BrightEdge truly is the all-in-one, top-notch, enterprise SEO platform
Updated February 26, 2015

BrightEdge truly is the all-in-one, top-notch, enterprise SEO platform

Mariam Naghshineh | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Dashboards, Reports, Recommendations, Analysis

Overall Satisfaction with BrightEdge

Every SEO customer is provisioned with its own BrightEdge account. The SEO team then uses the platform for:
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Competitor Recommendations
  • Backlink Strategies
  • Tracking Changes & Effects
Currently only the SEO team has access to the platform. We are investigating potential use cases for RFPs and prospecting.
  • Share of Voice Analysis: We really love this feature. It gives us an opportunity to provide customers with insight to their TRUE Organic competition. More often than not, the Organic competitors are quite different from what the customer originally thought. This supports our effort to show Subject Matter Expertise on a regular basis.
  • BackLink Opportunities: This feature really tailors our link building strategy. It allows us to quickly download the gap between our customer & its competition, which provides a 'road map' for link building team. Once the gap has been closed, we re-run the opportunities and move forward with the new plan.
  • Trended Charts: In general, the trended charts are a huge advantage that BrightEdge has over other SEO platforms. I've never come across another tool or company that can provide the same level of data, over time, consistently. As SEO changes and fluctuates, these trended charts become vital to our reporting and investigations, especially when new algorithms are pushed out by Google.
  • Local Search Engines: These are created based on demand, and therefore are not always available for cities or even states that our customers are located in. When these situations arise, we've been told to submit a request. However, we rarely see follow through. This makes it very difficult to provide all customers the same level of insight and reporting.
  • Dashboards vs. Accounts selection/dropdown: These two drop-downs or selections are entirely separate. If a user selects dashboard A, and wants to then click through to the Opportunities tab, they must select Account A. It would be much more user-friendly to have them connected in some way.
  • Oftentimes we want to analyze a chart and create Custom Content that provides more insight for the customer. For instance, when viewing the Share of Voice Analysis, we want to recommend a change in competitors. There is no way to view the SOV tab, while also typing into the dashboard chart. This means that we must open a word or text file to enter the content, then copy/paste it into the dashboard.
  • Positive: BrightEdge has absolutely increased our team's efficiency. We are able to provision, analyze & report on all customers quickly and accurately on a recurring basis. There is little manual effort involved too, as BrightEdge is always working and there is no 'start/stop' function that we have to initiate.
  • Positive: BrightEdge has enabled us to provide better customer service, both from an SEO and Sales perspective. The customers love the reports, and the fact that they receive one every month. They also appreciate the ability to look back on their performance MOM or even through the past year, without any real effort.
  • Positive: We are currently working to incorporate BrightEdge as a sales/prospecting tool. SEO is increasingly difficult for Sales teams to understand, so providing them a platform to quickly provide prospects with an 'SEO snapshot' will help guide them in the right direction during pitches.
My company is not the normal BrightEdge customer. We have 150+ SMBs that each get their own account/dashboard, and each has a small budget (as low as $600). There was a period of learning/tweaking that was needed in order to determine the best way to use BrightEdge for each of these SMBs. I think that the BrightEdge platform is more friendly & useful for a single large company with a large budget, and even more so for one that has clear conversion factors (i.e. e-commerce).

Using BrightEdge

BrightEdge has provided our company with more than any other tool/platform could dream of. We've been extremely happy with its use, and have really tailored our strategies and internal workflow around the data in BrightEdge. I could not imagine having a successful, streamlined SEO service without BrightEdge.