Demandbase is the leader and the expert of ABM Technology.
Jay Kang | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 26, 2018

Demandbase is the leader and the expert of ABM Technology.

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Overall Satisfaction with Demandbase

We use Demandbase for our ABM efforts where we are targeting and doing our outbound marketing to large enterprise companies who may be looking to purchase IT hardware, conferencing equipment, and large displays. It is being used by a few people in our B2B marketing team however we may expand the usage to our sales team in 2019. Demandbase allows us to advertise specifically to the companies we want and through their analytics tools; we can measure engagement and content consumption. We can prioritize which companies we should focus our marketing on by looking at the engagement level and intent data.
  • ABM (Account Based Marketing) is their strongest offering. Their ABM platform tools such as Ad Targeting is very simple to use with minimum training. It is so much easier to use than other ABM platform we reviewed in the past.
  • Analytics quality is one of the best we have used if not the best. We love the UI and it is not convoluted with so much data.
  • Account Selection which is also part of their ABM Platform is intuitive and very useful. It allows us to quickly choose our target customers with lookalike modeling or intent data. It also help us to rank our target accounts better.
  • One of the tool called "Engagement Orchestration" was not as good as other platforms we reviewed such as Engagio.
  • Hard to say without doing the full cost analysis with others we reviewed but their tool is more expensive than other platforms that are out there.
  • I wish they offered more in-depth trainings and office hours to ask questions like how Salesforce does it.
  • Demandbase provided positive impact on our business objectives because we can closely monitor how we are doing with accounts we are targeting. We were able to put our marketing dollars in right places and our executives are happy because we can show them the progress of our ABM efforts, all in real-time.
  • We can easily show our ROI through Analytics which is very easy to use and understand. We can provide great examples on how we are optimizing our programmatic advertising.
  • Our sales team is happy that they can see which of their accounts are engaging with us more and consuming more content we created.
We have reviewed over half a dozen ABM Platform companies but Demandbase stood out the most because their platform is intuitive and many of our business partners recommended them. After seeing a few demos from Demandbase, we were confident that we were making the right choice. We also like the fact they have this ABM conference every year where they do a great job hosting it. I was impressed with the knowledge of people that worked for Demandbase where they knew a lot of challenges we faced because we had too many companies we are trying to market to.
Demandbase is great for companies who are targeting a large number of companies to sell or market to but do not have enough marketing budget to do full-blown marketing campaigns for all of them. It can really help you prioritize your target customers and maximize your advertising. They can be too expensive for companies who are just starting on ABM.