KronoDesk as solid KnowledgeBase

Overall Satisfaction with KronoDesk

It is used as a general communication and issue tracking tool, so that nothing intended to be changed gets lost and is a very practical knowledge base.
The integration with Spira-tools is a welcome and practical to track incidents and test information, which are the basis of many of the issues, tracked in KronoDesk.
  • As a system architect I have a clear overview of open issues through clear issue description and assignment to developers.
  • The overview and tracking are most important to me.
  • The possibility to create a system/subsystem/component/interface tree of the system landscape, to be used to more detailed issue associations and subsequent detailed planning and monitoring of issues.
  • A quick issue entry with the most important information would be helpful.
  • A "live" report that can contains my current "hot" issues would be helpful.
  • The ROI is reached faster and exponentially higher, depending on the number of users and cooperating business units.
Several freeware/shareware tools like Bugzilla are missing integration with other systems.
HP, IBM and CA like systems are too cumbersome and complicated for "normal" users, for me too much "hassle" to monitor issues and related information and links to other issues.

I advise my customers to use it for all issue tracking, in business development as well as in business operations. An interface to operational systems is therefor very helpful and enlarges the value of the KronoDesk knowledge base, provided that this information is "open" to all users of all departments.

KronoDesk Feature Ratings

Organize and prioritize service tickets
Expert directory
Subscription-based notifications
ITSM collaboration and documentation
Ticket creation and submission
Ticket response
External knowledge base
Internal knowledge base
Customer portal
Social integration
Email support
Help Desk CRM integration