Fluent Results with FluentCloud
November 05, 2018

Fluent Results with FluentCloud

Janene Buck | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with FluentCloud

FluentCloud is technically used by everyone that works here as it is the system that records all of our calls. The callers on the floor don't really use it for anything other than that. Myself and management use FluentCloud on a daily basis. For me I use it listen to the callers calls and provide feedback. Or when a client wants to know the basics of the conversation where we scheduled his/her appointment. As far as business problems it quite often proves to a client that we are not at fault. What I mean is say a client went to an appointment that we scheduled for him and he gets there and the prospect says "why are you here I didn't schedule an appointment" or "the person who called me pushed me into the appointment"....we can easily pull up the recording we saved and listen to it.
  • Allows us to record thousands of calls per day. As far as I know there is no cap, at least we haven't hit it yet.
  • I really like that I can pull reports/recordings several different ways. I can search by caller name/extension, or by phone number, or by date and time of the call, etc. Very easy to use dashboard.
  • I also like that we can set security options to where certain people might have more access than others. We have it set up so that the caller can only access and see his/her own calls, but the trainers can see themselves and their team, and then higher management has access to all calls in or out.
  • FluentCloud is super easy to use, absolutely does everything we need it to.
  • There are times when calls are really garbled, there was a couple months there that we couldn't listen to any of the recordings because they were not decipherable.
  • They changed something recently where now when you are listening to a recording and you hit pause it takes you back to the beginning when you start again rather than just continuing where you left off. That is a pain in the butt because I have to pause quite often for interruptions.
  • I am not part of the finance department. But I would say that it has more than paid for itself.
I have used others besides what is listed below but FluentCloud is by far the best I have used, especially when it comes to tracking and reporting call volume and production of our calls. Being a call center that is production based on call volume having something like FluentCloud is essential.
I have tried a few programs over the years to record and track calls and this one is by far the best. Easy to use and more functions than I will ever use. I love the reporting options. There was one particular scenario that comes to mind where I was glad to have FluentCloud. I had a client that was really really angry, cussing, yelling, threatening suit, etc. because he had gone to an appointment almost 2 hours away and when he got there the woman told him that we forced her to schedule the appointment, that we were pushy and rude and she just wanted to get off the phone. Thankfully I found the recording and was able to prove to him that she DID schedule the appointment but she also picked the day and time, answered all of the questions and took absolutely no persuasion at all. Basically it was an easy close. The client couldn't believe it and still to this day he is my client.

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