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What is Ensighten Manage?

Ensighten Manage is a popular tag management system used globally, promising to increase page loading speed, accelerate tag deployment, and facilitate omnichannel 1:1 customer engagement across platforms and devices. Ensighten provides tag control by visitor, session, and page, and harmonizes...
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Time saver

8 out of 10
December 21, 2015
Ensighten Manage is being used globally across the entire organization. It became the Citi global standard for tag management after a …
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Ensighten review

7 out of 10
December 15, 2015
Ensighten is being used across multiple teams within our digital department. This includes the marketing, analytics, advertising and …
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  • Ease of writing custom tags (24)
  • Rules-driven tag execution (22)
  • Role-based user permissions (23)
  • Tag library (22)

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What is Ensighten Manage?

Ensighten Manage is a popular tag management system used globally, promising to increase page loading speed, accelerate tag deployment, and facilitate omnichannel 1:1 customer engagement across platforms and devices. Ensighten provides tag control by visitor, session, and page, and harmonizes data…

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This component helps a company minimize the security risks by controlling access to the software and its data, and encouraging best practices among users.

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Product Details

What is Ensighten Manage?

Ensighten Manage is a popular tag management system used globally, promising to increase page loading speed, accelerate tag deployment, and facilitate omnichannel 1:1 customer engagement across platforms and devices. Ensighten provides tag control by visitor, session, and page, and harmonizes data collection.

The company’s Tag Delivery Network serves billions of tags annually for familiar brands like Sony, Staples, Symantec, T-Mobile, and United Airlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ensighten Manage is a popular tag management system used globally, promising to increase page loading speed, accelerate tag deployment, and facilitate omnichannel 1:1 customer engagement across platforms and devices. Ensighten provides tag control by visitor, session, and page, and harmonizes data collection. The company’s Tag Delivery Network serves billions of tags annually for familiar brands like Sony, Staples, Symantec, T-Mobile, and United Airlines.

Reviewers rate Ease of writing custom tags and Rules-driven tag execution and Tag performance monitoring highest, with a score of 8.

