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Rigel Cable profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Google Analytics Premium is used by more than half of my clients in the eCommerce and retail verticals. It is used as the source of truth for web analytics and marketing performance, including eCommerce revenue and cross-channel reporting.
  • Unsampled web analytics data
  • Robust marketing 360 integration
  • Easy-to-use, fast reports
  • Powerful customization options
  • Some customization limitations like fiscal calendar and standard report customization
  • Minimal customer support through the company provider
Google Analytics Premium is great for enterprise businesses that have a standard eCommerce or experiential website. It is less well suited for highly customized businesses or non-standard commerce/transaction process. It's great for small and large teams, and ease of implementation is much simpler than the competition. Developer Guides are user friendly and help the tech team get the suite up and running.
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Rose Grant profile photo
Score 5 out of 10
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We made the switch from regular Google Analytics to premium for more personalized aid with the reports. Our constituents have been relying more and more on specific data both about our audiences, donors, and any other website visitor. Things that premium offered that we couldn't get with the regular account: a dedicated account manager, training, analysis design, customized dashboard and reports, campaign manager integration, big data analysis, Google Tag Manager, and unsampled reporting API. With our fundraising and to some extent how our organization tracked its goals it has more than paid off.
  • Unsampled reporting API (was not available on the regular service).
  • Dedicated account manager, helping us with reporting and data collection.
  • Training and analytics coaching which ultimately has made our reporting more effective.
  • The benefit from us was more upfront in analyzing data and training staff. Might see less benefit for long term use.
  • Many of the benefits we still use the most are also available on the free version.
  • It's an expense.
If you have the budget for it and can argue for detailed reporting and training (for us our development team found it very important) then it is worth the expense. Many organizations may find it too costly, especially with the free version offering a lot of data as is. Others may find it helpful when planning for a campaign and looking at their audiences more closely for a specific goal.
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Blake Baron profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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We use it in tandem with all digital and print marketing efforts. We started off on original Google Analytics (free version), but moved to premium when the ROI case became obvious to us. It's indispensable in tracking results of landing pages, marketing campaigns, and user flow between our multiple web properties. We're able to create custom management reports that auto send to interested stakeholders via Google's Mail Server.
  • It's a Google product, so it strikes a great balance between usability and advanced functionality
  • Data is new and nearly constantly updated. I.e. you had a several day lag with Google Analytics Basic. Now, you can immediately analyze newsletter campaign results
  • Integrates with CRM software so we can tell if a prospect visits our site(s) after we initiate a touchpoint (email, call, etc.)
  • I suppose it could be free
  • Oddly, we're able to stump our account reps with our use case. It takes them some time to answer our questions
  • The insights are only as good as your set up. I wish Google provided consulting that went along with their product
If you know what you're doing, have experience with digital marketing, and are fluent in analytics, this will be perfect for your team. Don't expect the software to solve your marketing problems for you. It's a tool, much like a hammer. The hammer won't pound the nail for you. If you have the infrastructure, give Analytics premium a try.
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Meredith Walter profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Google Analytics 360 is being used in my organization for mainly web analytics across the entire organization. Our GA data is our "truth" data when it comes to other web metrics that we may receive from other marketing tools. It helps to address the what? questions when it comes to our website. Things like: What are people doing? What pages are they visiting? Etc. We then use additional Voice of Customer data to complement GA data and answer why? questions. Such as: Why are they spending so much time on this page? Why aren't they watching this video? Etc.
  • Additional user management, which is key for large organizations that have numerous users.
  • Higher data processing to process larger amounts of data and store it longer.
  • Formal contract, which provides an actual point of contact for ensuring the service is running as it should and provides service level guarantees.
  • Higher sampling limit for reporting.
  • Additional integration with DoubleClick.
  • Higher limit for custom dimensions and metrics.
  • Data driven attribution modeling function.
  • Although it is getting better, there is more room for the tool to advise on missed features enabled among other suggestions to make better use of the tool.
  • Even though there is some room for user management, I think having additional controls over certain user functionalities would be nice - like custom report sharing.
Google Analytics 360 is definitely more suited for larger organizations that have a need for higher data processing. The standard GA version could very well suffice for the majority of clients. The tool is practically the exact same in terms of UI and UX. It is all backend processing that differentiates the two.
