Powerful Insights with ClickTale
May 14, 2014

Powerful Insights with ClickTale

Dan Briscoe | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Software Version

Clicktale (legacy)

Modules Used

  • Mouse Tracking Suite
  • Conversion Suite

Overall Satisfaction with ClickTale

Our marketing department uses ClickTale to analyze the performance of our website. We especially like the detailed heat map sections, the conversion funnels that allow segmentation, the visitor recordings, and the form completions. We are able to drill down and find problem areas of our website, and when we locate them, we can watch visitor recordings to see actual visitors using our website.
  • Heat Maps - we used and liked CrazyEgg in the past, and it was a cheaper tool that was easy to use. ClickTale gives us additional capabilities with better data about scroll reach, mouse movements, clicks and a summary report that shows what parts of our pages are getting attention. A product manager asked us yesterday for insights on how his product page was performing, and we were easily able to send him the reports in the heat map section.
  • Visitor recordings - We get good data on our website using analytics tools like GA, HubSpot and ClickTale, but it is very helpful to watch actual visitor recordings for certain visitor segments. If we add a new page or new feature to our website and notice a trend, we can easily drill down and watch visitors and see how they are interacting with the page.
  • Conversion funnels - We do a lot of our analysis in Google Analytics and you can set up conversion funnels in GA if you know how to do it. The problem is you can't segment the data and the aggregated data is not as helpful. ClickTale makes it very simple to do conversion funnels, and you can segment them with just a few clicks.
  • Education - there is a ton of data available in ClickTale, but unless you know what you are doing, it provides little insight to the business. You can't simply send executives heat maps, conversion funnels, or visitor recordings and expect them to know what to do with the data. I recommend they make a serious investment in education for end-users so that companies can get the full value out of the data the tool can provide.
  • Set up - The set up can be easy for ClickTale, but ours was more difficult because of our CMS, use of HubSpot forms and CTAs, and our extensive use of GA. Getting all of that to work together is not always straightforward, and we had a difficult time getting it all set up. I recommend ClickTale make some investment in better tools to help customers get set up. They may have done that over the past 10 months since our initial setup.
  • Haven't been able to measure ROI yet, but it has definitely allowed us to improve our website. We recently published a page that took us about 6 hours of time to develop, and we were about to invest another 10 hours to improve the page. We watched how visitors were interacting with the page and decided the content was not valuable so we deleted the project and saved us 10 hour of time.
We used CrazyEgg prior to ClickTale. CrazyEgg is simpler to use and much less expensive, but you get what you pay for. ClickTale gives us more capabilities that we desired. If you are a small start up with few people dedicated to the web, go with CrazyEgg. If you are a larger company wanting more capabilities, I would use ClickTale.
It is well suited to businesses with a full time web analyst that will be using the tools to create actionable reports that drive action in the company. It is less appropriate where companies are just looking for some new tools and it will be forgotten soon after implementation. If a website is critical to your business and you have dedicated resources or consultants to help you understand the data, then it is invaluable. I love it.

Using ClickTale

The main reason we will renew is the segmented conversion funnels, visitor recordings, and detailed heat maps.