The most common users of Ensighten Manage are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The existing code template is helpful to use for business usages while doing implementation for tag management and simple interface to manage data, privacy and security with Ensighten Manage. The tool has powerful feature for marketing tag management for mobile and website version successfully.
  • Tag Management
  • Data privacy and security
  • Enable Data Compliance
  • Custom variable declaration
  • Existing Code Template
  • Free Trail
  • The interface speed
  • More Training Material
E-commerce shop has multiple touch point and omni channel becomes important part of the business the Ensighten Manage the tag management to sort out the problem at that level. Also the predefined code template is super cool to use in the business usages.
Got good support while doing product deployment and creating custom variable for business usages.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Ensighten Manage to tag websites for analytics and marketing purposes. The product is flexible and powerful. Frankly, we couldn't be more pleased. Using a tag management system eliminates the tight dependencies between the website implementation and the tagging code. Ensighten Manage in particular is the best of the bunch. Its extensive Apps allow for quick and easy deployment of tagging code for common technologies, and the flexible timing controls provide all the latitude one needs to manage the performance and behavior of a website.
  • Apps: Very handy for quick deployment of common marketing and analytics solutions.
  • Data layers: Extremely useful for providing an abstraction layer between the site and the data needed for tagging purposes.
  • Deployment timing options: Perfect for managing tag performance.
  • We would like to see more features around Conditions -- better change tracking, for example. This is a nitpick, but it's a clear area of improvement.
It is perfect when the marketing/analytics efforts are distinct from the site development efforts. It is also extremely valuable when the tagging changes regularly. For websites with limited tagging needs and fairly static deployments, Ensighten Manage does not provide much ROI.
Tom Arundel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Ensighten Manage to deploy our marketing tags, and will be deploying it across the entire organization in 2016. We switched to Ensighten Manage for better speed to market, accuracy and performance of tag deployments. In addition, Ensighten Manage provides a single platform that can meet the needs of multiple stakeholders with different needs, including analytics and MVT. Previous container tag solutions did not allow for easy deployment of such a diverse array of tags.
  • With so many tags on our site, page performance and site speed have been an issue for some time. Ensighten's CDN enables rapid firing of tags to ensure tags fire quickly and asynchronously, not impacting user experience and improving conversion.
  • We have been challenged with data quality of our tagging for some time. Moving to Ensighten enables multiple levels of QA and testing in production with built in capabilities for improved data governance. For example, once we migrate analytics to Ensighten, we will have the ability to deploy and fix our analytics tracking and QA the data in dev and staging environments to ensure accuracy in real time.
  • Ensighten's built in tag auditing tool, Inform, can only audit static pages. ObservePoint allows you to create user simulations to audit tags throughout an entire entire user path including dynamic pages.
Ensighten Manage is well suited for non-technical marketers to deploy basic static tags. However, complex dynamic tags such as analytics require knowledge of javascript and more technical resources to step in. We understand this is a challenge with any tag management system (TMS). Also, we realize Ensighten Manage is a powerful tool and if not used appropriately, can lead to site performance issues. Therefore good governance and best practices are necessary with any TMS.
Abhijeet Karmase | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ensighten is being used to mange around 500 tags across 6 Websites. We have it deployed to Dev, QA and Prod environments. It enables our non technical users to create tags and deploy them in a few minutes instead of waiting on a development cycle which could be anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months. It enables tag delivery for different campaigns and take down after the campaign is done.
  • Provides around 578 Apps, which are templates for various advertisement tags. Non technical business users can use a form based UI to enter values which are used by the App to create the tag code.
  • Provides the concept of Spaces which can be used for access restriction, manage tag development and QA process.
  • Provides tag firing timing control. Tags can fire immediately, after DOM has loaded, or after page has loaded.
  • Provides helper frameworks that enable features such as event triggering, DOM changes etc.
  • Manage 2.0 UI is slow to load.
  • Manage UI view tag feature is not very useful.
  • Tag enabling and disabling cannot be automated. We have requested this feature.
Ensighten manage can be setup to be used by non technical business users. However the product provides a lot of flexibility by the way of custom custom Javascript and HTML tags, and advanced features like events, which needs coding experience as well as understanding of web technologies. Ensighten mobile is also a promising tool, but so far we have not had any luck setting it up, mainly due to challenges with Android setup.
Giancarlo Morillo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ensighten manage is used company wide for managing many aspects of property functionality.
  • Reliable speed and uptimes.
  • Ability to easily test current deployments with Ensighten Inform.
  • Clear and concise status reports and error reports that are easily actionable.
  • The UI could more intuitive.
  • Hard to manage items staged for deployment for specific environments. Must deploy all items staged for an environment instead of being able to pick and choose those items individually which makes it hard to collaborate.
  • More intuitive and robust search and sort options would be helpful when managing many deployments.
Because of the barriers of the system in collaboration, management by a small team and limited use cases are necessary.
January 15, 2016

Ensighten Manage Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Ensighten Manage to manage web analytics tagging on our internet-facing websites. Currently, only the Digital Marketing, Internet Development and IS Architecture teams are given access. This application addresses the need to configure and deploy a variety of tagging requirements in an agile fashion that avoids the lengthy web development patch cycle.
  • Supports typical software development life cycle (SDLC) process by facilitating DEV, QA and PROD deployment stages through spaces.
  • Roles and security can be thoroughly defined.
  • Very good selection of tagging technologies.
  • Site is stable, no availability concerns.
  • GUI in general is straightforward.
  • Improve speed of publishing.
  • Add security at the tag type level (i.e. only ADMIN role has access to custom-code tag).
  • Keep up to date with Google Analytics features.
Ensighten Manage is well suited in security-focused, policy and process-driven, highly collaborative environments needing technical flexibility and high-availability demands.
Based on past experience, I am very satisfied with Ensighten support.
Frank Yang | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Ensighten Manage as a tag management system for our public-facing website, with the intention of consolidating the implementation and operation our 3rd party applications.
  • Despite requiring synchronous loading in the head of the page, we have not detected any impact on page load times or overall performance.
  • Since the particulars of how to sync and sequence deployments onto a page are understood and done correctly, applications load and run as expected.
  • The user interface is not very good. Checkboxes don't necessarily reflect the selection state of deployments so clicking around a page will inevitably confuse the user as to what they're doing.
  • The process of enable/disable, commit/uncommit, publish - while probably necessary - is not intuitive, even for experienced users.
  • The deployment wizards are more limited than you'd initially think and most deployments will end up being custom javascript which can be challenging to maintain in the web interface.
Getting Manage and its deployments to work in a single-page app (in our case, Angular) has been challenging because of deployment load sequences and reliance on named events to execute functions. Because of scoping issues it'd be helpful to be able to pass variables through these events as parameters, but at the moment it can't be done. This has prevented us from fully uploading some of our tracking logic to Ensighten as we'd like and it remains in our own codebase.
December 21, 2015

