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Best IP PBX Systems include:

3CX, Cisco VoIP PBX, Sangoma Asterisk, Sangoma Switchvox, Yeastar P-Series PBX System, Grandstream UCM series IP PBXs, FreePBX, OmniPCX Enterprise Communications Server, PBXact and NEC UNIVERGE SV Series.

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Cyprus based company 3CX offers an IP PBX phone system.

Cisco VoIP PBX

Cisco offers VoIP PBX capability.

Sangoma Asterisk

Asterisk is an open source toolkit for building communications applications, now owned and supported by Sangoma (acquired with Digium in 2018). Most Asterisk-based systems and solutions require additional components (e.g. IP-phones, VoIP gateways or telephony interface cards, and…

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Beta Company's HotTelecom is a service that consists of a wide range of VoIP needs with over 6000 virtual phone numbers both local and mobile for business, designed to present an easy to use and affordable means of communication.HotTelecom offers virtual phone numbers, toll-free…

Sangoma Switchvox

Switchvox is an IP PBX supporting business phone systems, allowing users to simplify communications down to one solution delivered on-premise or hosted in the Cloud. Switchvox Cloud is a fully-featured Unified Communications (UC) solution designed for SMBs, featuring presence, instant…


GoContact in Portugal is a company specialized in integrated solutions for Contact Centers (IPBX + Contact Center Software + Communications). GoContact's integrated Contact Center platform provides IPBX, IVR, Inbound / Outbound Services, Scripts, Tickets, Chat, CRM, Reporting /Analytics,…

Grandstream UCM series IP PBXs

Grandstream presents the UCM series of IP PBX appliances as powerful yet easy to manage voice, video, data, and mobility communications platform, whichoffer an extensive set of unified communication features in an easy to manage on premise solution with no licensing fees, upgrade…

Yeastar P-Series PBX System

More than just a PBX, Yeastar P-Series PBX System is a converged system purposed-built for SMEs' business communications. As a "PBX-Plus-More" solution, the P-Series unify voice, video, applications, and collaboration together, helping SMEs to enable extra productivity, fill the…


The FreePBX EcoSystem has developed over the past decade to become a widely deployed Open Source PBX platform in use across the world today. Sangoma now offers and supports the FreePBX appliance, a purpose-built, performant PBX solution designed and tested for optimal performance,…

Zisson Interact

Zisson Interact is a cloud-based and omnichannel telephone exchange that supports flexible communication and customer service solutions for inquiries from telephone, web chat, e-mail, chatbot, social media and SMS. The platform can be integrated with several third-party applications…

Panasonic KX-NSX Series

The Panasonic KX-NSX series IP-PBX devices are enterprise class devices supporting either 1000 or 2000 extensions.

Panasonic KX NS Series

The KX-NS1000 Business Communications Server by Panasonic is designed to deliver these solutions by integrating hardware and software components in a modular way, allowing users to tailor a communications system to a business's specific needs.

Panasonic KX-HTS Series

The KX-HTS series from Panasonic is an advanced Hybrid IP-PBX for SMB. It has a capacity for up to 24 extensions to meet the scale of SMB market, and the vendor states it is priced affordably while possessing all the necessary standard functions built-in. The KX-HTS series are SIP…

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RoRotel is an all-in-one business phone system RoRotel boasts a singular focus on offering services with the best-in-class Quality, Enterprise-Grade Reliability, and yet at competitive prices for clients. They aim to help businesses to communicate efficiently with an advanced VoIP…

OneContact PBX

OneContact PBX is a SIP based IP PBX from Portuguese company Collab.

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Hubgets is a collaboration tool that enables customers to connect with their teams and customers via voice, video and chat.

HoduPBX - IP PBX Software

HoduSoft offers multi-tenant IP PBX software for ITSP’s and single tenant IP PBX for Enterprises, customized around the user's needs by offering unprecedented user interface, user experience and connectivity from office, through mobile and through a browser interface.

Huawei SoftCo
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Chinese company Huawei offers SoftCo, an IP PBX.

