We can now tie ad spend to revenue.
November 14, 2012

We can now tie ad spend to revenue.

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Overall Satisfaction

  • The ability to tie advertising spend to revenue is awesome.
  • The product has a very clean interface making it easy to get the data we want.
  • Funnel analysis is also great. It's great to segment prospects into funnels and track them separately.
  • Data inconsistencies are common to all these analytics products. If I look at a look at one number from one angle, it's different to when I look at it from another angle. For example, site visir numbers are different in Kissmetrics and in Google and in Hubstpot. No one product is more right than the others.
  • Because of the tie from advertising to revenue, we are able to key in on the most successful advertising campaigns. We can then turn up the dial on profitable campaigns, and turn it down on unprofitable ones. The system pays for itself rapidly.

Product Usage

3 - All users are in marketing.
1 - I'm the main support person for Kissmetrics on-site.
  • The major thing for us is tying marketing advertising Dollars to revenue. Using the product, we can track someone from initial site visit, through signup, product download, and ultimately billing. In this way, we can track the lifetime value for any customer. This is really the holy grail for analytics. People have been talking about being able to do this for a long time, but it's never been possible. Even using Omniture, its very difficult to get this view.
  • Kissmetrics is really an awesome product.

Evaluation and Selection

No. We added it onto Google Analytics which we had been using and now we use both products.
We looked at Hubspot, Mixpanel (a mobile analytics platform).

We chose Kissmetrics because it's very well designed for SaaS applications like ours: Specifically an API -driven app. With Google Analytics, we can only track events that happen in the browser. We can't connect someone browsing to someone actually using the product. Kissmetrics had great APIs for feeding server side events back into the anaytics platform.


In order to build trackability down to revenue, there was quite a lot of work to integrate Kissmetrics with our software and internal process. We had to build the hooks so that Kissmetrics could call back into our software and billing system, etc.. However, we didn't need additional expertise to do this. Once you understand the API, and you own systems, making it work is not too difficult. We did not require an outside consultant or anything like that.


Pretty easy to learn. I've been in analytics for a long time, so I may not be a typical user.


We wrote a software wrapper for API which required about 30 lines code. In total, we probably write less than 100 lines of code to connect the system to all out internal processes.


Same day turnaround. They push issues to the right developer and things get resolved very efficently.




  • We just made sure that our various advertising services like Adwords could speak to Kissmetrics. This was quite easy to do.

Vendor Relationship

Easy to deal with. For someone like me, it's great because they don't really have a sales process. I was able to go to their website and start using the product. I could get everything on their website that I needed to get started. It's a very "non-enterprise sales" process. Clients self-select and there is no real need to go through a sales person.
They were very transparent and the price is very fair.