Druva, going to stay stay or stay go? (Sorry it's the Hawaiian in me.)
Don Freesland | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 18, 2019

Druva, going to stay stay or stay go? (Sorry it's the Hawaiian in me.)

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Overall Satisfaction with Druva inSync

Druva is our backup solution and our users also use it for cloud storage
  • Backups
  • Restore
  • user cloud storage
  • cloud file sharing
  • actually I like it the way it is
  • it's kinda expensive
  • business \ team - folder sharing could be improved.
  • it's the best solution for user backup that we've seen so far.
  • works well even with our traveling staff
  • Our Microsoft Office 365 site license is now giving each account 1TB of drive space using "OneDrive" at no additional charge. This is going to impact on our decision as to keep using Druva or not, as theoretically, OneDrive could replace Druva.
Currently we are not using Druva as a backup or cloud storage for any of the products shown above or even similar products.
We are aware of this, and it's appreciated, however our Cyber group has their own tools utilities and software that we rely on more more heavily.
We are not using Druva beyond user's backup for any hacking detection or subsequent hacking, malware, or virus mitigation...
That's one of the nicest things about Druva using it as a backup\restore tool - it' very easy to use and understand.
We've had very few problems but when we have the support has been very responsive...
We're looking at this now because we are now getting OneDrive for free with our Office 365 license. (1TB of space per user). This is going to be a huge consideration as to whether we switch to OneDrive and drop Druva - can OneDrive provide enough backup that it could replace Druva, or moreover are the additional features we pay for Druva worth the cost. We're paying over $50K a year for Druva .

By the way - 5 years ago we were using Altiris to deploy and manage our systems, and using Altiris's backup products. That was also working well but we dropped Altirs really due to the high cost and switched to Zoho corporation's "Manage Engine" and "Desktop Central" products. They have recently come out with their own backup solution. We're just looking at that as it's likely to integrate very well with what we already have.
Backup works well, easy to restore files, sharing a folder works well.