Keeping it simple: A refreshing way to let your work flow
February 07, 2019

Keeping it simple: A refreshing way to let your work flow

Matt Hockenbrock | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with KiSSFLOW

We use KiSSFLOW across multiple departments to streamline our business processes. The way our company is structured, administrators have forms, emails, and paper coming from every direction. KiSSFLOW allows us to generate a form containing all this information that is then digitally passed along a chain of approvals, while also retaining the information acquired and making it searchable.

From Capital Purchase Orders to Travel Requests, we've found a multitude of ways to automate our processes. Instead of leaving a paper trail from desk to desk among offices, to having a cloud-based platform that allows users to submit and approve from almost anywhere and keep track of the progress, KiSSFLOW allows us to focus on other aspects of our business.
  • Ease of Use: It's easier to use and see workflow tasks that are assigned to you, workflows that you've participated in, or workflows that are pending other peoples approvals. From a development side, it's easy to pick up and begin creating processes if you know Excel formulation, which is easily researched as well.
  • Ease of Access: Since KiSSFLOW is hosted in the cloud, you can access the site from any internet connected device. All you have to do is sign in with your account, as opposed to needing to be on the network to access like our previous system.
  • The App: This is a feature we really hope to get a lot of use out of. With the way our business is structured, there are a lot of Regional positions that are always on the go. Because our current system requires a user to be on the network to access, this makes it hard for these roles to respond to tasks, causing bottlenecks. With an app available, along with push notifications, we can keep these tasks responses on pace with the associates required in that task.
  • Workflow Design: There isn't a copy/paste function when creating the workflow, and you can't move a workflow task between parallel branches. This becomes a pain point when an item has 98% of what you need, but you can't copy it and place it in another branch to make the last tweaks. Instead, it needs to be completely recreated
  • Interface: While I like the current design features, which make it easy for an end-user to find their tasks and items, it would be nice to also have some flexibility within the platform. Things like being able to groups apps under a category or tailoring the look and feel of the page a little more would be a welcome addition.
  • Our current cost for licensing is on par with our cost for Nintex, SharePoint, third-party support, hardware, and maintenance; with the additional benefit of being cloud-based, thus easing our Support and Network maintenance in field offices where no domain network access is available, or while on the go through a mobile device.
I've received a wealth of support and interaction from KiSSFLOW right off the bat. As soon as we reached out for a demo, KiSSFLOW was communicative above and beyond what I ever got from ProcessMaker. They gladly extended my KiSSFLOW demo for another week so I could test everything I wanted, and were always available via email or the built in chat to answer any questions I had, even though we were only in demo phase. The only thing I ever got from ProcessMaker were emails on signing up (and paying for) their own university to learn how to use the platform. With KiSSFLOW, once you get the basics, and with their support so readily available, it's easy to create apps in minimal time. On top of that, the KiSSFLOW team has been very receptive to any ideas presented to improve the platform, and genuinely welcome them as they want to improve upon their platform, and it shows.
KiSSFLOW is very flexible to company size, and with webhooks and Zapier functionality built-in, it's great if you want to run automated or manual workflow processes, or a combination of both.

With our company structure, there are many paths a workflow can take that get funneled up the chain, which would be a mess of paper (and desks) trying to approve, track, and retain. With Reporting features built in, it's easy to do all 3 of those, while streamlining the processes and being able to retain the approvals behind them.

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Evaluating KiSSFLOW and Competitors

Yes - We replaced a SharePoint/Nintex environment. Our main goal was to move to a cloud platform for accessibility as our users are spread out in field offices and properties, as well as Above-Property users being very mobile. Maintenance costs, time, and energy for the SharePoint environment was getting inflated as well.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
  • Analyst Reports
Usability. The product had to do everything we need, easily. Beyond that, if there was something we needed that wasn't already built-in, we needed a partner who would listen and work with us to improve the product for us, as well as others, and meet all our needs as they progress.
We were very detailed in our selection process after the pains of living in a SharePoint/Nintex environment. We created business requirements, placed them into a spreadsheet, broken down by category. We then weighted the requirements individually, and as we demoed products, we filled out a rating on the sheet. Once all demos were complete, we ran calculations (rating*weight, averaged across category) to determine to 2-3 most viable products to do an in-depth demo (based on our business requirements which we supplied to the vendors) to see how they matched up with our vision.

Again, due to the pains of our previous workflow solution, we weren't messing around this time and wanted something that would go above and beyond our expectations, and not become a sticking point for our business processes.

KiSSFLOW Support

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