Digium Switchvox making telephony easy, with the reliability of Asterisk.
April 21, 2017

Digium Switchvox making telephony easy, with the reliability of Asterisk.

Josh McClelland | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Digium Switchvox

In our organization we made the switch about 5 years ago. Previously we were running one of those old Nortel systems, that came with the building, and programming was done through a phone, and just painful. We tested a number of systems and eventually decided on Digium Switchvox for its ease of use, both from an end user perspective, and an administrative standpoint. It's streamlined the very heart of our business process; when you're in the managed services business, communication is everything and this phone system changed the way we address their needs increasing our response and resolution time.
  • From an administration standpoint Digium Switchvox almost makes it too easy. With an elegant web interface that anyone can easily navigate.
  • From an end user stand point the phones make it a joy to route calls, access voicemail, and make customer service that much more of a personal experience.
  • The amount of useful information is everywhere. When you're using the web portal any time I seem to have a question about something, those amazing little "?"s everywhere that always seem to have the answers I need. Otherwise support is only ever a call away, and they're great.
  • I've installed quite a few of these systems for a number of customers, and I've found a number of times having access to the second Ethernet port on some of the larger systems, and the ability to do some sort of static routing, and firewall functionality. I would love to have the ability to connect one port to the carrier's cpe router, and the other port to the customer's network.
  • I've worked with Voip products for a number of years, and various asterisk iterations. I'd like to see more access to the asterisk cli for troubleshooting, and/or potentially some sort of shell access.
  • I'd like to see the Digum Switchvox phones have vpn functionality. It would be great to deploy a field office with a pre-provisioned phone that automatically connects back to the corporate network via a secure vpn tunnel from most internet connections. Currently we either use a softphone, manually program a Cisco phone that does have the capability, or deploy an semi expensive router that support a secure tunnel. It would be much easier to sell a customer on a remote office and a fancy Digium phone, if they didn't need the extra hardware.
  • Our in house system has allowed us to grow as our needs have grown. It takes no time to turn up a new phone and get a fresh employee taking calls, and saves us a call to an outside consultant every time we want to make a change to the phone system.
  • Previously a receptionist's time would be utilized for directing incoming calls to their destinations, demanding the need for multiple staff member to handle call volumes. With Digium Switchvox we were able to implement a few Interactive Voice Response menus so callers could reach their intended destination without the need for human intervention, allowing us to better utilize the time of our employees.
  • Thanks to installing our own system, and enjoying it so much, we were able to take that knowledge and return it back to the company selling, installing, and maintaining Digium Switchvox systems.
I've installed, and maintained a number of different phone systems over the last few years, including nationwide level Voip service providers relying entirely on custom built Asterisk systems, to SOHO systems connected to cloud level services. So far Digium Switchvox has been one of my favorites when it comes to ease of use, customer service, and over all reliability. While there are a few things I'd like to see done a little differently, updates are released frequently with fixes, and new features.
Really Digium Switchvox is a great product, it's more of an overall service and it's great. Starting at the phones, I think they're well engineered, from button placement to make call handling a breeze, bright status indicators and programmable keys that keep things simple, and a clear back-lite screen, to light up those late night support calls. I've watched the web management interface grow into a gorgeous, friendly, informational tool that gives me a system that can do 95% of the things my customers request.

The only times I've seen it as less appropriate is when it comes to the more budget restricted. I've always believed you get what you pay for, and Digium Switch provides a lovely packaged, turnkey product, that doesn't require an expert to maintain once installed. On top of that, you're paying for the service. I can speak from experience, and countless support calls, that Digium Switchvox's support is second to none. They're efficient, intelligent, friendly, and professional, I've never had a bad experience, keep up the great work!

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