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November 23, 2018

Show your environment with a simple click.

Rafael Becemberg | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with CleverAnalytics

The action of progressively loading the available data into the database of the program has allowed the general visualization of the type of parameters and in which sites they are available.

The interesting thing is that this visualization can be done from any place where the internet is available and has been allowed to substantially optimize many of the meetings held with clients, since any request or question that the client has about a certain area or sector is immediately answered, whereas previously on many occasions said doubt ended up being answered, days later, once the request was communicated to the department and competent and knowledgeable person, and it transmitted the information to the person who had requested it.

  • The response of the software to the requirements has been consistently fast. Only in extreme cases where the speed of the internet system present in the site where the tool is being used is extremely slow, we have recorded delays in accessing information.
  • The software allows the possibility of several people located in different geographic locations, simultaneously accessing the same information, without interfering with each other.
  • It has made it possible to detect "information gaps" that were thought to be non-existent, and that resulted in expedited decision-making, to try to fill the gap or to find alternative solutions, not initially contemplated.
  • It is not functional if it is intended to be used in small mobile screens, since to achieve an adequate visualization of the maps and the side panel, at least one screen the size of a tablet is needed.
  • There are times when you do not want to show (for reasons of confidentiality or for commercial reasons, for example) all the data that is associated and loaded in the database. So far we have not found a way to load the data in a way that ensures that "sensitive data" is displayed only when desired, and not automatically with the data set in general. The option is possible. Research is continuing on this.
  • It allowed detecting "information gaps" in places where it was not expected that this scenario could occur.
  • It has made it possible to quickly visualize, locations where, although information existed, this information was relatively old, or of low quality compared to that which can be obtained with the most recent technologies.
  • The detection of these scenarios improved the level of satisfaction that the company routinely asks of its clients, who stated that they are highly satisfied with the level of knowledge that the company has in relation to information, especially the historical records, that in our field of action is of high importance.
With sincerity, the company has not opted in particular for any of these applications. It has evaluated the benefits and weaknesses of the named applications and other additional ones that are not included in the previous list.
As it happens with almost everything in life: there are skills and potentialities of a software that are more applicable in certain fields of work, and for certain characteristics inherent to the data that it handles.
Within this same company, there are applications that are more useful for a certain type of data and information and less versatile for others.
More important is the knowledge that must have, about the data and processes involved, the person who has the responsibility of selecting a certain software.

If you need to characterize the loaded data with statistical parameters, it is preferable to do the analysis previously and only load the results for the software to show them. This does not detract from the software, it is simply impossible to "have the best of everything" in a single application.