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Score 10 out of 10
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Google helps with the smooth sailing of the whole organization. We couldn't run without it! It's pretty impressive, honestly. With its all-in-one platform, we're able to easily control and manage different aspects of the things we need to track and monitor. It's also got great data that we can print out and send to those interested.
  • The premium gives us an advantage over our competitors and helps us boost sales.
  • It is very costly.
Google Analytics Premium is well-suited for big businesses that have a need for big data. It's also something that's saved me hours and hours of time. I cannot overstate how well-versed this program is, and it's truly worth the price tag. For something to do all that data collection for me - I honestly don't know what I'd do without it.
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Score 7 out of 10
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As a web design and marketing company, we use this tool as a way to monitor web traffic and analytics insight for our clients. Many clients want to understand how users are navigating their website, where they are dropping off, and how performance can improve. As a digital strategist, I am able to use this tool to assess traffic patterns, recommend changes, and ultimately make adjustments on the website to account for those insights.
  • This platform is great at analyzing traffic patterns and user flows
  • The tool integrates with several other platforms
  • Provides insights on not only traffic but also advertising efforts
  • Google produces little original content on the platform -- typically have to find information from other sources
  • Walk-throughs or guides would be helpful
  • Steep learning curve
This platform is excellent for marketers who need to assess the web traffic for their client's websites. It's also a great way to understand how users are interacting with the website. This is particularly helpful if digital advertising is leading to specific landing pages. This tool can help assess the value of that landing page, see how quickly users are bouncing off, and make improvements. With its integration with Google Ads, it's easy to see analyze performance and report on it.
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Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Google Analytics is being used by the whole marketing team in my organization. It addresses the business problem of having a tool that helps us understand what a business needs, and how we can go after a useful solution. Google Analytics helps us collect useful data and helps our marketing team make important decisions. It is extremely useful when we want to target marketing campaigns and use it with our clients.
  • Provides very useful data
  • Tracks website traffic in a very powerful way and measures the source of the traffic
  • User-friendly UI and UX: easy to use and easy to navigate
  • Could have more detailed information on website traffic.
  • Not very user-friendly mobile app: it works best on desktop
  • Could be hard to navigate when you first use it, but then it gets easier by the minute.
Google Analytics Premium is perfect for companies looking to maximize their marketing budget. If you want to know where your traffic is coming from, what pages they're visiting the most on your website, how much time they're spending on each page, then your business needs Google Analytics Premium! It could be a bit intimidating to use a first, but once you get the hang of it you'll use it to its fullest potential. It also works great for marketing agencies.
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No photo available
Score 10 out of 10
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Google Analytics is primarily used by digital marketing, marketing communications, and product management teams. It helps to track and build reports to help drive meaningful client strategies and segmentation. It helps us better understand our under-penetrated users, and tests which current strategies we need to continue or stop.
  • The UX/UI is as you’d expect from a Google product -- it's fast and easy to use.
  • You can filter the dashboard to view traffic, web speed, and client conversions at a high level.
  • Reporting Capabilities, specifically audience, acquisitions, and behaviors.
  • Provide goals or standard industry metrics to provide a basis for comparison on users’ specific metrics.
It’s appropriate for large or small companies, but the premium suite may be a bit much for a smaller company not as dependent on e-commerce, or that doesn’t participate in a lot of digital marketing initiatives.
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No photo available
October 03, 2019

Powerful data tool!

Score 8 out of 10
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Google Analytics is used across our organization to track traffic and visualize data patterns across our multiple properties. It has helped us in our multi-touch attribution.
  • Robustness: There are many ways to pivot and filter data.
  • Speed: Google's software allows you to quickly query data in a very seamless way.
  • User interface: The design leaves something to be desired, and is not for beginners. Controls are sometimes unintuitive.
  • Onboarding: A more friendly experience for first-time users, with explanatory text when you hover.
Google Analytics Premium is well suited for larger tech-enabled companies that have significant web traffic and a need to regularly track web attribution. It's also important for those trying to improve SEO.
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Anthony Burke profile photo
Score 5 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
To be clear, I do not currently use Premium (now known as 360), but I recently left a position in which we managed many client websites and used Google Analytics in doing so. We were a Google Partner and Google services re-seller (mainly Ad-words), and also used our access to complimentary Google consultations (a key feature of 360/Premium). We used Analytics to improve user experience, analyze their on-site behaviors to optimize our clients' websites, and generate content ideas for our clients based on that behavior. I continue to use Google Analytics for these purposes today, but on a much smaller scale, making it unnecessary to pay a premium. Transitioning from large scale to small scale GA use has provided an interesting perspective change.
