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Arm Treasure Data.

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Customer Data Platforms (CDP) Overview

What are Customer Data Platforms?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a customer database from which complete, accurate customer profiles can be built. The profiles support segmentation and building targeted marketing campaigns. The CDP is primarily a data store and not a campaign execution tool. It contains technologies to collect data from customer touchpoints and share information gathered across marketing systems. This improves marketing interactions and customer relationships.

The defining characteristic of a CDP is that it gathers all available first-party customer data from CRMs, websites, email marketing, ads, and point of sale systems into a single place. Tag management systems are responsible for collecting some of this data, such as cookie and user behavior data. The resulting customer profiles can be enriched with additive data such as lifetime value to provide a unified view of all customers. Consolidated data can then be sent to marketing execution partners in real-time, via data connectors.

The CDP has some characteristics in common with Data Management Platforms (DMPs). DMPs are also marketing data stores but are narrower in focus. Though they sometimes handle first-party data (i.e. data a firm has collected about its own audience) DMPs are traditionally third-party data aggregators and consist of behavioral data purchased from publishers. They are concerned with high volume, top-of-the-funnel data. CDPs, on the other hand, are concerned with middle-of the funnel data and customer conversion.

Customer Data Platform Features & Capabilities

Customer data platforms provide the following feature sets:

  • Collect and reconcile data from a multitude of data sources

  • All customer touchpoints generate usable data

  • Cross-device, cross-platform customer journey tracking

  • Purchase history, browsing, shopping cart, and other data included

  • Create a centralized 360 view of customer profiles

  • Accessibility of customer data to marketing systems

  • Marketing-defined business rules

  • Profile enrichment with product data matching

  • Person identifier to unify data across-platforms

  • Audience segments, profiling for marketing campaigns

  • Marketing technology integrations (e.g. MAP, RTIM, email marketing, etc)

  • Predictive customer analytics for real-time interaction management

Pricing Information

CDPs are generally available on a monthly or annual subscription. Pricing is tiered to the number of monthly tracked users (MTUs) or the number of identifiable profiles. Additionally, some CDP vendors bundle their CDP with other modules for advertising and retargeting, real-time interaction management, or other marketing activities.

Customer Data Products

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Arm Treasure Data
99 ratings
56 reviews
Top Rated
Arm® Treasure Data™ is designed to empower marketers with rich customer insights to drive remarkable customer experiences. Arm Treasure Data™ is an enterprise-grade Customer Data Platform (CDP) that handles the complex, data-intensive needs of large teams. Dedicated to managing the entire process o…
64 ratings
38 reviews
Evergage’s cloud-based platform is designed to empower marketers to increase engagement conversions of website visitors and users through real-time personalization based on deep behavioral analytics...without the need for developers.
23 ratings
17 reviews
Exponea is a Customer Data & Experience Platform with built-in marketing automation capabilities able to collect, analyze, and activate customer data in real-time. The vendor says Exponea stands apart from other CDPs on 4 major points. 1. True Real-Time Data Across the Whole Platform All data i…
45 ratings
15 reviews
Segment is an SF-based customer data platform that helps engineering teams at companies like Tradesy, TIME, Inc., Gap, Lending Tree, PayPal, and Fender, etc., achieve significant time and cost savings on their data infrastructure. The vendor says they also enable Product, BI, and Marketing teams to …
17 ratings
10 reviews
Listrak, headquartered in Pennsylvania, offers a customer data and marketing platform for retailers that features email marketing with social network engagement, abandoned cart rescue, and in-store data / information retrieval. Listrak is retail-specific and helps create an integrated and personaliz…
Tealium AudienceStream
23 ratings
9 reviews
The Tealium AudienceStream™ solution offers segmentation and data enrichment capabilities to help users drive real-time marketing actions using their existing tools. AudienceStream helps unify fragmented omnichannel and cross-device marketing data to allow marketers to better leverage their customer…
FullContact Enrich API
10 ratings
4 reviews
FullContact provides APIs to support individuals, businesses, and developers in managing and enhancing their contact and customer data. The APIs can be used to provide social profiles in an app, improve contacts in address books, enrich CRM information, or create highly personalized marketing campai…
Reachforce SmartSuite (Now Leadspace)
9 ratings
4 reviews
ReachForce in Austin, Texas offers a suite of data quality products for cleaning and preparing marketing data obtained from lead forms or commonly used marketing platforms, with the goal of maximizing the reliability and sufficiency of aggregated lead data.
V12 Data
5 ratings
3 reviews
The V12 Data Platform (formerly called the Launchpad Marketing Cloud) is comprised of a collection of online and offline marketing solutions that is designed to manage existing customer relationships and identify new prospective customers by granting users access to The V12 Group Data Cloud. It cont…
7 ratings
3 reviews
BlueConic is a customer data platform that is designed to harness the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction, and then synchronizes their intent across the marketing ecosystem.
5 ratings
3 reviews
Blueshift Labs is a marketing automation software solution offered by Blueshift Labs. It tracks data for individuals, but does not have an attribution model.
5 ratings
3 reviews
Hull offers a customer data platform that promises to collect, transform, enrich, filter, search and segment customer data across various tools. It is a real-time rule and action engine that aims to provide SaaS and Ecommerce businesses with more control over their customer data. 1. CollectStore al…
Ensighten Pulse
3 ratings
2 reviews
Ensighten Pulse is a customer data platform from Ensighten offering multi-channel data collection and the ability to create robust, "360-degree view" customer profiles.
3 ratings
2 reviews
Signal (formerly BrightTag) offers a customer identity solution via its customer data platform for retailers and brands.
6 ratings
2 reviews
Zaius is a a customer data platform, or as the vendor describes it, B2C CRM. It's designed to help B2C marketers grow revenue from their existing customer base using segmentation, personalization, marketing automation, and attribution tools.
4 ratings
2 reviews
Lytics is a customer data platform (CDP) from the company of the same name in Portland.
1 ratings
1 reviews
SessionM is a customer engagement platform that combines customer data management, loyalty program and offer management, and cross-channel campaign management (SMS, email, push, and in-app messages).
1 ratings
1 reviews
QuickPivot, headquartered in Boston, offers their customer data platform (CDP).
2 ratings
1 reviews
The mParticle customer data platform supports data collection from a wide variety of sources and provides standardization, cleansing and deduping, and tags, as well as data enrichment via scoring, contextual or behavioral data, as well as segmentation and customer profile management.
8 ratings
1 reviews
Leadspace is a software as a service (SaaS) company that finds leads in social media, contact databases and customer relationship management systems by comparing people's online presence to a vendor's unique ideal buyer profiles. Leadspace is used by inside sales teams for finding new prospects, and…
Oracle CX Unity
1 ratings
1 reviews
Oracle CX Unity brings together online, offline, and third-party customer data sources to create a single, dynamic view of the customer. With built-in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Oracle CX Unity derives and delivers intelligence about customers to optimize brand experience acr…
Redpoint Customer Data Platform
4 ratings
1 reviews
The RedPoint Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the flagship product providing strong customer data integration capabilities, from RedPoint Global in Massachusetts.
Umbel in Austin, Texas offers their eponymous customer data aggregation and management platform.
Lemnisk is presented by the vendor as technology that supports real-time marketing automation, built on an intelligent & secure Customer Data Platform orchestrating 1-to-1 personalization and cross-channel customer journeys at scale that is used to increase conversions, retention & growth fo…
Bridg is a customer data platform that aims to make customer information accessible and actionable for brick-and-mortar retailers.Bridg CDP+CRM centralizes customer data, enhances data with third-party knowledge, provides deep analytics & business insights, builds & measures marketing audien…