Cisco Secure Access by Duo: A Powerful, Easy-to-Use, and Lightweight Multi-Authentication Tool
September 14, 2022

Cisco Secure Access by Duo: A Powerful, Easy-to-Use, and Lightweight Multi-Authentication Tool

Dave Brown | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Secure Access by Duo

It is used to secure our VPN connection and internet access from corporate laptops used remotely. One can log in to the laptop, but not access the internet (and, subsequently, corporate resources) until the VPN connection is made via Cisco Secure Access by Duo. It provides a key security layer that became essential once the organization went remote at the beginning of COVID.
  • Speed - it's fast with almost no delay between triggering the MFA request and receiving the notification on an iPhone
  • Security - in addition to the added MFA layer, a simple, 4-digit passcode can be added to the authentication request
  • Ease of use - it doesn't scare users. It's simple to install, configure, and use.
  • Perhaps doing away with the pass code in favor of bio-metric authentication would be even simpler for users.
  • Offering a timer that counts down to the expiry date of the authentication request would be ideal, and may prevent some stress.
  • Very nit-picky here, but cutting down on the number of "clicks" required to authenticate would be better. I mentioned bio-metric authentication, perhaps adding this to the lock-screen of the phone would be the ultimate simplicity.
  • Difficult to measure, but given the costs of a breach in terms of reputational damage, legal damage, and direct financial damage even weighted against what I believe is an increasing level of probability that that occurs, its ROI is substantial.
  • It provides a reputational boost to the organization regardless of whether a breach occurs or not - it shows the company takes cyber security seriously and may act as a catalyst for employees to consider it and take it seriously.
  • Some employees may see it as a hassle - a productivity dampener (particularly in the very, very rare occasions where it doesn't work properly). But these are often overblown and negligible in the face of the benefits Cisco Secure Access by Duo brings per the above.
It is incredibly simple to use as a user. The mobile application is lightweight and simple to use as discussed. It is fast (in terms of the time between initiating the authentication request and receiving the notification on the mobile device) and responses are fast also. The application is so lightweight that even for users with personal mobile devices the burden is very small (particularly in the face of the benefits to the user of remote work).
To my knowledge, there has been none to date. Though I obviously cannot be certain, a large part of this is due to the additional layer of security that Cisco Secure Access by Duo provides. With proper training as to its purpose (i.e., if you see a request that you did not initiate please notify IT immediately, type training) it is hugely effective.
I have not needed direct support for Cisco Secure Access by Duo as I have not had a problem with it, but I have full confidence that the support is outstanding. It is now a core component of the corporate technology stack - a problem would mean a serious degradation in the ability of the company to function.
As mentioned, I have not needed support for Cisco Secure Access by Duo. This is a strong statement in and of itself, but I have no doubt that the support is second to none. I have heard from other IT professionals that their support experiences have been outstanding and they have no problem recommending Cisco Secure Access by Duo to others as a result (in addition to its many other merits).
Cisco Secure Access by Duo, against WatchGuard AuthPoint, is a broader tool with more applicability across applications to my knowledge. I also find it to be faster, and simpler for users to understand. For example, with Authpoint, the tokens that appear and "count down" seem to confuse users. Cisco Secure Access by Duo avoids this problem by not showing the token - reducing the stress of the users and resulting in a better overall user experience.

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Any business seeking to secure access to their corporate resources by adding that additional authentication layer. It's essential now - phishing scams are rampant and are generally unstoppable. Remote work is the norm and, whether it's hybrid or fully remote, it needs to be controlled. Cisco Secure Access by Duo is a simple, lightweight, and highly effective method of achieving what is quickly becoming "table-stakes" in the cyber security realm.