  • In my opinion, the best feature of 360/Premium is the access to Google consultants for insights into your analytics, conversions, etc. Being able to talk directly to the people who can help you "win" at Google is very valuable, especially if you are feeling things out. They help point you in the right direction and help you figure out what to focus on.
  • Large scale analytics. Google Analytics 360 is extremely powerful, but you're really only using this if you are keeping tabs on many relatively high-traffic websites.
  • Many different metrics, measurables, etc. (hundreds, maybe?) can give you an amazing amount of information about how people are finding your site and what they're looking at when they get there.
  • Faster refresh rate than the standard version, which can be valuable if you have highly dynamic strategies that operate with a little more urgency.
  • As far as I can tell, this is the ultimate large scale analytics platform. It does so much and can be a very powerful tool. Maybe it's overwhelming for newbies, but that's kinda what the pro Google consultations are for.
  • Although I've never been personally responsible for paying the GA 360 bills, I know it's very pricey ($150K/year last I checked). If your business is managing a lot of high-traffic sites, and maybe you resell other Google services, then it's probably worth it for the dashboard and integration. So... it's expensive, and by definition, not for everyone.
Well Suited: Not to sound like a broken record, but this is ideal (really ideal) for mid-size and larger firms/agencies/etc. whose revenue comes from managing/augmenting/creating many different websites that combine to command a large amount of traffic (meaning "well into the millions" in terms of monthly hits. If this is your industry, and you would describe your company as "big," then you are probably the kind of company GA 360 is made for.
Less Appropriate: If you manage a single website (like I currently do), or if you're a small-ish agency/creative firm that manages websites with combined traffic under 10-million monthly (I believe that is the cut-off). The standard version of GA is still great, but there is no need to pay extra for 360 if you are on the smaller side.
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Viktor Mulac profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
Most client companies use Google Analytics Premium and collect data in cooperation with Google Tag Manager. Since most clients try to increase conversion rates, which start on the web, the analysis of "web traffic" is a natural part of any project. Unfortunately, not all companies use Google Analytics correctly, which makes the analysis of past measurements a tricky or impossible task. The basic statistics work well but if the site owner asks you to analyze specific client behavior, or understand what is wrong on a particular page, it is necessary to design the measurement strategy anew and include additional tools.

  • Easy to use big data tool with impressive dashboards.
  • Easy to start with. Quick implementation on the website owner side.
  • Custom variables and custom metrics.
  • Very good user location profiles and analytics.
  • A session unification feature that allows identifying "clicks", or in other words visitor behavior, before the Google user ID was assigned. This would make the statistics a bit more precise (yes, we have solved a case benefiting from this feature).
  • Exports of data are used for analysis of Google collected data in other more capable reporting tools, e.g. SAP HANA, SAS Visual Analytics or MS PowerBI. Imagine you want to export 1 million rows and are limited to 10,000 lines if you use API (mostly not available) or only 5,000 lines if you use a web browser. In order to export 1 million rows, you have to run a request to export 1-10,000 rows, save it, export 10,001 to 20,000 rows, save it, etc. Without writing a script for this task this task is impossible to complete.
Great tool to start with. It provides great insight into what is happening on your sites and provides good information for general tasks. It is an easy to use big data analysis and reporting tool.

It is able to track detailed visitor behavior by connecting with tag manager or other tools. You have to use it in connection with other solutions.

You may not like it if your plan to collect and store personal data (emails, names, addresses, IP addreses) when you can violate any of google usage terms and conditions. If you plan to use the account profesionally, you should definitely read the terms and understand what is not allowed.
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Jimmy Guillermo profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Google Analytics on every client at the agency, it's our best bet to find how our campaigns are doing. The metrics we get from analytics help us act very fast if a campaign is not performing the way it should. The integration with Adwords is just great. It is a reliable way to get the job done, and knowing that you have a dedicated account manager gives the ease of mind you need just to focus on getting your campaign sky high.
  • Adwords Integration.
  • Almost unlimited row data export.
