Bullhorn?...If You Must, But I Recommend Another Option
Updated April 07, 2015

Bullhorn?...If You Must, But I Recommend Another Option

Elias Cobb | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System

We used Bullhorn as our ATS for our staffing business. We used it to track clients, candidates, and jobs. We used it as a CRM as well as to track candidates through the hiring process with our clients. We also used it as a candidate database. Additionally, jobs from Bullhorn were promoted to our website for posting. It was utilized by our entire company, and helped us understand where candidates were in the recruiting workflow as well as how much revenue and margin we were generating. I have not used iCIMS as an ATS, but I have now used Bullhorn, WinSearch, PC Recruiter, and JobScience. Bullhorn is only better than PC Recruiter, in my opinion.
  • Bullhorn does a good job of including all information that might be relevant. It has a ton of fields and the ability to customize those fields to make sure all data you need is being captured.
  • Bullhorn does a good job of reducing clicks. Most of the information you will need on a given item (candidate, job, client, etc) will be contained within one page.
  • Bullhorn did a pretty good job of integrating with other job posting sites - Bullhorn Reach is a nice product, for example.
  • The biggest area for improvement was in candidate searching. It was very difficult to create effective searches to mine the Bullhorn database for candidates. Results were not organized in a way that was easy to navigate. I ran searches that did NOT turn up candidate resumes which I knew to contain the key words I used in the search.
  • One of the strengths is also a weakness: Sometimes there is too much data in one page. You would have to scroll down many times to get through all the data contained for a particular record. Sometimes reducing clicks isn't the only goal.
  • Bullhorn's uptime, at the time I used it, was not good. We had a terrible time with data loss and with the system simply being down at times.
  • One negative that Bullhorn had was in downtime. Just by not being available and causing data loss, we lost time on our work, which cost us money.
  • Another negative was in the mobile experience. Sales people had to call into the office to get information while on the road, which takes people away from the job they should be doing.
  • Finally, when you can't effectively mine your database for candidates, as we could not with Bullhorn, it's definitely a negative impact on a staffing business.
  • JobScience,MaxHire,WinSearch,SendOuts,JobDiva,PCRecruiter
Ultimately I did NOT select Bullhorn. When I was at a previous company, we were using Bullhorn. I evaluated a few, gave a full trial to SendOuts and MaxHire, and ultimately selected MaxHire to replace Bullhorn.

Then, at my current company, we were using PCRecruiter. It was not an effective solution due to many issues - constant downtime, poor searching capabilities, data loss, lack of email integration, no mobile access, single browser compatibility, poor reporting functionality, and more. We evaluated several solutions including WinSearch, JobDiva, Compas, SmartSearch, JobScience, and Bullhorn. We narrowed it down to Bullhorn, SmartSearch and JobScience, and ended up selecting JobScience for many of the reason detailed earlier in this review. To recap, those included workflow, ease of use and intuitiveness, robust reporting, integration with our website and Outlook, and most of all, the incredible customization that JobScience allows. We have been extremely pleased with JobScience thus far.
Bullhorn is a solid, middle of the road ATS, in my opinion. It does some things decently, but nothing great. We switched from Bullhorn to MaxHire, and were instantly amazed at the difference. I have since left that company and use PCRecruiter and JobScience at my current company. In my opinion, for the staffing industry, JobScience is the best ATS I have used. It's integration with Outlook is smooth and functional, the candidate records are easy to navigate, the mobile experience is solid and useful. And perhaps best of all, JobScience is the most flexible and customizable ATS I have used. You can make it do exactly what you want, and the reporting functionality is best in class as well.

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