Time saver

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ensighten Manage is being used globally across the entire organization. It became the Citi global standard for tag management after a successful implementation in Brazil, where we removed all the hardcoded tags on our site and migrated them to Ensighten Manage.
Ensighten Manage is being used to serve digital analytics tags, pixel tags, targeting tags, etc.
  • Integration with several tools, Ensighten Manage is practically vendor agnostic, no matter the solution you choose for your analytics or targeting tools.
  • User management and permissions. You can create many user profiles with different permission levels to suit your needs. As a financial company, user management is always a critical part of any implementation and Ensighten Manage does that very well.
  • Great performance on the site, it really helped us clean up page code and make pages lighter.
  • The interface is slow, I believe it should be a lot faster.
  • As any relatively new tool in the market, there are a few bugs that sometimes take more time than expected to be fixed.
Ensighten Manage is well suited for large companies, with complex tag solutions and several vendors. A small site with a couple of tags would probably not need something as robust.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ensighten Manage is used to deploy all our analytics tags, marketing pixels, web performance tags and also custom asynchronous javascripts for various business purposes. We are rolling out Ensighten TMS throughout our organization and it is being used for all applications except for a few that are maintained by third parties. It has helped us decouple IT development cycles from tagging initiatives and has vastly reduced the delivery cycle of analytics tags and made us hugely agile in that respect.
  • It has helped us improve page load performance
  • The use of DataLayer object in combination with Manage has made the tagging process much more scalable and efficient
  • Dependency on IT development team is minimal once the bootstrap and dataLayer object is in place.
  • Ability to version deployments and comparing code between versions
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Ensighten Manage primarily for handling all of our analytics and demand gen tags such as Adobe Site Catalyst, GA, and other demand gen pixels such as Kenshoo, Sizmek and Google Lead Service tags. Other testing tags such as M360 are also hosted within Ensighten. The Ensighten Manage tool is being used currently within Marketing only. It addresses the problem of not having to wait for monthly release cycles to push out codes (either new ones or updates to existing codes) and gives us the capability to implement them in a much more agile manner.
  • Alerting capabilities help us to detect faulty tags being injected onto the site which allows the marketing teams to push back on pixel vendors providing us with code that could interfere with site performance
  • Site speed and load testing features are key to site performance for our website as they directly impact conversions and Manage helps to monitor and provide report-outs early on to troubleshoot any slowdowns
  • Predefined templates for codes are good in order to leverage existing code base and not 'so as to say' reinvent the wheel for code pushouts of standard analytics tags
  • While the code templates that are already existent provide an easy interface to leverage existing code sets, custom codes still need to be written a lot of times since the templatized versions apply them to a global scope only and not for individual URLs or regex's for specific use cases for pixel vendors. Also, the library needs to be updated more frequently with new pixel vendors injecting their own variations of codes
  • Professional services (both the shared and dedicated model) definitely needs a lot of improvement since this is something that we have been immensely challenged with as a client of Ensighten in general. General response times and availability of support hours both from an account management standpoint and professional services/support standpoint have been quite challenging in the past year or two and there has been no real progress on this front
  • Ensighten Manage uses its own best practices to modify certain code sets from say JavaScript to Jquery for instance as it may be more compatible within its platform. This needs to change so that the tool is more nimble, agile and flexible in accepting and executing on different vendor codes
Ensighten is well suited for quickly deploying codes wherein more dependencies are involved with other groups to push out analytics codes in general. Ensighten Manage is less suited for, at least currently, auto correcting and optimizing for bad codes being provided by multiple sources. This is definitely an avenue for improvement.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization is currently introducing Ensighten Manage into the digital infrastructure across multiple lines of business globally. At least one regional team has fully integrated Manage as its tool of choice to deploy all of its marketing, advertising and analytics tags as well as some other custom apps. We have been able to consolidate multiple instances of the same types of tags in to a single instance, improve governance management of tags, and start the process of limiting dependence on technology teams and processes. The speed to production for the tags we have deployed via Manage is a tremendous value add to our organization.
  • Flexibility of user account management
  • Ease of applying new and existing tags to websites.
  • Excellent consultant support.
  • Churning of the UI. At times the UI is slow to respond and requires closing and restarting the browser or clearing cache and cookies to display the menus.
  • Greater visibility of user activity throughout the entire tool. Even when using the super user Account-Admin role, updates/edits to user accounts can go undetected and do not show up in user activity logs. This is a critical element to user entitlement security management.
  • A built-in user dependence mechanism that will force review of deployments before they can be enabled, committed and/or published. The ability to assign tasks is great, but would work better within our organization, if we so choose, we can assign a task and restrict to movement of a deployment until the next in line associate performs their given function.
  • Periodic prompts to reset the user password.
Ensighten Manage is more suited in deploying analytics and marketing/advertising tags due to the dynamic nature of these types of tools. Is also great for vetting new vendors and their tools/apps and conducting proof of concepts ahead of full on deployments.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ensighten Manage is used by our analytics team to deploy tags across the entirety of NASCAR.com and its related properties. Ensighten Manage is used to provide a level of agility that we did not posses prior to engaging with Ensighten. The product allows us to deploy tags without requiring to go through the entire development cycle, which can cause issues when we need to deploy code rapidly to address tagging concerns.
  • Deploy tags to a number of different environments to allow for a rapid QA process.
  • Facilitates the use of A/B testing through a combination of Adobe's Test and Target tool and the Visual tagger.
  • Allows us to shift tagging considerations for our mobile application from the development team to the analytics team.
  • This one is difficult, as Ensighten Manage offers a great deal of improvements over Adobe's out-of-the-box solution.
  • I'd like to see the visual tagger fleshed out, to allow the tool to grab elements on the page and apply tracking variables to them. Currently, this is not supported.
  • I'd also like to see Manage's debugging tool improved - the e.gif method is still a bit complex for some business owners to understand.
  • The UI for Ensighten Manage - Mobile needs some help - I understand that a new build is in the works, but our Manage support team has had to build specifically for the older environment, knowing that we will need to transition to the new build at a later point in time.
Ensighten Manage is very useful when we need to place click tags on a page, or apply standard page level tracking to a page by merely inserting a single line of code. The greatly facilitates the analytics process for our developers.