  • Big Query Integration for Big Data Analysis is amazing.
  • Honestly, there isn't a thing that I would actually change or improve on Analytics 360.
This is an amazing tool all the way around. Its endless data row exporting and Adword integration are just great. Google Analytics 360 gives you the insight you need to better understand your clients. You can use the data you gather to take the best-informed decision, I.E, to improve your web page, create remarketing lists and much more.
I just love it.
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Stefanie Cash profile photo
February 01, 2019

Powerful Analytical Tool

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Google Analytics Premium is used by our marketing department and top executives to make critical business decisions. We use it to track our web traffic and understand where our visitors are coming from and what they are doing when they land. The reporting features allow us to stay up-to-date with our KPIs regarding marketing budgets, consumer acquisition data, and digital interactions. The software becomes the main point of reference for the entirety of our digital presence.
  • Real-time reporting with the ability to get custom reports set up.
  • Ability to work with an account manager for segmentation optimization.
  • Integration with Google suite of products.
  • Clunky navigation.
  • Hard to understanding menu options.
  • Creating funnels can be cumbersome.
Google Analytics Premium is a complete enterprise solution for collecting and analyzing data. Having a dedicated account manager to support our business function makes it easy to ensure all changes made won't interfere with the reporting. The support team is a great resource for ensuring you're aware of all the functional aspects that relate to your site and how to interpret the data. For organizations who are looking to make use of their data and position themselves as a leader in their industry, Google Analytics Premium is well suited for that exact objective.
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Rachel McIntyre profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We build websites and use Google analytics on every site we build. We check analytics on a monthly basis and report back to clients on their website's performance. We use the tool to determine changes that need to be made to make the site more effective
  • Really accurate and detailed information
  • Helps with reporting and measuring
  • Makes it easy to determine if there is a problem with a website and then through testing and changes you can actually see if it’s improving or not
  • Sometimes can be difficult to read data
  • Hard for beginners to understand
  • Interface could be more user friendly
It is a tool that provides data to be analyzed. If you’re looking for this tool to solve your problems, it won’t. It will only provide you with the tools/data you need to analyze and come to a conclusion yourself about what needs to be done.
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Erin Ruoff profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Google analytics premium helps us access our client’s and our personal websites descriptive and concise visitor and view data. We can accurately track where and who our clients' visitors were and have more data than the regular Google Analytics.
  • Concise reporting with detailed analytics
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • The helpdesk is always there are ready to answer your questions or guide you through the console
  • Less categories of results. Some are the same data but in two to theee different areas. Streamline data.
Every business that has a website needs Google Analytics Premium. You need this detailed data to grow your business, increase sales or analyze your readership for future endeavors.
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No photo available
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
GA Premium is a great product, but overprices. It gives the same reports as the regular GA, except it can store more hits from huge websites. Even so, if your website is on top Alexa 100, it's not enough and limited in use. For daily reports, it's fast enough, but if you select monthly or year reports, you have to wait 30 seconds to load the report. If you really want unlimited analytics, dig with Ya. Metrika.
  • I can't point real strength points for GA Premium use. The same analytics, but for big sites.
  • Too slow now in reporting. 24 hours delay still there.
More details on sampled data reports. Better suites commercial websites for funnel analysis.
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Moses Sam Paul Johnraj profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is used by the growth department which is a mix of sales and marketing professionals to analyse the inbound funnel in depth with multiple data sources using the data integration services and then understand the success mix using the analytics maturity assessment. We have been able to generate some formidable insights about the visitors and gently nudge them into the funnel.
  • Data Source Integration
  • Experts guidance and account management
  • Analytics Maturity Assessment
  • A little expensive from a startup perspective in India
  • Most features are already available in the free version
  • Not required / suitable for a small organisation
If you run an agency and are handling multiple accounts then Google Analytics 360 is completely helpful as you can automate most of the tasks and this should help you pull up reports easily with primary and secondary dimensions to dazzle your clients. The biggest advantage is the data integration services that Google 360 offers; try to leverage it as much as possible.
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David Matousek profile photo
August 23, 2017

Analytics done right

Score 8 out of 10
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We used Google Analytics Premium to track customers through a purchase process. The marketing team was able to see the customer journey and most importantly segment the customers.
