Undoubtedly the best Opensource IDE for developing Java Applications
October 16, 2018

Undoubtedly the best Opensource IDE for developing Java Applications

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Overall Satisfaction with Eclipse

Eclipse is being used to develop the Client Web Application at my workplace, where we create CRM for a lot of Canadian and other financial institutions. We have developed our own layer that we use on top of Eclipse to help us get the most of eclipse and simplifying our business process. It helps the developers to develops features in various modules easily and also helps the QA to test the patches on the go without waiting for the latest code to be deployed to the main branch. The projects can be easily stored over Git, which makes it accessible to the desired people with a good level of security. The feature that allows you to use different servers at the same time saves a lot time and resources.
  • The JUnit tests are really handy when it comes to testing the code before pushing it.
  • Easy integration with GIT.
  • Writing Automation scripts has been simplified in Eclipse, you can import external JAR files to add a lot more functionalities and POM to import the unknown JARs into the project.
  • Plugin support is excellent.
  • It is pretty hard to install in a MacOS.
  • It is a pretty heavy program and the initial installation is a little hard
  • At times, a lot of temporary files are created while running a program, these files have to be regularly cleaned.
  • Plugin Support is great, but is a a bit tricky as you might end up getting an error that would take a few hours to troubleshoot.
  • It has surely accelerated the development process as we follow Agile methodology at work, and Eclipse has made it easier for different people to work on different features at the same time and integration everything in the end towards the end of the sprint.
  • I don't think there has been any negative impact on the business so far.
We compared Eclipse primarily with IntelliJ, and the thing we liked about Eclipse was the support for plugins which makes it really customizable. The other features that we liked were the multitasking, filtering and debugging which are very carefully designed by keeping in mind the needs of a development process which catered our needs for design analysis, development, implementation, development and testing. Also, the wide us of Eclipse all over the world and the community support was another main reason to select Eclipse.
Eclipse is so far the best IDE we have used for developing web applications and writing automation scripts. It might not be the best IDE present in the market, but it has a huge community support, which means that would can always find solution to your problems in one of the forums. I is compatible with many other languages, but it works the best with Java, therefore if you are planning to use Java as your primary language, do try out Eclipse.
Moreover, it is available for free, so do give it a try before getting the premium version.
It does have some flaws, like it slows at times and needs to be restarted, but it has really made the development process easier in our organization.

Using Eclipse

Mostly developers, QAs, Technical Writers
The IT technical support guys are available for Eclipse Support, but before reaching them, individuals tend to solve the issues on their own or ask for help from the peer, as most of the issues can be solved by going to the online community support for eclipse which makes its easier to solve any Eclipse-related issues.
  • Develop application
  • Test Application
  • Document the application
  • Adding a layer over Eclipse to create our in-house development framework which is customized in a way to make the development and testing of the product really easier.
  • We are now developing a new framework to make the automation testing quicker by trying to find dynamic locators automatically with our application and using them in our automation scripts.
  • We are in discussions about introducing AI into our development process
I love this product, what makes it one of the best tool out in the market is its ability to function with a wide range of languages.
The online community support is superb, so you are never stuck on an issue.
The customization is endless, you can keep adding plugins or jars for more functionalities as per your requirements.
It's Free !!!