Ensighten Manage is less useful when a data layer is not specifically created for the tool. We scraped the page for some elements, but we are not getting full value out of the tool as a result.
December 15, 2015

Ensighten review

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ensighten is being used across multiple teams within our digital department. This includes the marketing, analytics, advertising and development teams. Having Ensighten has been really useful for managing our advertising needs as it allows us to easily manage ad tags in one place instead of having to manage them across 200 different websites. It also allows us to give access to these tags to the third party company that manages them, instead of the team having to try to make changes within the code.

The main problem we have had is with our analytics system: we use IBM Digital Analytics, and although there is an app in Ensighten for this, it doesn't quite work correctly for us as it doesn't always fire when the data is available on the page. This means the parameters aren't always populated correctly. It has also meant that we have had to break our IBM Digital Analytics implementation into two places, one part is in the code which is in charge of rendering all the correct data that is needed for the tags and the second part is within Ensighten. This means when we have a bug trying to decode is a lot more tricky.
  • Improved our page performance
  • Allows us to have all our tags managed in one place
  • Allows us to give access to changing tags to companies/users that wouldn't normally have access to our code
  • Debugging becomes difficult when we are using Ensighten to render tags that are based on data from our code on the page
  • Because it is so simple to use we have had people updating tags and not realizing they are breaking the site
  • Removes any kind of regression testing that would usual take place when making code changes therefore opening us up to many risks
Ensighten works very well for small tags that are easy to implement and are not affected by other tags or data from the page. It is also very helpful for managing our ad tags. Seems less appropriate for very complicated/large tags which are generated by multiple parameters from the website, like digital analytics. Because this tag is so complicated and has so many parameters it can be difficult to generate all this complexity in Ensighten. It also doesn't seem to work very well if you are not using the American version of IBM Digital Analytics, which we are not.
December 15, 2015

