Ensighten Pulse Powers Omni-Channel Measurement
October 06, 2016

Ensighten Pulse Powers Omni-Channel Measurement

Alex Andrews | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Ensighten Pulse

My organization, Ovative/group, is implementing and leveraging Ensighten Pulse with our clients to gain a deeper understanding of how customers interact with individual marketing touchpoints, as well as how they interact across multiple channels. Leveraging Pulse's first party cookie, our clients have been able to gain unprecedented insight into the exact paths to purchase for each customer, determining what marketing touchpoints are most effective and how their overall digital marketing program can be optimized. Additionally, Pulse has unlocked a much higher identification rate among our clients' website visitors, enabling us at Ovative/group to perform analyses around how digital marketing is affecting offline conversions.
  • Flexibility - Ensighten Pulse is truly just the pipes; it effectively and consistently gets data from any touchpoint throughout your digital ecosystem to a single, consolidated location. It does not, however, make decisions about how that data is then processed. This raw data access allows flexibility that is unmatched by other offerings.
  • Data Ownership - Because Ensighten Pulse is a first-party cookie, the data collected is fundamentally owned by the owner of the domain. Additionally, because Ensighten does not process the data at all, the data in its rawest form is made available directly to be stored and processed however either we or the client see fit.
  • Platform Independence - When we at Ovative/group are implementing Pulse for a client, it is extremely beneficial for everyone involved that the client's current marketing ecosystem can remain largely unchanged; Pulse can ride 'side-by-side' with any existing marketing analytics or execution platforms. This operational ease of implementation has been a huge upside of Pulse.
  • Documentation - While Ensighten Pulse itself and the implementation process of the core components are documented rather well, the peripheral implementation steps, i.e. how to use this with a specific marketing platform, are not well documented. That said, the Ensighten support channels have been hugely beneficial in making these steps happen.
  • After implementing Ensighten Pulse, we at Ovative/group were rapidly able to realize that the current system of attribution that the client had been using was drastically over/undervaluing various channels in their marketing mix, and the client was able to take quick action.
  • By leveraging the flexibility of Pulse, we have since been able to improve our optimization methodologies in unexpected ways using unprecedented identification rates; after implementing Pulse, the client was able to attribute $1 of every 3$ spent offline to an anonymized online persona. Using this data, we can more accurately analyze the impact that digital efforts have in physical stores.
Ensighten Pulse is particularly well suited to the type of work Ovative/group does in the marketing attribution space, but is also very well suited to drive the data collection efforts for personalization on-site as well. Pulse is also extremely well suited in scenarios where a client may want to track individuals across many domains or touchpoints.