Conductor strikes the perfect balance between tool and partner
October 04, 2018

Conductor strikes the perfect balance between tool and partner

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Overall Satisfaction with Conductor Searchlight

Conductor has quickly become an essential tool for team members across our organization. Because of the versatility of the platform, teams with different objectives and areas of focus are able to leverage the data in ways that cater to their unique objectives, while being able to collaborate with other teams within a consistent framework. Our Content team is able to conduct audience and keyword research, our Product Marketing team is able to analyze and compare content segments to identify top performing products, and our Paid and Organic Search teams are able to quickly point out areas of light or overly saturated keyword coverage and create a more efficient search strategy.

Overall, this allows our organization to streamline our optimization efforts within one unified platform, which cuts down on inconsistencies, simplifies execution and reduces reliance on multiple technologies.


  • The Explorer tool integrates with multiple keyword databases, so the results are more comprehensive and representative of the true search landscape. It also provides important insight into the environment that surrounds the keywords or topics you search for, such as the stage in the customer journey that keyword best fits or the level of competition within the SERP that you can expect to go against. These are valuable features when determining which keywords to optimize your content for.
  • Knowing where you stand in relation to your competitors is important for understanding your path for growth, and the Market Share and Rank Comparison features within Conductor allow you to determine the areas you dominate and areas of potential opportunity at a granular level.
  • The reporting feature allows you to quickly and easily compile notable performance shifts and disseminate these shifts to your team, along with analysis and relevant context. Keeping the larger organization abreast of your efforts allows everyone to benefit from the optimizations you make, and Conductor makes this process easy.


  • I truly enjoy this platform. There was a learning curve when I first began using Conductor, but the excellent and well-organized training sessions that Conductor provides alleviated the stress of mastering the technology.
  • Conductor has a massive suite of features, and depending on the needs of your business, you may or may not need all of these features. Identify the key areas of support that you are looking for, and work with the sales team to customize a solution that works best for you.
  • The Recommendations tool has helped our organization to quickly and easily identify the quick wins that we can implement to influence our rankings, as well as those longer-term optimizations that we can integrate into our future efforts.
  • Conductor has several avenues for measuring ROI and identifying the potential financial impacts of specific optimizations, which is excellent for presenting comprehensive business cases to key stakeholders.
Conductor has the benefit of having both a massive keyword database and integration with trusted resources like SEMRush and Deep Crawl. This allows our organization to fully trust the data that we obtain from Conductor, and we can be confident that we are utilizing the most complete data as we make our optimizations. This is vital for the reliability and success of our content and SEO strategy.
By providing a single platform that allows for research and measurement, our Content team and our SEO team are able to collaborate throughout the optimization process. As Content conducts audience and keyword research, those keywords can be tracked and measured by our SEO team, and key metrics can be followed to observe performance. This workflow allows the teams to remain in sync throughout their individual projects, which cuts down on miscommunication and redundancies.
The support team is one of the most significant reasons that we made the switch to Conductor. The dedicated team members assist with everything from onboarding to account setup and maintenance to analysis. They are friendly, eager to assist with new projects and genuinely care about the success of your account. As one of my support team members said, "We are here to make you look good," and they certainly do!
I have used BrightEdge in the past, and Conductor was simply a better fit for our business. With a superior level of support and a more sophisticated level of product integration, Conductor was the clear choice for helping our organization achieve it's goals.
Conductor is perfect for organizations that are seeking to improve their visibility and presence within the entire search space, not just organic search, and therefore, smaller businesses or companies with a singular focus on a particular channel may not need the entire suite of features that Conductor offers. If you are able to dedicate the time to utilizing the tool in full, then Conductor can be a powerful resource in your optimization efforts, but it can be somewhat overwhelming if you are only using it on an intermittent basis.

Conductor Feature Ratings

Keyword analysis
SERP ranking tracking
Competitive analysis
Site audit / diagnostics
Site recommendations
Local SEO
Mobile SEO
Global SEO
Multi-domain support
Integration with web analytics tools

Using Conductor Searchlight

Conductor is well organized and the interface is clean, but there is a significant learning curve that comes with first using the tool. This curve is offset by the excellent support that the onboarding team provides, and once you gain familiarity with the platform, its structure is easy to navigate and the features are simple to utilize.


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