Ensighten Manage Review

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ensighten is used to manage all tag setup and delivery used on our site. Various teams and and business units around the world setup campaigns to deliver things such as tracking, marketing, chat, and various analytics configurations to each country site. Having come from their previous platform, Tagman, Ensighten has allowed us more flexibility in getting these configurations done and pushed to production.
  • More flexibility in setting up and deploying tags.
  • Better management of when tags are fired on a page.
  • Better integration with 3rd party tools.
  • Staging and deploying changes from multiple teams at different times can use a little improvement.
Ensighten is well suited for those who need a very full featured and robust tag management tool. I would assume that it would be best suited for larger organizations, but could also work well for smaller institutions as well.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Ensighten as a tag manager for certain tags on our website - mainly 3rd party tags so we a have a better way to control and also for management of our Target mbox tags. It is being used only in our organization as far as I'm aware. It addresses the problems we have of being able to control JS code for third parties and to make changes more easily than going through our engineering group.
  • Allows flexibility in managing code
  • Allows control of mbox tags - expense management
  • Allows flexability in analytics code updates and changes
  • More product communication
  • Doesn't work as well as Adobe DTM with analytics tags
  • Hard to implement in large scale operations for advertising tags
Well suited for less complex implementations; doesn't work so well with a complex mail environment with JS code
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Manage is used across multiple business units within our company, and by many job functions. It allows us to reduce our time to deployment for web analytics tags while simultaneously maintaining a high level of oversight and governance. After we integrated Manage into our delivery process, the reduction of traditional IT involvement for our digital projects saved us time, money & frustration.
  • Ensighten Manage allowed us to reduce time to deployment.
  • Using their built-in app templates, we reduced human errors and were able to involve less-technical teams in the tag deployment process.
  • Tag audits & ad-hoc code reviews/revisions are easy to accomplish. We have thousands of tags across our organization and are able to organize, search, and manage them all with relative ease.
  • The user interface of Ensighten can be buggy at times and we've encountered some lags in performance when going through the deployment workflow. These have had no measurable impact on tag delivery, so they are more day to day frustrations than business critical issues.
Ensighten is perfect for a large organization that needs flexibility with the type of tags they deploy, and needs to control who has access to manage those tags. A company that is looking to consolidate their digital marketing operations and reduce the IT overhead involved in the tag deployment process would be hard pressed to find a more capable tool.
The Ensighten Manage support team has been helpful and dedicated to assisting us solve problems that come up with tag deployments even when the issues are completely unrelated to the core Manage product itself. They seem to have the right mix of tag-specific subject matter experts and general support resources.
Trisha White | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization uses Ensighten Manage for digital marketing tagging within the Marketing department.
  • Ensighten Manage does a great job of posting release notification and system updates within the UI. This allows direct access to upcoming release notes as well as access to refer back to previous release notes.
  • Ensighten Manage support team does a great job of assisting the non-technical users. I am in contact with support on at least a weekly basis and they even jump on a call if I need a little extra assistance.
  • Ensighten Manage user conference offers a broad range of hands-on training
  • The UI times out after a short amount of time. I understand that this is for security purposes but should be able to be configured by each account
  • Not able to delete a condition until all of the deployments assigned to it are removed.
  • Not able to publish across spaces/environments
Ensighten Manage works well for third party digital marketing tags and pixels. We currently do not use it for analytics tagging.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This is currently being used across the UK business unit. It enables us to efficiently manage (and keep track of) over 300 tags placed across over 45 different websites. The built-in apps save time and improve accuracy of deployments, ensuring that data is collected from the earliest moment of a campaign, and no spend is unaccounted for.
  • Ensighten Manage enables us to quickly deploy tags to specific pages.
  • Ensighten Manage enables us to deploy the correct code, the first time.
  • Ensighten Manage enables us to leverage the data layer to capture customer information and personalise the user experience.
  • Ensighten Manage can be complex for non-technical users to get their head around, especially concepts like RegEx for page targeting.
  • Ensighten Manage authentication can timeout at the wrong time, and cause the loss of work.
  • Ensighten Manage doesn't currently have the ability to define variables for use across deployments like Google Tag Manager.
