EverString - evaluated by a very new user
August 22, 2018

EverString - evaluated by a very new user

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Overall Satisfaction with EverString

Currently our Sales and Marketing teams leverage EverString. Our Marketing team uses it for Terminus ads, and our Sales team uses it for account prioritization. Currently, the platform is able to provide account insights that we did not have prior. I am on the Sales side (so I will speak more to this) and we have now been able to see accounts that are "surging" (meaning we know when a company is searching for terms relevant to our space).


  • Everstring is able to provide "intent data" - meaning, the Sales team can better asses if a company is looking to purchase a software in our space.
  • EverString provides our Sales team with high-fit (ICP) accounts who are actively on the market.
  • EverString is providing our Sales team with the ability to be able to proactively target our ICPs with meaningful messages that are more likely to resonate - thus creating a higher probability for a successful outcome (i.e. demo, meeting, etc...).


  • Weak integrations with our current tech stack (i.e. Salesforce, SalesLoft, Terminus). There are certain integrations where we still have to leverage uploading CSV files--- which is not really an 'integration'.
  • The system is not always efficient. You have to re-create certain elements in the program to get live/fresh data.
  • Data is not always accurate.
This is one area that I think can be improved. We had one session with our Account Manager and she went through things very quickly (as if we had already been exposed to the product). Also, the pre-training material that was sent over prior to our meeting with the AE was not very intuitive. It actually caused a little more confusion than clarity. We are still learning the ins & outs and the 'kinks' here and there.
We are pretty satisfied with their ability to identify the best fit accounts. We have definitely seen an uptick in the number of meetings being booked via the SDR team.
We already had an ABM strategy in place (and currently leverage various technology vendors to accomplish that). EverString has been a good add-on product in our current tech stack. We are able to focused on top priority accounts and even discover more accounts that we had not been aware of prior.
Our Sales team has definitely seen the benefits of using EverString. EverString has re-structured our daily routine. Initially we would look to our Marketing Automation environment to try and asses what accounts were worth prioritizing. Now, the SDRs start their day with reviewing all 'surging' accounts that display intent and fit our ICP.
(Speaking from the Sales perspective) EverString has definitely impacted our results in a positive way on the Sales team. Since fully implementing the product, we have seen a big boost in the number of meetings booked by the SDR team. As a result, there has been an increase in the number qualified leads as well.
I did not have an influence on the product selection. I am not sure what other products are complimentary to this. The only product I would assume relates to EverString that we leverage is Terminus. Would like to see improved integration between EverString and Terminus platform - today there isn't really one.
EverString is well suited for organizations/companies that are 'B2B' and or 'Account-based' focused. I would say it is less suited for companies that are looking to target on a more 'B2C' level. In our case, we are a very Account based organization. We focus on high volume email senders that are data-driven. This can be a very broad spectrum - so EverString has helped us hone in on those true ICPs.


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