Great Product: Terrible Technical Support
July 31, 2020

Great Product: Terrible Technical Support

Robert Worth | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with FileZilla

We use it to verify code within websites, move code from top layer data to the application for stripping away underlying code that is not used in our systems before we reinsert into new code layers. It also helps to address FTPS protocols when other software for website transfers do not work correctly, thus we can move our designs to sandbox servers to see how finished products behave with different browsers.
  • Strips away unwanted underlying code from products that produce documents using any Microsoft product that is not needed in our products.
  • The nice part is that it strips away hidden code such as ctrl and another digit that is not necessary or can be replaced with the correct coding to produce standard processes such as graphics using ANSI or another protocol as well as line feeds and header masks.
  • We are in the process of determining if their pro product will function in the way we want it to across networks rather than going to each workstation to make changes decreasing our productivity.
  • We are also evaluating whether their technical support is responsive.
  • Technical support
  • Customer service
  • Billing and shipping
  • We no longer waste time re-keying words and making a lot of mistakes.
  • The customer service, however, is really bad to non-existence unless we pull punches by complaining to the vendor who originally brought FileZilla to us.
  • There is, apparently, no technical support from this organization. Thus, if we hire someone who is not familiar with coding parameters and does a copy-paste function from a Microsoft Word document, the person then has to figure out how to get rid of all the macro coding which we don't use. It slows down the entire process which causes our design costs to escalate quickly which we can't, honestly, bill the customer for that error.
  • FileZilla
Well, we sent an email to the organization 10 days ago and have yet to receive a response. The email had to be sent because their systems do not recognize the purchase yet when we made it we found the information they were using was false. Thus, we file a complaint with our payment processor and asked for our money to be refunded. That process generates several emails from the FileZilla organization asking that we reconsider as well as changing our rating of their services. We did do that AFTER they gave us the correct credentials to be able to download the product.

However, when we did everything we were supposed to do to get registered with the User Community, we got several error messages stating that the purchase was not recognized as being valid and they had no record that we made a purchase thus deny entry into their User Community. We are at the current opinion that it is no longer the same organization it was years ago like they really don't care about the product.

We've also been having, from time to time, transfer errors popping up within the Free product for which you have very old reviews.
They don't respond to inquiries timely if at all. We've had several emails where there was no response. Our latest email was sent to them 10-days ago. In our world, 24 hours is too long. Ten days says they either don't have an answer or they simply do not care. It could also mean the company is in the process of going out of business thus morale is no one is there to answer the questions.

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It was recommended to us in 1997 to clean up coding from Microsoft documents so that we could prepare web pages without all that unnecessary spaghetti code that was not compatible with HTML products and definitely is not compatible with HTML5 products. We also needed to get rid of header and line codes that might work for a Microsoft document but does not work with HTML, CSS, and many other true to form website design programs. So far, many of the people we have trained as well as mentored were encouraged to acquire the product and they have been using it for everything by stripping out all those hidden codes especially from PDFs.