Vodia PBX Phone System

Vodia is a software PBX available on Windows, Linux, and offering advanced features of a full-featured PBX including calling queues, auto attendants, call forwarding, parking, and others. Vodia also offers Multi-Tenancy where users can host Vodia on a dedicated VM ( Virtual Machine)…

HG-4000 GSM VoIP Gateway

HG-4000 Modular GSM VoIP Gateways for IP-PBXs with 4 up to 32 GSM ports that use standard SIP and H-323 protocol , from Hypermedia Systems headquartered in Tel Aviv.

Cebod Telecom
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Cebod Telecom provides voip-based telephony solutions to all types of businesses, small or large. Cebod Telecom’s VoIP phone solutions provide businesses with instant access to their telephone systems from anywhere and at all times. Cebod Telecom offers the Pay-Per-Line business…

CommPeak Cloud PBX

CommPeak Cloud PBX is presented as a user-friendly hosted Cloud IP-PBX, a customizable solution. CommPeak’s unique PBX Statistics tool empowers users to magnify business results by managing, monitoring, and enhancing a call center’s productivity in real-time. With the CommPeakCloud…

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Signalmash is a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider offering a suite of communication APIs for businesses. The platform includes:SMS API: Gives businesses text alerting, two-factor authentication, SMS marketing, surveys, appointment reminders, and customer relationship…

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PBXact is based on FreePBX, and iscommercially supported by Sangoma’s in-house support staff, and its software is controlled by Sangoma engineers dedicated to ensuring performance. The PBXact phone system is designed for advanced deployments where the installation environment requires…

Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect
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OXO Connect from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is a connected and converged communication platforms, entirely dedicated to small and medium businesses.

Learn More About IP PBX Systems

What are IP PBX Systems?

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone switching system that manages ingoing and outgoing phone calls for a company's personnel. An IP PBX does this and also switches calls through Voice over IP (VoIP).

PBX systems are essential for businesses that take many calls and require call transferring. IP PBX can be implemented on premise for businesses that want complete control over them, or implemented in the cloud for businesses that want a cheaper, easier to implement solution.

IP PBX solutions also often include additional features for telephony, including shared voicemail and custom extensions, this can make them a valuable tool for any business that wants more feature rich telephony.

IP PBX System Features

IP PBX Systems share the following identifiable features:

  • VoIP technology
  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX) internal network
  • Multiple phones connected to network
  • Secure internet connection for placing calls
  • Voice messaging
  • Conference calls
  • Call transfers
  • Least-cost routing for outgoing calls
  • Call history reporting
  • Extension numbers
  • Shared voicemail
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

IP PBX System Comparison

When comparing IP PBX Systems, consider the following factors:

  1. Hosted vs. On-Premise System: Hosted IP PBX Systems are stored in the cloud and maintained by the vendor. On-premise IP PBX Systems have higher upfront costs and involve more IT maintenance.
  2. Hardware: Hosted IP PBX Systems only need a secure internet connection and an IP phone to make calls. Businesses that use an on-premise IP PBX System will need to purchase more equipment.
  3. Company Size: IP PBX Systems are beneficial for companies of all sizes. However, the cost of an IP PBX System is largely determined by the number of employees.

IP PBX System Price

The price of an IP PBX System largely depends on the number of users and IT infrastructure. Hosted IP PBX vendors typically charge a monthly or annual fee per user. The price of a Hosted IP PBX System starts as low as $15/user/month. On-premise IP PBX Systems require a one-time fee per user, which can range from $500/user to $1,000/user.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between hosted and on-premise IP PBX Systems?

Hosted IP PBX Systems are cloud-based and maintained by the vendor. On-premise IP PBX Systems are installed directly at office locations.

What are the benefits of using an IP PBX System?

IP PBX Systems are scalable and can be used to place calls from multiple locations. They are also more cost-effective than traditional phone lines.

What is the best IP PBX System?

The IP PBX System with the most reviews on TrustRadius is 3CX, which is recommended for small to medium-sized businesses. Sangoma Asterisk is another IP PBX System with positive reviews for affordability.

How much does an IP PBX System cost?

The price of a Hosted IP PBX System starts as low as $15/user/month. On-premise IP PBX Systems require a one-time fee per user, which can range from $500/user to $1,000/user.