The single line of code required for Ensighten Manage makes it particularly easy to work with third party vendors. The simplicity of the code makes it easy for them to implement, and difficult to get wrong.
Abraham Israel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Blinds.com is now using Ensighten Manage to manage most of our marketing tags on our new platform. The tag management enables marketing to make most changes without involving IT. Although it is a very well designed tag management solution, we still run into complications every so often.
  • The new data layer is very easy to use and very useful.
  • Secure websites don't pass IP information, needs to be fixed. HTTPS is becoming the norm.
  • Better and more organized training material.
It is more appropriate where you have a knowledgeable marketing analyst that can implement basic coding.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Ensighten Manage for our offsite advertising and marketing code around tags and pixel management. We easily have the ability to quickly test, QA, and launch new and updated tags to the site without the need for IT while maintaining the integrity of our site and its experience as well as no impact to site performance.
  • Quick deployment of tags and pixels
  • Ability to quickly determine when and where tags and pixels should fire
  • Dedicated and clean workflow
  • User training for non-technical marketers
Well suited for most sites, especially enterprise level that tend to have a lot of code and need to ensure a high level of site performance. Mobile is appropriate as well but there are multiple methods to deploy in that space and need to be decided by your own internal teams and requirements.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ensighten Manage is being used by the whole organization for analytics, third party scripts injection and TMS data management.
  • Async javascript injection on the page
  • Easy to manage deployments
  • Third party scripts integration is easy
  • Sync script management is difficult
  • Publish flow is a bit big
Based on your application nature choose this. If your application is single page, be very careful in deployments.
Douglas Doble | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ensighten Manage is being used to deploy tags to our entire ecosystem of websites as well as to fire various event tags to deepen our learnings in Google Analytics Premium...and we also have deployed a digital data layer.
  • The pre-configured apps are very useful for deploying many tags much easier than without it.
  • The Inform feature really helps minimize the involvement of QA.
  • The ability to sort/filter tag deployments & conditions is very valuable if you've got a high volume of activity.
  • Seeing the history of changes to deployments can help isolate where problems may have occurred.
  • Ability to configure entitlements/user types.
  • Lack of integration with JIRA or baked-in workflow.
  • Extend the session time out.
Governance is a key and having the proper training/support from an Ensighten consultant during on-boarding was invaluable to our success.
Jeremy Lavitt | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Ensighten Manage is being used by the web department to support tagging needs throughout the company. It address the need for fast implementation and ease of adjusting code without having to go through the process of a full web migration. It also enables us to test how different scripts will perform on production without committing them to the production environment.
  • Ensighten Manage deploys very fast and won't slow your page.
  • Ensighten Manage has a very wide range of precoded apps letting even novice users be successful.
  • Ensighten Manage allows full customization so very advanced scripts can be run.
  • Using multiple triggers to fire a tag is a challenge.
  • Setting the timing/order of how scripts fire can be confusing and hard to predict.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Ensighten to deploy tags efficiently through our customer touch points. We have limited release ability in our core web servers so having the ability to deploy 3rd tags through Ensighten saves us time, resources, and process on each deployment of new web pages, mobile apps.
  • Speed to deployment. Reduces the deployment time because we no longer have to update the web servers.
  • Reduced process time. We have a streamlined process to deploy through Ensighten. This is much more efficient than the traditional deployment approach.
  • Less resources needed. We no longer to engage the web deployment team to update our 3rd party tags. This translates to a smaller resource budget.
  • Mobile deployment is not yet mature. We aren't (yet) able to fully scope a deployment strategy to combine some Adobe products through Ensighten SDK.
  • Deployment approach single page architecture support is not yet mature.
The Omni-channel deployment approach works out for us.
Michael Mgebroff | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At Autodesk.com we are using the Ensighten application to deploy Omniture, Google and Test and Target tags. No, we have not implemented Ensighten across the whole organization.
  • You can deploy basic tags much faster.
  • You can manage and control deployment on your own.
  • Easy tool to learn from GUI point of view but still need JavaScript skills.
  • I don't think Ensigten works well for AJAX web site.
  • If you don't have JavaScript skills, you will not be able to use Ensighten.
  • Deploying rules with Ensighten 1.0 application could be problematic because it deploys all the rules at once and not just individual rule you selected.
I don't think Ensigten 1.0 version was really ready for advanced tagging ...
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