  • Work with tag manager to report on custom tags
  • A/B Testing
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Hard to replicate across multiple products
  • Almost too much information.
  • Dashboards are customizable, but didn't allow for real time variable adjustments easily.
Well suited if you need shorter delays in information and high volumes. Not necessary for most situations, but the setup from a consulting firm helped understand the ins and outs.
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Onjefu Efada profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • Today we live in a data-driven age, where we base decisions off of the information we have. Access to complete data, quicker vastly helps the decision makers make better decisions. Google Analytics Premium (GA Premium) helps in that regard because you can start using the data right away. Our customer didnt' have to wait 24 hours to see how their marketing campaigns were performing. While charts are generalizations, if you want to do something with your data immediately, you can do so. You can export unsampled data with over 10 dimensions and that can be used right away.
  • I'm not sure how many products give you that level of access.
  • GA Premium's service and support level agreements are exceptional. Google experts were available during our roll-out to our customer and available afterwards to provide additional support. We were able to get questions answered at all answers at all ours so we walked into our client status meetings feeling confident.
  • Customization support- our client sold some very different products (for online and desktop) and had some particular implemention hurdles. GA Premium proved very flexible. We were able to register conversions on both confirmation pages and asynchronous (ajax) requests.
  • It would be nice if GA Premium provided some more online Documentation. The free version has considerably more but perhaps as the user base increases, they can do more in this regard. The probably want to increase demand for their consulting services. You definitely need a savvy engineer familiar with web marketing to properly instrument it and the support of your own analyst to clearly define what you want to look at.
  • Our clients basic metrics (like visitors and conversions) didn't line up between the Premium and Regular versions. I'm not quite sue why. If I had to wager, I would say GA Premium was more accurate. You get what you pay for. I always advise to use a secondary analytics tool at least for measuring conversions for sanity.
Determine early on what sort of metrics and data dimensions would you like to look at before engaging your tech team.
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Eric Buhman profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
  • Implementation - Enterprise technologies, by default, carry with them the stigma of being complicated and hard to implement. With Google Analytics Premium, code implementation and platform configurations are simplified, supported by a wealth of documentation and support communities, and compared to other enterprise analytics tools take only a fraction of the time. With the continued enhancements of Google Tag Manager, implementation ease will continue to be a strength of Premium.
  • Usability - The friendliness and accessibility of Google Analytics Premium really affects it's adoption across an organization. Users understand and easily learn the tool, empowering even the basic user to understand and find value in its capabilities.
  • Connects it's Ecosystem - For better or worse, it's a Google world and we are all just doing business in it. Between AdWords and Display, Google will often touch the greater percentage of a company's digital marketing initiatives. No other enterprise analytics platform can provide the native abilities to pull core digital marketing data together like Google Analytics Premium.
  • In-Page Analytics - This feature has given our team a headache or two, and breadth of troubleshooting threads in the support community speaks to this as well. For lack of a better way to explain, its buggy.
  • Content Experiments - This feature certainly has value and it's place in the world of free analytics tools, but it is simple and limited. There is tremendous potential to have all this marketing data drive a multi-faceted and variate testing /optimization scenario. But our business will likely leverage a complementary tool for anything requiring this level of complexity.
It's important to understand the services and support available, in addition to capabilities of the Premium platform itself. Come to the table with a strong need, issue, or problem, and understand how Google (or its reseller) believes Premium is the solution.
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Rebecca Visconti profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
Vertical Nerve is a digital marketing agency. We are a certified Google Analytics Premium partner and reseller, as well as provide GA Premium implementation and analytics services to our clients. We work with several clients on the Google Analytics Premium platform who use the tools within the product to analyze their site usage data, conversion funnel flow, digital marketing campaign performance, visitor and customer segmentation analysis, and more. We find that the data and analysis gleaned from GA Premium reports are used throughout the organization, from marketing teams or IT, to C level executives.
  • Marketing Attribution Modeling -- Google Analytics offers several rules-based marketing attribution models such as first interaction, last interaction, time decay and position based, but the Premium platform also offers a data driven attribution model. The data driven model is a huge advancement that uses a statistically driven methodology to best estimate the value of each marketing interaction. As someone who is very familiar with the other big players in the digital analytics space, I can say that the data driven model is something only Google offers in their enterprise product. IBM, Adobe and Webtrends do not include a data driven model in their standard product offerings (although I suspect they must be in their product road maps now that Google is showing them up in this area).
