeans compared to other similar software.
  • The voice quality in BlueJeans is very good. The difference is obvious as soon as you connect to BlueJeans after a Skype call. With the same hardware and drivers BlueJeans produces much better result.
  • The ability to send invites, create a permalink to meeting which can launch meeting instantly, the ability to fallback on browser based interface makes it perfect. The system is perfect to the point that if participant is unable to join a meeting, the IT department can say with surety that, it is only because of connectivity issues at user end. The software has ample fallbacks in place.
  • Recordings are very well managed with BlueJeans, the person that's making minutes are attend the meeting at ease knowing that he can refer back to recordings and contribute usefully to the meeting. You do not need to have expensive recording equipment.
  • BlueJeans Mobile App, even on the go 'in a car' or 'outdoors' with mobile data plan you are not stuck in front of your desk.
  • The landline numbers are limited to very few-geolocations. It will be amazing to have landline numbers to connect to meeting from a lot more places.
  • With my plan the participant number is limited to 50. I think it should be more because similar software allow for more participants in paid versions.
  • The system has experienced some glitches at times. We have conducted many dozens of meetings in last 6-8 months a couple of times it did happen when users at different locations could not connect to the meeting. We ended up creating a new meeting and then it started to work.
  • Meetings are costly affair, when done online there is absolutely zero cost.
  • Online Meetings can be called on the shortest of notices.
  • Recorded sessions can be used as means of verification for various tasks.
BlueJeans is streamlined in its user experience. There are graduated fall backs in-place. If you don't have software it will download for you, if you do it will open up the meeting for you. If you are still unable to join meeting you can join via Web.

The IT department is very happy with BlueJeans there absolutely zero requests for support in using this collaboration tool.
BlueJeans is amazing because it's simple, it's reliable, it does the job it is intended for without extra bells and whistles.

Staff has the confidence that they don't have to fiddle with overly complicated software to to make a presentation or share their point of view during a meeting.

It eliminates the need for dedicated IT/Admin support just to conduct meetings.
BlueJeans has a very neat and clean interface, its smart and intuitive. Even someone who has not used the platform before easily lands on the meeting they have been invited to without any additional click. As someone in IT department it is very hard to navigate people to click the right button over phone. BlueJeans completely eliminates this problem all together. You get a link and when you click on it. It checks if you have the software, if you don't it downloads it for you, it opens up the meeting. It has fall back in place if the software fails to respond you can use Website to connect to meeting.

There is an official/formal tone to using software such as BlueJeans compared to Skype. This maybe because Skype is widely used for personal use. Using Business software just keeps everyone focused on meeting agenda and it has been observed that there is less cross-talk/noise and there are more controls to administered meetings.

BlueJeans Meetings Feature Ratings

High quality audio
High quality video
Low bandwidth requirements
Mobile support
Desktop sharing
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Calendar integration
Meeting initiation
Record meetings / events
Live chat
Not Rated
Audience polling
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User authentication
Participant roles & permissions
Confidential attendee list
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