  • On the Fly Filters and Segments -- Building customized reports is very easy in Google Analytics; much easier than any of the other major tools I've used. I can apply filters and segments on the fly with very few limitations. Other tools either limit the number of segments I can create, or remove the functionality altogether from many of their reports.
  • Fast Report Processing -- Most of my Google Analytics Premium reports, even with segments applied, load in mere seconds. I rarely get that impatient feeling waiting for a report to appear on my screen. It's definitely faster than the other major analytics tools I've used.
  • Multi Site Implementations and Reporting -- For clients looking to implement a solution across multiple sites, and they are interested in getting rolled up reports or customized views of data across sites, I would hands down choose Google Analytics Premium. They excel in this area and make implementation of these scenarios much easier than other tools. Also, their flat price makes them a better bargain for multi-site customers because one Premium contract can be utilized across multiple sites.
  • Ecommerce -- Unfortunately, at this time, I just wouldn't recommend Google Analytics Premium to a retail/ecommerce brand. The product is missing some key metrics and reports such as product views, add to cart, abandoned products, cross sold product basket analysis, etc. Clients in the retail sector struggle to use events to hack together these data points that are out-of-the-box with other analytics tools. Once Google overcomes this obstacle, they will truly be a force to be reckoned with.
  • PII - Personally identifying information is allowed in other tools such as IBM Digital Analytics and Adobe Site Catalyst. The inability to pass something as simple as an email address into an enterprise analytics tools like Google Analytics Premium is not only an annoyance, but a barrier to integrations with other tools such as email marketing platforms.
  • Add Ons -- Vendors like IBM and Adobe are building out awesome add-ons that boost the value of their product offerings. For example, IBM offers Digital Recommendations (previously known as Intelligent Offer), which uses analytics data to serve up real-time intelligent product recommendations on a site. This integrated add-on provides a ROI and further incentivizes the brand to stick with the IBM product suite.
There are two primary questions I would ask:
1. What vertical does this site or sites fall under? (retail, finance, content, travel, etc.)
2. How many sites are there?
If the answer to question #1 is not retail, I would strongly consider it as a front runner and if the company is looking to implement an analytics solution across multiple sites, then I would definitely recommend Google Analytics Premium.
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Salman Malik profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I have implemented Google Analytics Premium for a multitude of clients. I typically make this recommendation when trying to transition a client from an older tool like Webtrends or NetInsight. I have implemented it for medical sites, eCommerce sites, even insurance sites. Clients typically want something that is easy to use, GAP is just that. Once my implementation is complete, a client can easily and successfully navigate through all the custom reports and segments that were setup in order for them to get the most actionable information from their visit data.
  • Segmentation - It's very easy and intuitive to build segments and then apply them to reports. GAP makes it very intuitive to see data with segments, you can see the original data and the segmented data side by side without any extra steps.
  • Demographics Reporting - The reason why this is such a great feature is because it is utterly painless to implement and turn on in reporting. Once it's on, it runs like clockwork and reports on such insightful data.
  • Profile Administration - GAP, by far, does the best job in managing users accessing GA profiles. The UI is very clear and the customization capabilities go above and beyond other analytics vendors.
  • Profile Filters - These are not as intuitive as in other analytics tools. This could be developed further to make it clearer how its filtering visit data.
  • Reporting limitations - Reporting isn't as robust as other tools. GAP lacks pulling multiple metrics into a single report and being able to segment it any way you like. Among other reporting limitations.
  • eCommerce Tracking is really rigid - There is really only one way to implement eCommerce tracking and doesn't allow for any customizations. This is limiting.
Great for almost any site, really. If you want to get up and running with data as quickly as possible, GAP is a solid way to go.
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Michael Loban profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
Google Analytics Premium is an excellent enterprise solution that helps our customers collect, analyze and act on data. Beyond the technical features and integrations, our clients like that the product license covers technical implementation, support and training. Google constantly adds new features, capabilities and integrations - this turns Google Analytics Premium into a platform that powers marketing decisions.
  • Integration with Google suite of products
  • Google SLA
  • Dimension widening to add offline data
  • Unsampled reporting feature is very strong, but there is room to grow
It provides great integration with other marketing systems.
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Ty Swartz, CPP, USN Ret. profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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The city of Virginia Beach is a local municipal and does not sell products but we provide information to residents and visitors. The main website that we use Google Analytics Premium,, on average receives 5 million visitors per year with over 20 million page views. Over the years the website has grown into a massive site with nearly 3,500 pages linking information to 27 departments and events. Even with a great team managing just the website is time consuming and labor intensive. We needed to find a product that allowed us to better identify what our customers was looking for and how can we help with that discovery process. Using Google Analytics Premium allows us to take the data generated from each visit and analyze how we can better serve visitors.

Prior to developing a measurement and reporting standard we knew people were using smartphones and tablets to visit the site but didn't really know where they were coming from, how long they stayed or if they were able to find the information they needed. Through the variety of tools offered by Google Analyics Premium we are now able to identify that 36.4% of our monthly visitors arrive using a smartphone or tablet, what OS, browsers, and where they exit. This is critical because we now know that our site wasn't smartphone or tablet friendly and are working to create a solution. Since we started tracking data and have this information we also know that 25% of our normal desktop traffic has shifted to using mobile devices. If we want to best serve our customer we must transition with them by recognizing a new trend and getting ahead of suggested changes. Our customers deserve to have the best experience we are able to provide.
  • Improved data collection that is easily translated and available to the entire team. The openness allows for better brainstorming sessions for improvements or teamwork to solve a trending issue that normal channels wouldn't detect.
  • Many marketers talk about funneling but few are able to quickly identify what is happening within a website that forces customers to get frustrated and stop searching or take the requested call-to-action desired. The tools that Google Analytics Premium provides is perfect even for the novice user and actionable on a variety of levels within the team.
  • Because we have so many content creators we have to review how the information is shared and where we are going to develop the call-to-action. Google Analytics Premium allows up-to-date data that is easy to decipher making date checkpoints possible and greatly improving our site but reducing 404 errors or alerts to help identify other identified problem areas important to our visitors.
  • One of the ways that I would like to see Google Analytics Premium improved is a way for us to capture ROI for government use. This has always been a challenge for organizations that don't really sell a product but still have a reason to have websites and social media content. It's easy to say that we did this much work and provide these services at $$$ cost to the company and this amount $$$ is the direct result of the efforts. It would be nice to identify what product is of great value and worth the time and effort invested or if we are wasting time providing information that no one read. And, yes we do have a few pages that has had zero visitors. When we start looking at redesign in a couple of years it would be great to have that type of information available. Having tools like this would greatly improve non-profit organizations' ability to track data as an ROI data point.
Companies have to have a purpose for a website but not all companies know what that purpose is and sometimes will create a site because that is what everyone else is doing. The best use of Google Analytics Premium is the identification of specific product lines and how those are positioned for sale in an online environment. When companies have that purpose in mind they will create a website that has purpose and then develop their use of Google Analytics Premium to not only identify their audience but leverage that information to make a better user experience. Part of team building is developing a useful website that is balanced between user friendly and calls-to-action. Personally I want to know if people are leaving before they purchase or at time to click the purchase button. What can we do better or get them to take that final leap. Google Analytics Premium is a perfect tool when used appropriately and with purpose.

Companies who use Google Analytics Premium to capture data points and not take action on the information as soon as possible are not using this tool to it's full potential. Using this product requires commitment and dedication to the whole process and willingness on managements part to believe the data and empower teams to make changes as needed to improve results. Sometimes additional people outside of the team are hindrances to the process decreasing efficiency.
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  • Ability to assign much more custom variables then free version ( 50 custom variables available in premium version compared to 5 in the free version)
  • Ability to get raw data . So no more sampling issue or reaching table size limit ( as in free GA or some other tools)
  • Ability to segment data in so many ways
  • Integration of GA with website optimizer tool ( the renamed optimizer to something else). It provides so much more flexibility one A/B testing data can be sliced and dice with all the metrics and traffic of website
  • Last time I worked on it it did not had multivariate testing option. We were just able to do A/B testing
  • You can not share segments across the organization or group of people
  • Ability to create custom reports and share it amongst your team or organization
Key thing to check within your organization would be amount of custom variables needed. For a bigger website with lot of customization option like personalization etc, that would be one of key things. Question to ask from vendor would be about data limit, number of reporting suits needed and tech support options.
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